Vermont is working on the Legalization of Marijuana:


  • Voters have spoken and now Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana.

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin will seek to legalize marijuana through the legislative process, instead of through the ballot box. Furthermore, the legislative process will be used  in the United States for the first time. Most noteworthy, the state of Vermont is just another example of other States that have legalized marijuana. In addition, the Governor’s State of the State address made a political point. Shumlin said more than 80,000 people in Vermont reported using marijuana last year contributing to a black market. Shumlin also said to Vermont Legislators, marijuana needed to be regulated and a step by step process will be used.

  • Working with Legislators to Craft the Right Bill:


Most noteworthy, Shumlin claims he will work with Legislators to craft the right bill that eliminates the era of prohibition. According to the copy of the State of the State address marijuana prohibition is currently failing miserably. As a result of this Politicians are looking at the revenue that will come from legalizing and regulating marijuana. In conclusion, the legislative process to legalize marijuana is as a lucrative measure saving the State money. Furthermore the State will not have to waste any more money prosecuting people for Marijuana use or possession.

  • More States have Legalized Marijuana:

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Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana so why not Vermont? Especially relevant to the trend, Vermont is among almost 20 states that have decriminalized marijuana possession. Legalized marijuana will become the norm. To keep marijuana out of the hands of minors Shumlin wants to create a legal market and a tax law. Therefore Shumlin will be banning the sale of edible marijuana and destroying the black market in his State.

  • Revenue for Addiction Prevention:

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Shumlin claims, revenue from the pot taxes will be used to boost addiction prevention. In addition, the police will help in dealing with impaired drivers. Consequently, revenue from the marijuana industry will be in the billions and these political leaders see the money. The pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance agreed with Shumlin while claiming other governors should do the same.

  • Starting a New Trend:Image result for images that say legalize marijuana

Ethan Nadelmann, the group’s executive director, hopes legalizing marijuana will start a new trend. In conclusion, Politicians like Mr. Shumlin will be setting a trend to legalize marijuana. Boston Massachusetts has already legalized marijuana add the State of Vermont to the list. Finally, if New York jumps on board the whole country will follow.


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