“Marijuana Legalization for Massachusetts:”


  • Boston Massachusetts is the first State in the Northeast to Legalize Marijuana:



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First of all, the first state in the densely populated Northeast to legalize marijuana for recreational use is Boston Massachusetts. Furthermore, this step will help marijuana advocates spread the drug’s acceptance for recreational use in the United States. Massachusetts is one of three states where ballot measures legalizing recreational use of the drug past. In addition, California and Nevada are two more states to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

  • Eight States have Legalized Marijuana:



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Consequently, Massachusetts legalized use of the drug by adults 21 and older in private places. Furthermore, this easily overcame the opposition of prominent state officials in both parties 54% to 46% to legalize marijuana. Most noteworthy, you can add Massachusetts to eight U.S. states that have legalized use of the drug. Marijuana for recreational use had voters in Washington and Colorado approve of legalizing the drug in 2012. In conclusion, there is a catch to the measure approved last month in the states. Consequently, the measure does not allow the drug to be sold in the state legally until 2018. Therefore, this delay was intended to give Politicians time to determine how to implement the law. A delay that marijuana advocates said was predictable, at least.


Most noteworthy, the cities in the Northeast are closer together and the cities in the west are further apart. As a result, this would lead some to suggest a domino effect for northeast states. Especially relevant, Massachusetts’ move could motivate neighboring states to consider similar steps to legalization of the drug. Because crossing state lines to acquire use of the drug will be a lot easier to do.

  • Rhode Island may be Next:Image result for images of rhode island


Taylor West is deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Consequently, West wants those states to look at the policy and the benefits of regulating use of the drug. Most of all, as long as the states see revenue from the green drug it should make a positive difference. Neighboring Rhode Island will consider the idea of legalizing use of the drug following Massachusetts’ move. As a marijuana advocate I feel regulating the use of the drug in Massachusetts or other states is political greed. Legalizing marijuana for freedom is good.

  • Looks Positive on the Gallop Poll:

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 In conclusion, the Gallup poll showed that 60 percent of Americans now support the legalization for recreational use of marijuana. Therefore, 28 states have taken the step to legalize marijuana for medical use. Furthermore, under federal law use of the drug is illegal. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has sent mixed signals about his views on the recreational drug.

  • U.S. Senator Sessions might be a Problem:


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According to Donald Trump states should control marijuana legalization. Donald Trump’s attorney general, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama had some things to say about the Obama administration. Especially relevant, Sessions criticized Obama’s administration for not enforcing the federal ban aggressively enough. Most of all, I don’t think Sessions is for legalizing marijuana.


  • All We can do is Hope:



Furthermore, looking at what Jeff Sessions said about marijuana, you can’t help but be worried. Most noteworthy, the campaign to legalize marijuana in massachusetts, could be compromised with the wrong leadership. In conclusion, until we see the way they are going to move all we can do is hope.

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