January, 2017

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“Smokers are being Charged More for Healthcare with Obamacare:”

  • Charging High Premiums for Tobacco Users is a Big Mistake for Low Cost Insurance :


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Most noteworthy, the Affordable Care Act allows low-cost insurance companies to charge higher premiums to tobacco users. A study suggests these rules are undermining the law’s aim of expanding health coverage. In addition, smokers eligible for Obamacare were less likely to have health coverage than nonsmokers. Yale University Researchers analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other sources. Furthermore, the Affordable Care Act prohibits health insurance companies to set prices based on health status and medical history. The Affordable Care Act also includes a ban on rejecting customers with pre-existing conditions.

  • Smokers are Charged up to One and a Half Times the Price for Their Health Coverage:


 The exception to the rule is tobacco users are charged one and a half times the price. In addition, a non-smoker pays for the same insurance plan and pays affordable rates than smokers. The argument behind the health insurance policy is people who smoke tobacco generally have higher long-term health care costs. Therefore, tobacco users should be made to pay more. Smokers in states with high surcharges will not use affordable care. In addition, the higher premiums are meant to serve as an incentive to quit using tobacco.  Another rule in the Affordable Care Act states that insurers have to cover smoker cessation programs without charging copayments.

  • The American Cancer Society:

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Two years ago A Gallup found that 58 percent of Americans believe higher health insurance premiums for smokers are “justified. Furthermore, anti-smoking organizations don’t believe smokers should pay more for health insurance. The American Cancer Society and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids have warned about surcharges on health insurance for tobacco. The organizations claim the smoker will remain uninsured because they can’t afford the coverage. Thus, tobacco users would continue to struggle to get medical care and tobacco cessation programs.

  • Smokers are Struggling to get Low Cost Health Insurance:

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In conclusion, a new study confirmed tobacco users are struggling to get insurance. Obamacare has brought the national uninsured rate down. Especially relevant, the new health insurance appears to have left some tobacco users behind. The new analysis on the smoker suggests this is true. Most noteworthy, tobacco users will report that they don’t use tobacco to avoid the higher cost of health insurance. Obamacare’s low cost insurance will not insure the smoker.

  • Obamacare is and was Failing:


 Smoking is popular with lower-income people. Obamacare is failing. In addition, according to the CDC data, more than one-quarter of people below the poverty line use tobacco. Furthermore, only 15 percent of Americans with higher incomes are tobacco users. In 2008, Gallup also found strong evidence between income and smoking. Consequently, the Affordable Care Act allows insurers to charge tobacco users 50 percent more than nonsmokers.  Most states have established lower maximum surcharges for low cost insurance. As a result, six states did away with the extra cost to tobacco users entirely.

  • Moderate Incomes Have a Hard Time Paying the Tobacco Surcharge:

Most of all, people with low and moderate incomes can’t pay the tobacco surcharge using the health insurance tax credits. Most noteworthy, Yale researchers found, the size of the surcharge plays a major role in driving down health insurance enrolments. This is similar to smokers in states without surcharges for low-cost insurance.

  • Dramatic Effects:Image result for images of people paying out of pocket for their insurance premiums


As health insurance Company’s raise the cost of surcharges, the effects become more dramatic. Furthermore, smokers in states with surcharges are unlikely to have affordable care. Coverage among smokers in states with tobacco surcharges is lower than for smokers in states with no surcharge. In addition, the study found smokers under 40 are prone to go uninsured rather than buy health insurance. In other words, younger adults with high-surcharges were 19.9 percentage points less likely to get insurance. Therefore, smokers in the same age range with little or no surcharge are more likely to have health coverage.

  • Young Smokers are Less Costly to Insure:

Young tobacco users are generally less costly to insure than older people in the short-term. According to a 2014 University of Tennessee study — the surcharge policy may be keeping away the customers most needed. In conclusion, stabilizing the health insurance market and keeping down premiums for everyone who uses an exchange. Furthermore, it is less expensive for tobacco users than for non-users to go without health insurance. The Affordable Care Act’s rules require everyone to have health coverage or pay a fine, but there are exceptions.

One exception is that anyone with health insurance that costs more than 8 percent of household income is exempt. The University of Tennessee study found tobacco smokers in affordable care more likely to find coverage UN affordable. In conclusion, the Obamacare tobacco cessation program covered has failed. Because of the surcharges, the affordable care act for smokers is failing.  Therefore, smokers in states with surcharges were less likely to participate in quitting programs than smokers in no-surcharge states.

  • Low Cost Insurance is a Good Reason to Quit Smoking:

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Especially relevant, tobacco surcharges increased neither smoking cessation nor financial protection from high health care costs. Therefore, the primary goal of the Affordable Care Act was a failure. Low cost insurance has failed.

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Vermont is working on the Legalization of Marijuana:


  • Voters have spoken and now Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana.

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin will seek to legalize marijuana through the legislative process, instead of through the ballot box. Furthermore, the legislative process will be used  in the United States for the first time. Most noteworthy, the state of Vermont is just another example of other States that have legalized marijuana. In addition, the Governor’s State of the State address made a political point. Shumlin said more than 80,000 people in Vermont reported using marijuana last year contributing to a black market. Shumlin also said to Vermont Legislators, marijuana needed to be regulated and a step by step process will be used.

  • Working with Legislators to Craft the Right Bill:


Most noteworthy, Shumlin claims he will work with Legislators to craft the right bill that eliminates the era of prohibition. According to the copy of the State of the State address marijuana prohibition is currently failing miserably. As a result of this Politicians are looking at the revenue that will come from legalizing and regulating marijuana. In conclusion, the legislative process to legalize marijuana is as a lucrative measure saving the State money. Furthermore the State will not have to waste any more money prosecuting people for Marijuana use or possession.

  • More States have Legalized Marijuana:

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Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana so why not Vermont? Especially relevant to the trend, Vermont is among almost 20 states that have decriminalized marijuana possession. Legalized marijuana will become the norm. To keep marijuana out of the hands of minors Shumlin wants to create a legal market and a tax law. Therefore Shumlin will be banning the sale of edible marijuana and destroying the black market in his State.

  • Revenue for Addiction Prevention:

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Shumlin claims, revenue from the pot taxes will be used to boost addiction prevention. In addition, the police will help in dealing with impaired drivers. Consequently, revenue from the marijuana industry will be in the billions and these political leaders see the money. The pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance agreed with Shumlin while claiming other governors should do the same.

  • Starting a New Trend:Image result for images that say legalize marijuana

Ethan Nadelmann, the group’s executive director, hopes legalizing marijuana will start a new trend. In conclusion, Politicians like Mr. Shumlin will be setting a trend to legalize marijuana. Boston Massachusetts has already legalized marijuana add the State of Vermont to the list. Finally, if New York jumps on board the whole country will follow.


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“Celebrities are Loving E-Cigarettes and Vapor Products:”


  • Celebrities have been Vaping for Years:


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Most noteworthy, when it comes to celebrities and electronic-cigarettes, the list is long. Furthermore, celebrities like Bruno Mars, Kevin Connolly, Steven Dorff, Jenny McCarthy and Leonardo Dicaprio love their electronic cigarettes. Celebrities have been promoting the electronic cigarette because they know tobacco smoke is a killer. Furthermore, enjoying your electronic cigarette is not bad for society. Finally, celebrities have been on electronic cigarettes because they were former smokers who know the electronic cigarette  is safer.

  • Enjoy Vaping:Image result for images of people enjoying vaping


In addition, Katherine Heigl made an appearance on the David Letterman Show and started puffing away on her e-cigarettes. Consequently, this was a few years ago before vaping e-cigarettes hit the mainstream like it has today. David Letterman even took a few puffs on the electronic cigarette. This was the beginning of the e-cigarettes popularity with celebrities.

  • Signing on as Investors:



Recently, popular celebrities have been spotted and photographed using e-cigarettes. As a result, celebrities have been endorsing the electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine products. Jenny McCarthy and Stephan Dorff endorse the Blu eCigs brand. Especially relevant, celebrities like Musician Bruno Mars are signing on as investors in the electronic cigarette company NJOY E-Lites. Bruno Mars made a cameo appearance in a music video by Lily Allen one of the UK’s biggest stars. Furthermore, Trace Cyrus has been seen in the electronic circle vaping e-cigarettes. Therefore, celebrities vaping electronic cigarettes go on…and on.

  • Politicians are Opportunists:



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The electronic cigarette trend has angered the politicians. A few U.S. Senators raised concerns after the recent Golden Globe Awards. Most noteworthy, during the ceremony several celebrities were seen vaping away on electronic cigarettes. In addition, these greedy Senators claimed Hollywood was glamorizing smoking. In conclusion, these powerful politicians urged Hollywood not to allow e-cigarettes to appear at future shows. But do they have the right?


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The electronic cigarette was introduced to the U.S. market in 2007 and is an alternative to smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes can look like regular cigarettes and contain no tobacco. First of all, electronic cigarettes have a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine which turns into a vapor. Smokers inhale and exhale the vapor not the smoke. These e-cigarettes don’t give off second-hand smoke and they still contain nicotine.

  • Anti Smoking Advocates are Political Weasels:

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Because they are tobacco-less, tobacco laws don’t apply, but politics and greedy agendas are starting to take over. While electronic cigarettes offer many advantages over traditional cigarettes the manufacturers have to deal with anti-smoking advocates. First of all, there haven’t been enough tests. To know what possible side effects inhaling nicotine vapor poses, do the math. In conclusion, smoking tobacco produces tar while vapor does not. Most of all, calling for tight regulations on e-cigarettes without any proof these devices are harmful is political jargon. They deemed e-cigarettes illegal.  Research trials have proved e-cigarettes to be safe.   Hence, smoking cigarettes can reap havoc on your health. Consequently, electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking cigarettes.

 In conclusion, anything that gets people to quit smoking cigarettes is beneficial to society. While the anti-smoking advocates claim that celebrities are ‘glorifying’ smoking, people are quitting tobacco  {a real killer}.


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“Marijuana Legalization for Massachusetts:”


  • Boston Massachusetts is the first State in the Northeast to Legalize Marijuana:



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First of all, the first state in the densely populated Northeast to legalize marijuana for recreational use is Boston Massachusetts. Furthermore, this step will help marijuana advocates spread the drug’s acceptance for recreational use in the United States. Massachusetts is one of three states where ballot measures legalizing recreational use of the drug past. In addition, California and Nevada are two more states to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

  • Eight States have Legalized Marijuana:



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Consequently, Massachusetts legalized use of the drug by adults 21 and older in private places. Furthermore, this easily overcame the opposition of prominent state officials in both parties 54% to 46% to legalize marijuana. Most noteworthy, you can add Massachusetts to eight U.S. states that have legalized use of the drug. Marijuana for recreational use had voters in Washington and Colorado approve of legalizing the drug in 2012. In conclusion, there is a catch to the measure approved last month in the states. Consequently, the measure does not allow the drug to be sold in the state legally until 2018. Therefore, this delay was intended to give Politicians time to determine how to implement the law. A delay that marijuana advocates said was predictable, at least.


Most noteworthy, the cities in the Northeast are closer together and the cities in the west are further apart. As a result, this would lead some to suggest a domino effect for northeast states. Especially relevant, Massachusetts’ move could motivate neighboring states to consider similar steps to legalization of the drug. Because crossing state lines to acquire use of the drug will be a lot easier to do.

  • Rhode Island may be Next:Image result for images of rhode island


Taylor West is deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Consequently, West wants those states to look at the policy and the benefits of regulating use of the drug. Most of all, as long as the states see revenue from the green drug it should make a positive difference. Neighboring Rhode Island will consider the idea of legalizing use of the drug following Massachusetts’ move. As a marijuana advocate I feel regulating the use of the drug in Massachusetts or other states is political greed. Legalizing marijuana for freedom is good.

  • Looks Positive on the Gallop Poll:

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 In conclusion, the Gallup poll showed that 60 percent of Americans now support the legalization for recreational use of marijuana. Therefore, 28 states have taken the step to legalize marijuana for medical use. Furthermore, under federal law use of the drug is illegal. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has sent mixed signals about his views on the recreational drug.

  • U.S. Senator Sessions might be a Problem:


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According to Donald Trump states should control marijuana legalization. Donald Trump’s attorney general, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama had some things to say about the Obama administration. Especially relevant, Sessions criticized Obama’s administration for not enforcing the federal ban aggressively enough. Most of all, I don’t think Sessions is for legalizing marijuana.


  • All We can do is Hope:



Furthermore, looking at what Jeff Sessions said about marijuana, you can’t help but be worried. Most noteworthy, the campaign to legalize marijuana in massachusetts, could be compromised with the wrong leadership. In conclusion, until we see the way they are going to move all we can do is hope.

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“Stop Equating Vaping with Smoking it Does Not Help:”


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First of all, when you walk down the streets of any major city you see more people using e-cigarettes. Furthermore, as they hustle down the street or outside a bar you see them enjoying their e-cigarettes. In addition, these e-cigs have replaced their previous form of tobacco intake, the cigarette. While politicians are trying to ban e-cigs and vaping from public places, people are quitting the smoking habit. As a result, you quickly feel connected to these people that are trying to quit smoking, using e-cigs and vaping. Most noteworthy, you might have your own long and complicated habit with smoking cigarettes.

  • Stop Smoking Cigarettes:

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Most people have tried everything to break the smoking habit with poor results. It seems like people who try the patch and the gum or have tried hypnosis and Wellbutrin failed. Especially relevant, all of the replacements and strategies have not helped people quit smoking and now there’s hope. Therefore, there is an excitement and optimism about kicking the smoking habit using e-cigs and vaping.

  • Smokers Aren’t Morons:Image result for images that quote stop smoking cigarettes


E-cigs and vaping have gained popularity for people who like smoking and are trying to quit. Smokers aren’t morons. In addition, millions of smokers will choose a safer model for nicotine intake. Finally, the fact that my website has e-cigs and can be purchased at most stores makes it easy. For those who want to keep illness at bay e-cigs and vaping products are proving to be the safest alternative. Most noteworthy, vaping shops like the Henley Vaporium in Soho are becoming more popular around the world. These shops allow former smokers to relax and hang out. In addition, people are trying different flavors, bonding with others who have quit smoking, and encouraging a healthier life style.

  • Beating Their Drums:Image result for images of people beating their drums


Yet instead of cheering the great news that millions are now quitting smoking, it’s the opposite.  First of all, the health and anti-smoking fields are beating the drums against e-cigs and vaping. Furthermore, they know millions are now quitting smoking yet they claim e-cigs and vaping are no better. Greedy politicians and anti-smoking lobbyists (Legal Bribery) are ignoring the emerging evidence. While vaping is safer than smoking these illusionists are trying to equate the two activities. Consequently, Cities are passing the same laws against vaping as against smoking to increase taxes and raise prices.

  • Passing Rediculous Laws:Image result for images of lethargic judges


Most noteworthy, we are seeing cities passing laws against e-cigs in public places, including beaches and parks. They are sending a message that e-gigs are bad and people shouldn’t be exposed to them. Finally, second hand smoke is no longer harmful to people who are vaping e-cigs. First of all, they are trying to Stigmatize and limit e-cigs and vaping like the smoking habit. Furthermore, vaping in the privacy of your own office is your business even if you still have the smoking habit. If people want to vape e-cigs in the privacy of their office why shouldn’t they be able to?

  • Other Bans on Vaping E-Cigs are on the Horizon:


Therefore, other bans on vaping e-cigs are on the horizon. States will copy New Jersey and begin banning e-cigarettes for those under 21. Discouraging 17-year-old smokers that are trying to give up smoking cigarettes is Ludacris and harmful. Would we really want to discourage a 20-year-old smoker to give up cigarettes and switch to e-cigs? Fortunately there are health professionals and doctors that have researched e-cigs and vaping. While sending a letter to the head of the World Health Organization, dozens of experts converged. As a result, urged them to stop smoking cigarettes and embrace e-cigs as a life saver. E-cigarettes could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century. Therefore, the group said, we will be saving hundreds of millions of lives.

  • Anti Smoking Advocates are Political Gerbils:

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Anti-smoking advocates need to get a life. In conclusion, they are trying to demonize smoking and wage a war against e-cigs. A practice that accomplishes the goal of reducing or eliminating people’s smoking should be enforced. In conclusion, helping millions of people stop smoking cigarettes should not be restricted and stigmatized.


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