December, 2016

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‘There is no Proof that Vaping E-Cigarettes are a Danger:”


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First of all, New York City didn’t care whether I chose to smoke on an electronic cigarette in a bar or anywhere else, now it does. Vaping or puffing e-cigs is now, like smoking, prohibited in public places such as parks and beaches. E-cigs are also banned in private places of employment. such as bars, restaurants and offices. Unlike smoking, which has been known for decades to be risky, there’s no evidence vaping with e-cigs harms anyone. Furthermore, a few studies have suggested that vaping e-cigs are risky.

As a result, with those studies there’s no conclusive, widely accepted body of research. In conclusion, the obvious reason for putting limits on vaping e-cigs for health reasons doesn’t apply. Most noteworthy, there is not enough evidence that e-cigs are bad for you.  Nonetheless, opponents of vaping have shouted out a handful of misplaced or exaggerated worries that e-cigs are bad. The opponents say vaping might be harmful later because of the nicotine but there is still no evidence of proof.

  • Lack of Evidence:Image result for images of detectives looking for clues


That’s true, but there is no evidence or justification on imposing a widespread restriction on vaping now. Furthermore, controls on tobacco products a proven threat to public health can legitimately be regulated or even banned outright. In conclusion, the evidence explains why tobacco products should be regulated. With feared threats there’s no simple principle just political propaganda. On a radio show, I heard someone who was involved in the New York City Council discussion on e-cigs.


He claims, there’s no evidence that e-cigs are harmless.  So we should assume that everything is harmful until evidence proves otherwise? Well, there’s no evidence that an overbearing big brother is harmless either. Therefore, any time individual liberty is curtailed there is evidence of harm.  For a purely speculative payoff sometime later we’re accepting a loss of freedom in return. In addition, saving citizens from a possible future appears to be the City Council’s political agenda on vaping. Has the City Council and its members been watching too much bad sci-fi? The opponent’s mentality is, if we allow vaping Big Tobacco will benefit.

  • Banning E-cigs for the Wrong Reason:

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This takes two forms since there’s no evidence that e-cigs are harmful.  Lorillard bought the Blu e-cig maker in 2012 and will make a profit from selling e-cigs. Most noteworthy, to improve their image, Big Tobacco is getting into vaping or e-cigs.  These nonsensical anxieties amount to changing the subject which is e-cigs, not their manufacturers. Most of all, we’ve mentally painted tobacco companies as the bad guys. Because of this mentality, it’d be morally confusing to let them do something good. E-cigs offer an alternative to people smoking tobacco who otherwise, would keep smoking traditional cigarettes. The e-cigs should be welcomed, from any company that chooses to make them. There is no evidence that e-cigs are harmful. The evidence shows that people quit smoking by vaping.

  • E-Cigarettes are not a Gateway to Smoking Tobacco:

Furthermore, there is no evidence that e-cigs are a gateway to smoking. The gateway argument is backwards. No one I know has gone from e-cigs to cigarettes.  As a matter of fact, there is evidence that people who’ve given up smoking replaced it with e-cigs. Especially relevant, actors and directors know cigarettes are a very useful prop.   Suppress what you know about smoking, and sence the sophistication, glamour, ruggedness of smoking. Due to movies and still photos, smoking is still cool in Hollywood. As a result, you can pretend you’re Humphrey Bogart and smoke an e-cigarette, without evidence of risking your lungs.

Hence, there are people that just don’t want to be around people who smoke e-cigs. Consequently, there’s no evidence that e-cigs are harmful. There are people who declared that they would never do any vaping in a bar. I know bars and restaurants that had already forbidden e-cigs before the City Council passed its law last December. Big tobacco has plans for the vaping industry. Furthermore, big tobacco will run the vaping industry.

  • Treating Vaping Like Smoke:

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While, this was news to me, something must explain our newfound desire for atmospheric purity in bars, restaurants, etc. Especially relevant, since there’s no evidence that e-cigs are toxic a lot of people are for vaping products. Did New York’s ban need to be total?  Finally, couldn’t our places of pleasure asked to declare themselves as vaping or non-vaping areas for e-cigs? Our good government could’ve had bars that forbid it, while having some that allow it. New York’s city government is too namby-pamby for that pluralistic dream.

  • An International Issue:

In conclusion, this is an international issue. The European Union, the World Health Organization and America’s Food and Drug Administration have enacted regulations on e-cigs. Most noteworthy, those three organizations have done nothing but cause the tax payer a lot of grief. Therefore, just read the editorials from the economist and the financial times.  You can drink until you fall on your face, but you can no longer puff on e-cigs. Finally, there’s no evidence that e-cigs are harmful.


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“The Problems Opponents Said Legal Marijuana Would Cause Never Happened:”


  • Marijuana arrests have dropped in Washington; According to a new report, youth use rates and traffic fatalities have remained stable:Image result for images of people getting arrested for marijuana


Marijuana has been legalized in Washington, D.C. and four other States for recreational use. Furthermore the report finds that things are looking pretty good so far. Consequently, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012. Opponents of the measures warned that ending the longstanding prohibition on marijuana for recreational use would wreak havoc on society. The opponents said Marijuana for recreational use wouldn’t be worthwhile. Furthermore, they claimed more children would end up using the drug and get high behind the wheel. Fiscal benefits associated with taxed and regulated marijuana wouldn’t be worth it, “they said”.

  • Good News for The Drug Policy Alliance

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According to a new report by the drug policy alliance, those dire predictions haven’t come true. The drug policy alliance is a nonprofit that lobbies for progressive reform of drug laws. In fact, legalization for recreational use has had a negligible effect on rates of youth marijuana use and traffic fatalities. Most noteworthy, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C. have approved marijuana for recreational use. Consequently, marijuana arrests for recreational use have plummeted and total revenue from legal weed has surged past $500 million.

  • Banning Marijuana for Recreational Use Does Not Work:


In the case of legalization, the report shows that a lot of those fears did not come to fruition. As a result, prohibition has not worked banning marijuana for recreational use. Most noteworthy, States need a new solution to go forward with and States like Washington are a good example. In Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, the report looked at drug use surveys of high school students. Finally, the report shows that marijuana for recreational use among youth has remained stable after legalization.

  • Traffic Accidents Have Gone Down Since Legalization:

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Marijuana legalization for recreational use has made no discernible mark on traffic fatalities in Colorado and Washington. The report finds total arrests for impaired driving have declined in those States. In recent years Washington drivers involved in fatal crashes have tested positive for the psychoactive compound THC. The report noted the THC levels while using marijuana for recreational use. Furthermore, links between impairment and THC levels in a driver’s system have not been fully established. Therefore, because a driver has THC in their system doesn’t mean they were impaired. Furthermore, the report says this increase is due to enhanced reporting and testing standards. These standards for recreational use of marijuana need change.

  • A Good Financial Outcome:

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As a result, the report finds marijuana legalization has had a significant, positive financial effect. Consequently, there are no small time medical recreational marijuana cases. Therefore, much of this is due to savings to police and the criminal justice system. Colorado and Washington are seeing great results after legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Hence, in Colorado cops made 46 percent fewer marijuana arrests between 2012 and 2014. Most noteworthy, Washington saw a 98 percent reduction in the total number of low-level marijuana court filings. A report stated, Court filings fell from 6,879 in 2011 to only 120 in 2013. In Washington, D.C., arrests for marijuana for recreational use fell 85 percent from 2014 to 2015. While arrests for possession alone fell by 98 percent in the same period, to just 32 in 2015.

  • Arrests Have declined Since Legalization:

 Marijuana arrests have also decreased considerably in the past few years in Oregon and Alaska. Especially relevant, there are still no stores that sell marijuana for recreational use in those 2 States. States are saving hundreds of millions of dollars cutting down on marijuana arrests. In conclusion, marijuana possession is not a crime anymore. Although the report said arrests have been scaled back, persistent racial disparities with Blacks and Latinos exist. Most of all, Blacks and Latinos are still more likely to be arrested for marijuana crimes than whites.

  • Marijuana Legalization Has Generated Financial Windfalls:

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Taxed and regulated, marijuana generated substantial financial windfalls for Colorado and Washington. Both Colorado and Washington exceeded sales projections last year, bringing in $129 million and $220 million, respectively. In Colorado and Washington retail sales of marijuana have only been going on since 2014. Legalization measures in Alaska, Oregon and D.C. went into place last year. In conclusion the total impact of legalization could take years to get a clearer picture.


  • Hence, Recreational Marijuana legalization is still in its beginning stages.


At the state level the DPA report adds to a growing body of research on the impact of  marijuana legalization. This includes a recent report by the Cato Institute. While the Cato report found no convincing connection between weed prohibition and crime, political interests do not help.


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“Banning Flavored E-Cigs Will Lead to More Smoking and Deaths:”


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Most noteworthy, elected officials and anti-smoking advocates need to re-think their knee-jerk reaction. Furthermore, their hostility to e-cigarettes and vaping has no credibility and every day we hear of a new attack. The fact is e-cigs are actually helping some people to quit smoking. And if they don’t quit people cut back on the much more dangerous alternative of smoking tobacco. New York Councilman Constantinides introduced legislation to ban flavors used in e-cigs and vaping products. In addition, Constantinides claims they entice young people to start using e-cigs and flavors are a direct marketing to children. They appeal to young people, and we’re taking them out of that market.


Leading experts are finding no evidence that the flavors lead to young people using e-cigs. While Councilman Constantinides still believes flavors lead to young people using e-cigs and that they then move on to smoking. Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health has another view on vaping and e-cigs. In addition, he discredited the e-cigarette is a gateway to young people to start smoking argument. Dr. Siegel has 25 years of experience in tobacco control. He points out that there is no evidence that people who use e-cigs go on to smoking tobacco.

  • Vapor Products are helping Millions Quit Smoking or Cutting back:

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While I understand the concern of marketing e-cigarettes to young people, we cannot lose sight of the facts. Vaping and e-cigs are helping millions of people stop or cut back on smoking. Therefore, vaping is a safer way to young people smoking nicotine and many people enjoy the flavor and aroma. As a result, more and more people are turning to smoking e-cigs. Especially relevant, why limit flavors if they are helping people move away from smoking?

It is ironic that anti-smoking advocates are attacking a practice that is succeeding in getting people of tobacco smoke. Most of all, the goal should be getting millions of people not to smoke. We should be applauding the fact that so many people are embracing this harm reduction practice against smoking tobacco. A large study was published in the journal called Addiction out of England. As a result, they announced that smokers trying to quit were 60 percent more likely to succeed. People used electronic cigarettes instead of smoking tobacco. Over-the-counter therapies such as nicotine patches or gum don’t compare to vaping and e-cigs.

  • Anti Smoking Advocates are Making the Situation Worse:


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Vaping and e-cig advocates share the same goals as Anti-smoking activists and people who want to reduce smoking. Talia Eisenberg is co-founder of Henley Premium Vapor and the Henley Vaporium. Talia is an advocate for vaping and e-cigs. In addition, she has 100’s of customers walking in every day, all over 21. Customers claim the flavors are enjoyable and are helping them to stop smoking tobacco. Our nation’s disastrous war on drugs for the last fourteen years at the Drug Policy Alliance is a total debacle. Whenever advocates propose programs that reduce the harms of drug use, the opponents respond with the false claims. Consequently, opponents claim we are sending the “wrong message” to young people about smoking tobacco. Most of all, never let politicians with their agendas trump interventions proven to minimize the health consequences of drugs. The bottom line is vapor products help quit smoking.


  • Young People are Not Stupid:Image result for images of smart young people


Furthermore, young people are not stupid and they can handle the truth about smoking tobacco. In fact, it was honest anti-smoking campaigns that have led to young people quitting smoking. We need to continue with honest education about vaping and e-cigs. When we talk to young people they know   that smoking tobacco is a leading cause of premature death. Especially relevant, we talk to young people and advise them on how addictive nicotine can be. Millions of people know smoking tobacco is one of the hardest things in the world to quit. To help quit smoking e-cigs work.


While we need more research, dozens of health experts sent a letter to The World Health Organization. The Organization has urged millions of people to embrace e-cigs as a life-saving intervention. Therefore, e-cigs are among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century. E-cigs save hundreds of millions of people from the risks of smoking tobacco.  Millions of people are deciding to improve their health with the much safer practice of vaping instead of smoking tobacco. This type of honesty and context is the right “message” for young people.

  • We Need to Send a Message to Politicians:


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And the message we need to send to Politicians like Councilmember Contantinides is to take a balanced approach. A balanced approach rooted in public health will help millions of people kill the habit of smoking tobacco. Whatever his intentions are, his attempt to ban flavors and demonize vaping and e-cigs will not help quit smoking. In conclusion, demonizing e-cigs will lead more people to the harmful practice of smoking tobacco. More smoking means more pain and more death. Finally, let’s ground our drug policies in compassion and science, not hysteria and ideology.


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Is the Marijuana Industry the New Red Wine?

  • A Whole New Outlook on Cannabis:

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What do you see when you imagine groups of adults getting together to consume cannabis? First of all you see well-dressed successful cannabis smokers boarding a plane to Denver. In addition, you see successful people who chose to have a budtender at their wedding instead of a bartender. Picturing the guys from Half Baked sunk into the couch is a thing of the past. Cannabis products are in and the industry is growing. Furthermore, the cannabis industry is still heavily stigmatized. The cultural norm is to bring a bottle of wine and have a drink when getting together with friends. Adults drink alcohol in social settings to relax, unwind and be more open to new things. Well, cannabis enthusiasts are saying the same thing about marijuana. Cannabis products that take the edge off and enhance social experiences are no different.

  • The Social Cannabis Experience:

    Image result for hangouts for marijuana advocates

The cannabis industry is maturing and appealing to a wider audience with sophisticated events and products. Hosted by Jessica Eriksen, White Rabbit High Tea is an industry event. The industry event takes place on the rooftop garden of a private boutique hotel in West Hollywood. Challenging stereotypes with an intimate social cannabis experience like no other. In addition, paired with tastings of unique cannabis products and a gourmet meal. Most noteworthy, the cannabis products produced in grow rooms sponsor the social event.

  • Hosting the Cannabis Industry: Image result for images of white rabbit high tea

Cannabis brands like Defonce Chocolatier, CannaOil Company, and Fully Baked Ice cream have hosted the cannabis industry. Alex Zafrin, owner of Fully Baked, had a cannabis tea party. He invited the seven guests to put scoops of medicated sorbet into the guest’s Champaign. Almost half of the guests were in the cannabis industry. Guests brought their own cannabis products and shared the products with the group. The cannabis, White Rabbit High Tea costs less than a night out in LA.  Products like White Rabbit High Tea are connecting people in the cannabis space in a quiet, tranquil environment.

  • Cannabis Infused Cocktails:

 Birthday parties and weddings in the cannabis industry are also going green by making flower edibles and cannabis cocktails available. Furthermore, in Colorado you can hire Andrew Mieure, founder of Top Shelf Bud Tending. Like a bartender with cannabis he provides the cannabis to educate guests on the best strains and modes of consumption. In addition, Top Shelf Budtending creates products like low-THC mocktails and how to roll cannabis into a cigarette. Having a drink is a social experience. Furthermore, a low dose of cannabis products and super fresh ingredients will change how cannabis is viewed. Mieure predicts cannabis infused cocktails will be huge in the cannabis industry.

  • Customized Treats:Image result for images of marijuana productsImage result for images of customised cannabis treats

As a result, you can buy medicated cannabis products for your guests. Most noteworthy, Babinka Treats shatter-infused donuts or Angel Haus gourmet cannabis ice cream are the best products. Your guests can enjoy the cannabis artisanal treat and chat, all sans booze. Most noteworthy, you might want to recommend social guests still take an Uber home. Hence, 420-friendly travel is becoming a popular option for those living outside legal cannabis states.

Cannatourism is a new industry taking off in Colorado with the rest of the West Coast following suit. Anyone can fly to Denver and go to dispensary grow rooms where cannabis products that are sold. The cannabis products that are sold can be customized for you by Goldie Solodar at City sessions Denver (720-250-8828). Goldie will email you before you fly out to Denver to get to know your preferences for certain products. In order to create an itinerary Goldie will go over how you like your cannabis products. Consequently, Goldie creates the perfect personalized itinerary like favorite foods and music for the industry.

  • An Educational and Highly Entertaining Tour:

Whether you choose to be picked up at the airport or your hotel, Goldie will be waiting in a limo. The limo will be stocked with bottled water, snacks, vape pens and other cannabis products. The cannabis products that Goldie approved are high quality (no pun intended). From the airport or hotel, the tour is really up to you. Educational and highly entertaining, Goldie will give you a behind the scenes look at the cannabis industry. Consequently, you will take a tour of the best cannabis dispensaries, grow rooms or extraction labs. There is something for everyone in the cannabis industry. Checking out Denver’s museums then going out for lunch is another part of the tour. Furthermore, guests also have the travel guide option for the independent to check out dispensaries and grow rooms.

  • Hangouts For Marijuana Advocates:

 Companies like AnnaBis make high-fashioned, odor-blocking handbags, and a Green Guide: For Women on the High Road. The guide reviews everything a cannabis-tourist could want in the industry. The cannabis industry has dispensaries, grow rooms, and 420-friendly hotels, to local restaurants and hangouts to see. In conclusion, the guide breaks down local laws and the best spots to enjoy cannabis. LA, SF, or Denver is the best places to visit in the cannabis industry. Socializing with cannabis is getting easier. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before all the States legalize marijuana while expanding the industry.

Image result for grow rooms



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“18,000 People Quit Smoking last year using E-Cigarettes:”

First of all, Electronic cigarettes may have helped about 18,000 people in England give up smoking last year. No evidence of any serious side effects associated with their use has been reported. This was due to a two-year study recently published about people smoking last year.

Researchers at University College London (UCL) analyzed the latest data on smoking and quitting in England. To set a quit date, it analyzed details on smokers who worked with the quit smoking services. In the last two years more people quit the habit with the help of e-cigarettes.

  • More People are Vaping and Kicking the Smoking Habit!

While they found no direct evidence that e-cigarettes prompted more people to quit smoking. The team did find that as more people used e-cigarettes with (no side effects), more people successfully stopped smoking.

In a separate scientific analysis also published. Cochrane Review researchers were pleased with the side effects.  The overall weight of evidence on e-cigarettes suggests they can help more people stop smoking with no serious side-effects. My Wife was an avid smoker and is now vaping. E-cigarettes have helped more people like her quit the habit.

E-cigarettes, which heat nicotine laced liquid into vapor, have rapidly grown into a global market for good reason. People like to smoke, but without the side effects.

  • Nothing Work’s Better than the E Cigarette!

Unlike nicotine chewing gum and patches, they mimic an Image result for images of the 7s e cigarettesexperience of cigarette smoking. E cigarettes are hand-held and generate a smoke-like vapor. The vapor has much less side effects than processed tobacco. Smoking tobacco kills half of all people who indulge. Smoking also kills another 600,000 non-smokers a year via second-hand smoke. This makes it the world’s biggest preventable killer. According to the world health organizations numbers. We will see a predicted death toll of a billion people. Consequently by the end of the century.



Image result for images of e cigarettes



Many public health specialists think e-cigarettes are a lower-risk alternative to smoking. People have used cigarettes for years and the side effects are far from good.Experts estimate that around 2.8 million people in the UK use e-cigarettes. They have helped become a nation’s most popular smoking cessation aid. More people are using this method with no side effects.

“England is sometimes singled out as being too positive in their attitude to e-cigarettes. The side effects speak for themselves. E cigarettes may have helped more smokers kick the cigarette habit than any other method.

“These data suggest that our relatively liberal regulation of e-cigarettes is probably justified.” The Cochrane Library did a published review: Researchers found e-cigarettes may have helped people quit the habit. So smoking last year has gone down from the previous years with the availability of the e cigarette.

 The Cochrane team did a published study of e-cigarettes. None found any serious concerns of using e-cigarettes for up to two years.

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“Breathing in Air in a Polluted City is like Living with a Smoker:”

Living with a Smoker can be Harmful:

Image result for images of second hand smoke

First of all living with smokers can be rouph. According to a new study, would be like breathing in the air of the world’s most polluted cities. Air pollution is one thing, smokers are another. Air pollution doesn’t compare to what’s in the air inside a smokers house.

  • Smoking Facts:

“The message is especially relevent for smokers. As a result smoking in your home leads to really poor air quality and results in concentrations of fine particles. Those fine particles in the air would cause real concern to us if they were found outside our homes.

Tiny particles 2.5 microns in diameter or smaller, known as PM2.5, can penetrate deep into the lungs. Sometimes, even enter the blood. As a result they’ve been linked to heart disease, strokes and cancer.Image result for images with the word smoking in it

“Making your home smoke-free is key to reducing your exposure to PM2.5. Smoking facts? Non-smokers who live with a smoker, or smokers should implement smoke-free house rules. Enforcing the rules would reduce their daily intake of PM2.5 by 70 percent or more.

Such tiny particles in the air typically result from combustion. Outdoor air pollution includes vehicle exhaust, power plants, and wildfires. Indoors, wood-burning or coal-burning stoves, gas cooking and heating fires and tobacco smoke. Those are the most common sources of PM2.5 in the air.

For outdoor air pollution, the World Health Organization has a safe exposure limit for PM2.5 particles. An average of 25 micrograms, or 25 millionths of a gram, per cubic meter of air over a 24-hour period.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sets the 24-hour limit at an average of 12 micrograms for PM2.5. Colleagues wanted to bring together two scientific communities. Those involved in tobacco control work and those interested in outdoor air pollution and health. “We think there is a lot that each can learn from the other,” they said. Smokers should realize air pollution is minute when comparing second-hand smoke.

  •  Air Polution or a Smokers Home?Image result for images of air pollution

Many studies have examined outdoor air pollution or indoor air quality in workplaces. But homes are where most people spend the majority of their time. It’s  particularly small children and homebound elderly people, the researchers wrote. By comparing indoor air pollution in the homes of smokers and non-smokers, then comparing that to outdoor air. The studies hoped to illustrate the perils of indoor tobacco smoke over outdoor air.

The team looked at the smoking facts from four separate studies that measured PM2.5 levels. This was in 93 Scottish homes where people smoked and 17 homes that were smoke free.

On average, PM2.5 levels in smokers’ homes were around 31 micrograms per cubic meter. Smoking facts are therefore – 10 times greater than the average of 3 micrograms in non-smoking homes.

There was a wide range of smoke concentrations in the smImage result for images of second hand smokeokers’ homes. One quarter of them, with the 24-hour averages were 111 micrograms. That makes outdoor air look clean in comparison.                                                                                                                                   In addition, a considerable proportion of smokers’ homes had air pollution levels that were extremely high. The homes were higher than the annual average PM2.5 concentration measured in Beijing, a heavily polluted city where air pollution is extremely high.

The study team estimates that over a lifetime, A non-smoker living with a smoker will inhale about 6 grams more particulate matter than a non-smoker. The study team estimates living in  smoke-free homes will keep you healthy.

This amount of particulate matter in homes, is likely to have a substantial effect. There is a big risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.”

Smokers often express the view that outdoor air pollution is a bigger problem than second-hand smoke in their homes.

Living outside of major heavily polluted mega-cities like Beijing or Delhi outdoor air pollution is lower than in smokers homes. This is what was measured inside homes where someone smokes.

Furthermore, due to the data established facts are in. Secondhand smoke is extremely harmful to your health. The Center for Tobacco Control Research in San Francisco concluded there’s no safe level of exposure to it.

“Smoke-free rules help by reducing the particulate matters for non-smokers. E cigarettes actually helps smokers to quit too.  Research shows when you have smoke-free rules in your homes smokers will exit the home. It motivates smokers to make more cessation attempts and decrease the number of cigarettes that they smoke.

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Experts say FDA has to Rethink Their Strategy about E Cigarettes and Quit Smoking Aids:

  •  FDA About Quit smoking Aids:Image result for images of smokers

First of all lately there has been a lot of back and forth debate by the FDA over e-cigarettes. In addition both sides making plausible arguments for or against e cigarette smokers. However without any long-term scientific proof let us look further. To figure things out we have to rely upon the number of studies and funding that would be required. We have expert opinions at the present to clarify the issue.

  • Experts Disagree with the FDA:Image result for images with the words quit smoking aids

Seven international experts on tobacco for the FDA have a proposal. They are urging that the FDA be “open-minded” when it comes to regulating e-cigarettes. Consequently they show a strong potential to help people quit smoking. Smokers reduce intake without causing more harm to people while deemed a lot safer than a cigarette.

The Addiction journal in a late April publication, suggest that e-cigarettes can promote reduced tobacco intake. Quit smoking aides will help smokers, while helping to “potentially” reduce the associated death rate.

The FDA has asserted its right to regulate e-cigarettes. The system will focus solely on the possibility that e-cigarettes might act as gateway to cigarette use. In conclusion, what they don’t understand is people are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Furthermore with the help of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom 18000 people quit smoking and are smoke free.

Image result for images of the fda


We believe the FDA discussion is slanted against e-cigarettes. The big picture is, e-cigarettes appear to be used by smokers trying to quit. Especially relevant, e-cigs appear to be used mostly by people who already are likely to become cigarette smokers.

E cigarettes have reduced smoking rates consistently each year. They are down over 50 percent since the 60’s. People are trying to quit, but still have a dramatic risk of death attached to their usage. Lung cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer type and is a direct cause of smoking in most cases. With e-cigarettes, people have a viable affordable alternative to smoking that may be the safer route to quit. The situation  emphasizes smokers should not be overtaxed. In conclusion, that could cause smokers to go right back to the habit instead of trying to quit.

  • The Conclusion:Image result for images of people smoking e cigarettes

Taxing e-cigarettes by increasing the price will discourage youth VNP use or quit smoking aids. This will discourage use by smokers. Consequently effecting those of lower socioeconomic status, who are trying to quit. In conclusion we know people have quit smoking with the help of quit smoking aids or e-cigarettes.

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“E-Cigarettes Can Help You Lose Weight:”


  • Nicotine Raises your Metabolism:


First of all, it looks like e-cigarettes can keep weight gain to a minimum. Furthermore, adding to e-cigarettes list of health benefits. Nicotine is one of the tobacco facts here. Traditional smokers try to quit smoking cold turkey and gain weight. Weight gain is one of the tobacco facts after quitting your cigarettes. In conclusion, nicotine is the key.

Reuters is reporting that a new paper from a team of researchers was published earlier this week. In conclusion the report shows that there may be a correlation between weight maintenance and smokers using e-cigarettes. The paper looked at one of the studies that examined nicotine and the influence on the body. In conclusion the authors learned that the relationship between nicotine and e-cigarettes is viable. As a result, should be the subject for further study.

  • Traditional Smokers are Afraid to Stop:Image result for images of smokers

Traditional smokers might be surprised to learn why they lose weight, while weight gain is sparse. What keeps people slim when they smoke their cigarettes? One of the reasons is not the tobacco, but the nicotine found naturally in the plant. Nicotine is known to be an appetite suppressant as well as a booster for the metabolic rate. Smokers tend to lose weight and weigh less, on average, than someone who doesn’t smoke and has the same lifestyle.

Weight gain is one of the main reasons traditional smokers put off quitting. In conclusion the fear of gaining weight. As the Guardian points out, the recent drop in smoking has led to an uptick in rates of obesity.

Scientists argue that e-cigarettes are a good way to curb that weight gain. Traditional smokers as well as people who smoke e-cigarettes have a high metabolism. One of the reasons is nicotine. In conclusion one of the facts are e-cigarettes can suppress weight gain.

  • You can Regulate your Nicotine Dosage:Image result for images of 7s e-cigs

So one of the questions then become, what makes e-cigarettes better for weight loss than other nicotine replacement therapies? One theory, which was put forward, is that e-cigarettes come in a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths.  E-liquids that currently exist on the market help soothe hunger cravings, reducing the urge to smoke. E-cigarettes are customizable in terms of the nicotine strength. Traditional smokers can decrease their nicotine consumption gradually without fearing weight gain.

A spokeswoman for Action on Smoking and Health put it best. She said that: When quitting smoking your traditional cigarettes the risk of putting on weight is a common concern. Furthermore, these tobacco facts can discourage smokers from trying to stop. E-cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco. Consequently, they can also help people avoid piling on the pounds. Nicotine control to suppress weight gain as well is helping them to stop smoking.Image result for images of the words tobacco facts

The jury is still out on whether or not e-cigarettes can definitely prevent weight gain. Nicotine is a fat burner so it’s looking more like it is probable. As a result, it can help traditional smokers kick the habit while maintaining their weight. More studies will come out to this effect. In conclusion the government is trying to convince e-cigarette users that the products are bad for their health. What our good government fails to realize the evidence speaks for itself. We have an excellent line of quality vapor products for your pleasure and weight loss. What do you have to lose, why not give them a try? You have nothing to lose but unwanted belly fat and the side effects from tobacco. To learn more just click the banner or one of the links!

  • Vapor Products are the Answer:Image result for images of people smoking e cigarettes

People can have a negative first experience with electronic cigarettes. Rather than picking up a cheap and horrible model from your local mall try our state of the art e-cigarettes. While experiencing a quality product you might quit tobacco for good! We bring a strong voice to the e-cig community and for good reason! (we care!)

In addition, with the tobacco facts out there, try our quality vapor products we offer. To learn more just click a link.

“The Research is In! E-Cigarettes Could Stop Weight Gain after Smoking Cessation:”



One of the biggest complaints among former smokers is weight gain. It seems like as soon as you kick the cigarette habit you gain weight. Changes in the waistline are one of the things former smokers see. For many smokers it’s a losing proposition. Many people try to improve their health by getting rid of cigarettes. Furthermore, with the smoking cessation, the former smokers actually end up acquiring new health risks associated with obesity. Trading lung cancer for diabetes and heart disease is no bargain. Neither situation is ideal and the cigarette habit can reap havoc on the former smokers.

  • Scientific Evidence:Image result for images of people smoking e cigarettes

Scientists believe one of the reasons weight gain is associated with smoking cessation, has a lot to do with nicotine. Nicotine has the ability to suppress the appetite. Once you stop the cigarette habit, you suddenly gain an appetite. To make matters worse, many smokers turn to food to fill the void. Consequently, coping with stress and anxiety with smoking cessation. Research shows that 80 percent of former smokers gained weight when they kicked the habit. Smoking effects your health and metabolism.

  • Image result for images of the words smoking effectsHow to Stop Weight Gain?

So the question is, how can you stop the smoking effects on weight gain? A new study suggests that e-cigarettes might be the answer to smoking cessation. Researchers examined changes in body weight gain when smokers traded out their cigarettes for e-cigs. As a result they found that the former smokers had no significant weight gain at all. In fact, even the smokers who chose to use e-cigs with zero nicotine still managed to stop smoking. The best part is the former smokers did it without gaining weight. Plus many reported that giving up tobacco was easy with the help of an e-cigarette.

This study in particular, focused on female smokers so more research is needed. This way we can officially declare that e-cigs prevent weight gain during smoking cessation. However, the results were very promising since women tend to gain weight more often than men. While kicking the cigarette habit, smokers find when incorporating e-cigarettes the task becomes tolerable. In the future, scientists hope to do a broader study with men and women. They hope to learn more about the connection between e-cigs and weight gain prevention.

  • How About You?Image result for images of people smoking e cigarettes

Smoking effects everyone. What about you… did you gain any weight when you traded your cigarettes for an e-cig? Did you notice an increase in your appetite? I married an avid smoker with a real hard core habit. We would go to family functions and my Wife would have to get up often to go have a smoke. Nicotine addiction is common place with cigarette smokers and my Wife was no exception. Long story short she decided to try one of my top quality e-cigarettes I sell.

Most noteworthy, she quit the smelly cigarettes and has been smoke free ever since. People can have a negative first experience of electronic cigarettes. Picking up a cheap and horrible model from the local mall will do the trick. We have a great line of vapor products that are so pretty you can use them as decorations! Lol!

All kidding aside, to learn more about our state of the art products hit the banner or one of the links! My Wife brings a strong female voice to the e-cig community.

A Ground Breaking New E-Cigarette Experiment by the Mayo Clinic Reveals Good Results:


Image result for images with the words cigarette smoke

When it comes to research in the United States, there is no other Clinic more respected than Mayo Clinic. New information about cigarette smoke is released by doctors at Mayo clinic. Patients listen because they know this Clinic is trustworthy and on the cutting edge of medical research. Recently, the Mayo Clinic released results from the study on smoking cessation and electronic nicotine.

Smokers face far higher risks of complications following surgery. Researchers decided to offer patients “electronic nicotine delivery devices” both before and after their surgeries. The goal was to see if the nicotine delivery services could help patients successfully reduce tobacco consumption. This way the patients at Mayo Clinic can eventually eliminate tobacco and cigarette smoke consumption for good.

  • Electronic Delivery Devises:Image result for images of people smoking e-cigarettes

Patients who were facing upcoming elective surgeries were provided with the “electronic nicotine delivery” devices. Patients used electronic nicotine delivery for smoking cessation. Researchers in the study kept records of patient tobacco consumption and behavioral changes while using the e-cigs. The study was followed up 30-days later to see if electronic nicotine had made any significant change.

At the time of follow-up, the Mayo Clinic team found that 17 percent had already completely quit smoking. 51 percent of patients said they intended to continue using electronic nicotine devices in the future. In addition, cigarette consumption was drastically reduced when patients had access to e-cigarettes. Average cigarette consumption decreased from 15.6 per person to 7.6 the mayo concluded. Results over the study period show electronic nicotine delivery works. Ultimately, researchers said that e-cig use is feasible and well-accepted. in surgical patients.

  • E-Cigarettes are Helping Smokers Quit:

This is the first time we’ve seen a prestigious Clinic praise electronic nicotine delivery for their patients. Mayo was successful with their patients facing surgery. Other doctors might feel more confident to recommend e-cigarettes to their patients. The medical community is well aware that other nicotine delivery services just aren’t that effective. All signs show that e-cigs can work and actually make a remarkable difference. In a relatively short period of time. Tobacco consumption for example will go down.

Consequently I think other doctors will be more accepting of e-cigarettes not cigarette smoke. The Mayo Clinic achieved good results. Well in my opinion, this could change the public perception of e-cigs in the United States. Mayo has started a trend that might end tobacco consumption for good. We need another Clinic to do the same study with new patients to close the deal. Places like the Mayo Clinic keep the bought and paid for F.D.A. at bay.

  • Keep the FDA at Bay:Image result for images of people smoking e-cigarettes

Furthermore, hear is some good news for people who vape.  Mayo clinic helps us as a community to fight the F.D.A. With this research, proof that vaping is a lot safer than tobacco consumption for all of us is here. As long as there are volunteers for more studies on tobacco consumption I feel e-cigarettes will be the norm.

  • Use High Quality E-Cigarettes:

In conclusion, places like Mayo clinic are just the tip of the iceberg. furthermore we are finding out more positive information about electronic nicotine delivery. People are cutting down on tobacco consumption for vapor products therefore eventually will quit all together. My wife stopped smoking using vapor products with great results. E-cigarettes are very impressive. I decided to take it a step further.

We sell vapor products that are high quality. This is not some cheap junk you buy at a mall. Why not give them a try? If they worked for my Wife do the math. To learn more just click a link! 

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