February, 2017

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“Marijuana Legalization in the United States is Just around the Corner:”


  •  Jesse Ventura is a Marijuana Advocate and Wrote a Book called “Jessie Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto:”





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First of all, documentation suggests that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams  grew the cannabis plant. Furthermore, they grew hemp as a multipurpose crop. Therefore, the people in that error could pay their taxes with the plant. Betsy Ross used hemp to make the American Flag. Jessie Ventura knows you can’t be more American than that. As a result, Ventura wrote a book called, Jessie Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. Ventura also noted that if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were alive today, they’d both be busted by the DEA. Jessie Ventura, a former wrestler and governor said, they would have been put in federal prison. The charge would be for dealing drugs.  Besides Jesse Ventura, there are a lot of people that see something wrong with this picture.

  • Marijuana has many medicinal uses:


Ventura’s book sets the stage for marijuana legalization in the United States. In the book, Ventura provides reports; stories and gathered statistics on the positive impact it will have in the United States. Consuming hemp will help boost the economy with great health benefits for state governments in the United States. For example, there is a Harvard Article explaining how the plant can help AIDS and cancer patients. Most noteworthy, the plant can  stimulate appetite and stave off nausea for those AIDS and cancer patients.

  • The War on Drugs was a Debacle:

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 Ventura is right when he says he would rather have someone take a hit of the green plant than be on Prozac. Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto also explains that the societal negatives would be lost with the legalization of marijuana. The War on Drugs would be one example of collateral damage. Expensive drugs for conditions that Ventura knows can be treated with the green plant will be discontinued. In addition, you can grow the plant in your backyard. Furthermore, poor people could use it and they wouldn’t have to pay the government after the primary investment. Government and pharmaceutical companies are opposed to the legalization of marijuana. As a result, they would no longer earn profits from this form of treatment.  Therapeutics donated 500,000 for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

  • Hemp Helps with PTSD:


The plant can benefit post-traumatic stress disorder and Ventura is a veteran Navy SEAL. The legalization of marijuana would help traumatized veterans with PTSD. Consequently, veterans struggle with the side effects and ineffectiveness of prescribed meds. Smoking marijuana relieves the stress associated with PTSD. Ventura knows that the hemp plant is amazing. First of all, you cannot overdose on it. In addition, it increases appetite and maybe over a period of months, you might gain some weight. Furthermore, don’t blame the plant for overindulging in your eating habits! LOL!  Maybe they’ll blame obesity on marijuana legalization in the United States.

  • Jeff Sessions is Bad News for Marijuana Legalization: 

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The recent presidential election could affect the inevitable-seeming legalization of marijuana in the United States. Four states voted to allow recreational use of the plant and four more rolled  back restrictions. Furthermore, the inauguration of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general does not help Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. In addition, Sessions could signal a hard stop to legalization and reverse drug policy reforms.

  • Ventura is optimistic:

Ventura is a member of the Independent Party and remains optimistic that Trump won’t get in the way of legalization. Donald Trump has indicated that he wants to leave it up to states’ rights. Especially relevant, each state will decide whether they want it legal or not. Ventura thinks that all 50 states will vote for legalization because of the money. In the state of Colorado, recreational hemp use is legal. Last year Colorado saw 66 million in sales tax revenue.

  • The Rock Might Run for President:

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 Ventura is looking at WWE Hall of Famer, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for the Presidency of the United States. Furthermore, Ventura wants to be Johnson’s vice president so legalization in many states is imminent. Furthermore, if The Rock runs as an independent, Ventura will run with him. As the Vice President of the United States the legalization of marijuana will be in effect in all 50 states. Then we can have wrestlers run the country. In conclusion, a Ventura vice presidency would certainly be a plus for the legalization of cannabis.

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“The Verdict is out; Vaping is Much Safer than Smoking:”



  • Most noteworthy, a new study has reported that vaping is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Most people in the vaping community know this to be true:

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Furthermore, the study funded by Cancer Research UK has found some interesting data on vaping for nicotine replacement therapy. The study found that smokers can significantly reduce their intake of carcinogens and toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Most noteworthy, they have to quit smoking and stick with vaping as a nicotine replacement therapy. Smoking traditional cigarettes is out and nicotine replacement is in.

The study reviewed 181 former and current traditional smokers. The study asked the smokers questions about smoking cessation. Did the smokers use nicotine replacement therapies or vaping?  Furthermore, while checking for toxins they had to take urine and saliva samples. This was the former traditional smokers. The study measured nicotine consumption, toxins, and carcinogens. The lead researcher for the study concluded that his study shows a very important find. The study found lower levels of carcinogens and toxins. Consequently, when subjects used e-cigarettes the toxins in their blood reduced to 56 percent to 97 percent. The e-cigarette users stopped smoking completely, compared to traditional cigarette smokers.

  • Toxins Decrease with Vaping  Image result for images of people vaping

 Therefore, when you switch to vaping devices the cancer-causing toxins decrease. The toxins found in the bodies of traditional smokers’ bloodstreams decreased by 97 percent. As a result, this was achieved when traditional tobacco smokers switched completely to vape devices. The study has been hailed by the vaping community. In addition, vaping advocates say that the research proves that vaping can save lives. A study like this saves lives by giving people an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

 The president of the American Vaping Association spoke to reporters about the study. He said that this study is a wakeup call to anti-smoking activists. Furthermore, these anti-smoking activists spent the past eight year’s trash talking nasty and outright incorrect rhetoric towards vapor products. Toxins found in the report were from traditional tobacco smoking. Most noteworthy, the study showcased that smokers who quit traditional cigarettes altogether would benefit from vaping. Furthermore, those who kept smoking and vaped at the same time did not fare as well. The people who were still smoking traditional cigarettes did not see a reduction in the toxins found in their bloodstreams.

  • Vaping Works when You Stop Smoking Traditional Cigarettes:Image result for images that say nicotine replacement

Because vaping only helps when used as the nicotine replacement therapy, hears the deal. If you are a smoker trying to quit traditional cigarettes and are still smoking, vaping does not offer many advantages. Therefore, the study has enticed anti-smoking critics to slam vaping e-cigarettes. Especially relevant, a senior scientific advisor to the American Lung Association has joined these critics.

There are a lot of people who promote the use of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and will help cut down on smoking. Therefore, when vaping they’ll get fewer toxins in their body. When discussing the study’s conclusion the scientific adviser didn’t agree with the study and its conclusion. He claims that e-cigarette users who smoked got as many toxins found in their body as those who just smoked. Most noteworthy, he is paid to lie. so the FDA can put a big tax on vaping and raise prices. Therefore, when prices go up the tax revenue does too.

  • The Scientific Adviser has Political Agendas:Image result for images of the scientific adviser

In conclusion, here is what he did not take into account when making his observations. You have to take into account that smokers are continuing to smoke traditional cigarettes alongside with vaping. In addition, they are still getting carcinogens and toxins from traditional cigarettes and not vaping products. Consequently, replacing traditional cigarettes with vaping, he would see a tremendous decline in the toxins found in a smoker’s bloodstream. The so called scientific adviser does not allow for this fact even when a study is proven to be true. Therefore, another study will be done on vapor.

  • We Don’t Want the FDA Regulating E-Cigarettes:Image result for images of people in the vaping community

In fact, the adviser says vaping products have not been approved by the FDA. In addition, he uses this as a reason not to use them as nicotine replacement therapy.  Furthermore, we all know that using an FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy patch or lozenge does not work. As a result, he thought the FDA annalyzed e-cigarettes.  The FDA did not annalyze E-cigarettes. However, the lead researcher does not agree with the adviser’s observations. The proof is reliable with the declaration that switching to e-cigarettes significantly reduces the risk of future cancers. Especially relevant, compared to smoking, e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The toxins found in smoking traditional cigarettes can develop into smoking-related cancer. Vaping is a nicotine replacement therapy. The FDA should not regulate it.

  • Using Vaping with Smoking is Still Healthier than Just Smoking:

In conclusion, dual users, and other vape advocates still know reducing their cigarette habit by half is still a plus. While using vaping products, there was a decrease in toxins in their bloodstream. This is great news for any smoker who is having trouble quitting traditional cigarettes. Especially relevant, the study shows that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. Vaping is also a great nicotine replacement therapy.

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“This just Proves my Point that Vaping Marijuana is healthier than Smoking:”

  •  Vaping Marijuana is Healthier than Smoking:

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First of all, vaping has changed the way avid smokers get their nicotine fix. Furthermore, they are vaping medical marijuana instead of smoking it because vaping is healthier than smoking. In addition, the results of a small study show that vaping marijuana is much healthier than smoking it. Researchers are calling it cannavaping and it is taking smoking marijuana to a new level. People are starting to look for good medical marijuana information so they can make the right choices.

  • Toxic Contaminants come from smoking:

While it seems extremely obvious, there hasn’t been any scientific indication to prove it until now. Furthermore, burning marijuana or smoking a joint can release toxic and carcinogenic contaminants. These contaminants are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Using tobacco or marijuana in a vaping form is much healthier than burning it. Consequently, when people are vaping they are heating a liquid until it boils, while inhaling the vapor. Most noteworthy, researchers have proven that vaping is much healthier than smoking and helps avid smokers kick the habit.

  • Here is some Medical Marijuana Information:

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Enthused by the process of applying butane hashish oil the researchers went to work. First of all, cannabis concentrates were vaporized at extremely high temperatures for this process to work. In addition, the Swiss researchers extracted cannabinoids from marijuana and used it as an e-liquid in the e-cigarette they tested. Especially relevant, researchers tested one type of vape and concluded that vaping did not generate any new specific contaminants. The Swiss researchers see a promising future for inhaling vapor. Therefore, cannavaping is much healthier than smoking marijuana or traditional cigarettes. Good medical marijuana information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

  • The Weed was not potent enough:

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Most noteworthy, the only problem the researchers had was the e-liquid they made didn’t have nearly enough cannabinoids. Therefore, you cannot get high with a few tokes. Hence, users would have to take 100 puffs on the vapor to feel any healing effects. The Swiss researchers pointed out that vapes vary in terms of extreme temperature. Especially relevant, when vapes get too hot they can release some nasty toxins from weed extracts. In addition, the more medical marijuana information the better to determine usage.

  • The Conclusion:

In conclusion, researchers must figure out the best way to make their e-liquids decently dank. Also, to avoid potential carcinogens caused by lighting up you can try this method.  Researchers say weed-infused Nutella is pretty damn delicious and healthier!

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“Studies Show E-Cigarettes Are Safe and Traditional Cigarettes are not:”




  •  Long-term use of E-Cigarettes is not Harmful to Your Health:

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First of all, vaping e-cigarettes are far safer and less toxic than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Hence, according to a study analyzing levels of dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals in the body e-cigarettes are safe. Smoking tobacco is toxic and bad for your health. In addition, converting to e-cigarettes or NRT are the best way to kick the smoking habit. Furthermore, hear is what researchers found when you switch from smoking regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). The research found   much lower levels of toxins in their saliva and urine than those who continued to keep smoking. Furthermore, this was a six month study on people who quit smoking tobacco while converting to e-cigarettes. Smoking prevention should be the target, not high prices and out-landish taxes.

  • There is a very Low Risk Factor using E-Cigarettes for Smoking Prevention:Image result for images of 7s e-cigs

In addition, the study shows that using e-cigarettes or NRT are much safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Therefore, the evidence suggests that there is a very low risk. A specialist in epidemiology and public health who led the work promotes e-cigarettes as a way to quit tobacco. Rather than smoking traditional cigarettes a lot of people are converting to e-cigarettes. In addition, most public health experts see the health benefits when people turn to e-cigarettes.

  • An 8 Billion Dollar a Year Industry:

E-cigarettes heat nicotine-laced liquid into vapor not tobacco smoke. According to Euromonitor International e-cigarettes have grown into an $8 billion-a-year market. Consequently, this is about three times that of NRT products. The tobacco industry is worth $700 billion. Most noteworthy, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Many health experts have said they are a lower-risk alternative to smoking. In addition, public health experts want to use e-cigarettes as a major public health tool for smoking cessation. Public health experts believe people should switch to e-cigarettes or NRT for smoking prevention.

  • Too Many Political Agendas and Not Enough Smoking Prevention:Image result for images that say smoking prevention

Politicians question their long-term safety. Furthermore, they claim that e-cigarettes may act as a gateway to conventional cigarettes. The politically motivated U.S. surgeon general advised lawmakers to enforce price and tax policies that would dampen their use. Especially relevant, these opportunists are not concerned about public health. As a result, the U.S. surgeon general is just doing what they did years ago with traditional cigarettes and tobacco. What a debacle!

  • The Study is Proof Enough:

A study was published in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine”. Saliva and urine samples were analyzed in the study. Long-term e-cigarette and NRT users and smokers were analyzed for toxins. As a result, they compared levels of key chemicals found in their bodies. In addition, smokers who switched to e-cigarettes or NRT had much lower levels of toxic chemicals and carcinogens. People who continued to smoke tobacco cigarettes had extremely high levels of the toxins. Most noteworthy, people switch to e-cigarettes or NRT because they know it’s much better than smoking traditional cigarettes.

  • Tobacco is the Worlds Biggest Avoidable Killer:

The same drop in toxin levels was not achieved by those using e-cigarettes or NRT that did not quit smoking. In conclusion, the researcher’s said that a complete switch was needed to bring down the levels of toxins. To get the long-term health benefits of quitting tobacco you must stick to smoking e-cigarettes. The World Health Organization declares tobacco as the world’s biggest avoidable killer. If current trends continue, there will be an increasing death toll of a billion by the end of this century. Most noteworthy, Smoking tobacco kills six million people per year, which is most noteworthy.

  • The National Director of Health and Wellbeing Said Switching to E-Cigarettes can Reduce Harm to Smokers:


The national director of health and wellbeing said the discoveries held a strong message for tobacco smokers. The director works at the government authority Public Health England. In a statement he said converting to e-cigarettes can substantially reduce harm to smokers. In addition, converting to e-cigarettes reduces exposure to carcinogens and toxins. People must stop smoking completely and make a total switch to reap the benefits. The best thing a smoker can do is to quit smoking now and forever. In conclusion, the ones that will benefit are the smokers and those around them.

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“How can Vaping be Banned when it Saves Lives:”


  • Cigarettes are poison; Smokers are giving up smoking cigarettes and turning to vapor:


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First of all, a lot of young people don’t vape the fluids containing nicotine. Furthermore, they prefer nicotine-free flavors such as strawberry cake and pear drops. In addition, public health in the western world is compromised by excessive consumption of unhealthy foods tobacco and alcohol. These marketed commodities exist because people enjoy them. Shareholders get rich and governments like the tax revenues they provide. Furthermore, vaping works as a quit smoking help.

These powerful corporations use industry blocs defending their rights to sell these products to the public. In addition, the Big Sugar industry does not want a sugar tax while going against the public health experts. The alcohol industry has mislead the pubic with false claims. This in addition, opposes the nanny state with their claims.

  • Where is the Evidence that E-Cigarettes are as Harmful as Smoking?

Image result for images that say e-cigs are helping people quit smoking

Therefore, you would expect public health experts to be happy to discover that companies have decided to make safer products. E-cigarettes or vaping devices are a good example. However, instead of approving these products they come out with a series of scare stories. Furthermore, this disapproval has come from a vocal few who have no evidence that e-cigarettes are harmful. Most noteworthy, the vocal few can’t find flaws in the health benefits of switching to vaping from cigarette smoking. So they attack those who work in the field. Consequently, Margaret Cuomo has mislead the general public with fluff. The industry needs to rethink their strategy so the public can be told the truth.

  • E-Cigarettes are a quit smoking help:


In addition, there are claims that conflicts of interest have corrupted the evidence in the industry. Furthermore, scientists are told not to work with, or even talk to, the tobacco industry about developing vaping devices. Yet the very technology that the industry is now adopting was adopted by these scientists. Therefore, we should be encouraging the tobacco industry to pay attention because we know that vaping saves lives. Especially relevant, in the U.K. e-cigarettes are used as a quit smoking device. The industry in the U.K. has less political agendas and uses a quit smoking help called vaping.

  • Can We Trust Public Health Experts? Image result for images of mad doctors


There are some good reasons why we shouldn’t trust some public health experts. The general public is concerned that industries put profit over truth. Most noteworthy, the tobacco industry has lied to the public about the harmfulness and addictiveness of tobacco. So if big tobacco lied then why wouldn’t they continue to lie about these new products? Therefore, to deal with this concern we cannot ignore the tobacco industry. In addition, we should use the approach we take with the pharmaceutical industry. Holding the tobacco industry accountable for public safety is a start. We have to make sure big tobacco is not fudging about their product claims and research data.


Furthermore, there are claims that the tobacco industry is encouraging vaping. They say the tobacco industry is getting young people addicted to nicotine and then take up cigarette smoking. This political tactic will not succeed because most young vapers don’t vape nicotine-containing fluids.  Young people prefer nicotine-free flavors over tobacco flavors for their vaping habit. Most noteworthy, vaping is the reason why the tobacco habit has reached an all-time low.

  • Using Vaping as a Front:Image result for \images of big tobacco companies


There is concern that the tobacco industry is using vaping as a front. The regulations will put the small vapor companies out of business.  Therefore, only the tobacco industry will have the financial power to comply with all the testing required. Unfortunately, there is a good chance of this happening in the USA. The US food and drug administration makes rules that are bought and paid for. Consequently, this will make it impossible for small vaping companies to continue to trade.

  • In the U.K. They Have Better Policies:

In the UK, it’s possible to avoid this monopoly by incorporating Brexit to reject the European regulations. In addition, the public health community has a feeling about the tobacco industry achieving a monopoly. The public health experts say big tobacco will stop selling vaping products to rejuvenate the cigarette market. As a result, this has already happened in Malaysia and India. In conclusion, this is unlikely to happen in the UK, because vaping has already developed into a vast business.

  • The U.K. uses Common Sense:



Furthermore, the law could prevent tobacco companies from doing this. Hence, just like the regulations in the UK, they insist that low-alcohol products must be available wherever alcohol is sold. Added to this debate are the psychological issues surrounding decision-making in public health.  In addition, there are public health experts who feel vaping only brings harm to the public. Therefore, they want to remove it from the industry. Public health experts deny there are any benefits but most people would disagree. In the U.K. they use common sense to make the right decisions.

  • Banning Traditional Cigarettes will never Happen:

Finally, anti-tobacco health advocates know that banning cigarettes won’t happen. Most noteworthy, the US federal law has given the tobacco industry the right to sell cigarettes. Especially relevant, big tobacco is protected by law.  Anti-tobacco groups focus their efforts on banning vaping which is a less-established and less well-funded alternative. In conclusion, to allow tobacco smoking to continue while banning a much less harmful alternative is beyond stupid. Most public health experts know that vaping could help some people quit smoking tobacco. Vaping is a good quit smoking help.

  • In the U.K. Vaping ia a Major Benefit to Public Health:


Image result for image that e-cigarettes are a benefit to healthy living



It is good to know that  public health experts in the U.K. have a different opinion on tobacco and vaping. Finally, in the U.K. they know that switching from cigarettes to vaping will be a major benefit to public health. Some authorities in Wales are using vaping as a tool to get tobacco smokers off cigarettes. Furthermore, this technology will help in cutting down cancer and heart disease. Hence, in time the evidence will convince vaping opponents that e-cigarettes are not tobacco smoke. Until then, we must not let public health or anti-smoking advocates limit the use of vaping. In conclusion, if we limit the use of vaping our fight against the danger of tobacco will be lost.


Image result for images of the statement quit smoking help

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Philip Morris is Getting Ready to Promote the iQOS E-Cig Using Real Tobacco:

  •  A Great Stop Smoking Product:Image result for images of the iQOS e-cigarette


First of all, Philip Morris International Inc. is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. Furthermore, there is a growing appetite for alternatives to traditional smokes like e-cigarettes. Philip Morris has a new Marlboro-branded stop smoking product that heats tobacco rather than burning it. Philip Morris, detailed its plans to release the Marlboro HeatSticks in cities in Japan and Italy later this year. With further expansion plans, the second largest tobacco company is moving forward. Furthermore, (introduced in the 1990s), the products represent improved heating technologies that failed in the same error.

  • How the iQOS Works:

The tobacco e-cigarettes are heated to a maximum of 660 degrees Fahrenheit in a hollow pen-like device called iQOS. Especially relevant, this creates a tobacco-flavored nicotine vapor making it taste like traditional cigarettes. HeatSticks contain real tobacco unlike e-cigarettes that use liquid nicotine. Philip Morris international believes the real tobacco will make them more attractive to cigarette smokers. Therefore, Philip Morris International plans to test the e-cigarettes and other products as the industry diversifies beyond traditional cigarettes. There is a declining demand for traditional cigarettes and Philip Morris is moving in the right direction.

  • A New Shift for the Industry:

Image result for images of the iQOS e-cigarette

Products like the HeatSticks represent a new shift for the industry. In addition, public health and adult smokers will benefit from the products while being good alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Most noteworthy, Philip Morris International has spent about $2 billion over more than a decade on development of the products. Furthermore, when sales reach 30 billion units Philip Morris will see a profit of 700 million from the iQOS e-cigarettes. Alternatives to traditional cigarettes are the future. The overseas Marlboro maker is investing $680 million for two plants in Italy, therefore making more products.

  • Philip Morris bought Nicocigs Ltd:

In addition to its own alternatives to traditional cigarettes, Morris purchased e-cigarette maker Nicocigs Ltd. Philip Morris International did not disclose the financial terms of the purchase. Especially relevant, the e-cigarettes in the 1990’s didn’t go over well with smokers.  Heating tobacco rather than burning it was a great concept to traditional cigarettes. The old e-cigarettes tasted different than cigarettes and were not easy to use. Most noteworthy, the products left no lingering odor and didn’t produce ashes.

  • Expanding the E-Cigarette Industry:

The expanding e-cigarette industry has tobacco companies hoping for a growth of the technologies. Philip Morris International knows that iQOS is less harmful than lighting up traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, traditional cigarettes are a hazard to your health and society knows this. As a result, many of the world’s 1 billion smokers want to quit or try tobacco alternatives. In the U.S., 42 million smokers try to quit cigarettes each year. In more recent years, people know that nicotine gum and patches do not work. E-cigarettes have the smokers attention for use in quitting traditional cigarettes. Most noteworthy, the first e-cigarette was test-marketed back in the 1990’s.  The tobacco product was produced by Philip Morris USA. In the U.S., Morris which spun off its international business in 2008 and is owned by the Atria Group Inc.

  • E-Cigarette Technology has Gone a Long Way:Image result for images of you have come a long way

Competitor R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. introduced the Eclipse cigarette in the 1990’s. The tobacco product uses a carbon tip to heat the tobacco. In addition, the Eclipse was  a stop smoking product. Tobacco heating cigarettes are common compared to electronic cigarettes back then. R.J. Reynolds hasn’t made plans to reinvent the Eclipse. Furthermore,  Philip Morris International and Altria are sharing their technology for electronic cigarettes and other new alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Especially relevant, Philip Morris International knows the product is less risky than traditional cigarettes. Finally, Morris will apply to the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. Therefore, marketing them as safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes is the game plan.

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Margaret Cuomo was Caught Lying about the Effects of E-Cigarettes; Experts are not Happy:

  • A Politician’s Video:Image result for images of a politician's video


Margaret Cuomo M.D. produced a video for Huffington Post that had several false claims about e-cigarettes. As a result, various experts came out to criticize her conclusions. Margaret Cuomo made a video about how e-cigarettes are as harmful to your health as traditional cigarettes. First of all, Margaret Cuomo is a major contributor for Huffington Post. Furthermore, Margaret Cuomo claimed e-cigarettes are as harmful to your health as smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes with no proof. Hence, condoning recent flawed analyses equating vapor products with combustible forms of tobacco is Ludacris. Fortunately, there are experts to discredit her argument about e-cigarettes. People quit cigarette smoking with the help of  e-cigarettes.

  • Margaret Cuomo has Mislead the General Public:Image result for images of margaret cuomo


 Margaret Cuomo claims e-cigarettes are just as harmful to your health as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, she goes on to say e-cigarettes have their own chemical composition and contain many harmful chemicals. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, propylene glycol, and metals like cadmium, nickel, and zinc are in e-cigarettes. Traditional tobacco cigarettes do not contain these chemicals.Most noteworthy, experts pointed out that her statements are entirely inaccurate. The medical literature on the chemical composition of traditional tobacco cigarettes is extensive. Traditional cigarettes do contain formaldehyde, benzene, cadmium and nickel, while being a hazard to your health. Cigarettes and tobacco are old news, therefore we must use common sense to quit cigarette smoking.

  • Medical Experts Do Not Agree:Image result for images of margaret cuomo's e-cigarette video

 In addition, medical e-cigarette experts are criticizing her remarks about cigarettes and tobacco. Especially relevant, Margaret Cuomo claims that e-cigarettes are just as harmful to your health as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Cigarettes are as harmful to your health as living in a polluted city and your health is everything. In conclusion, research suggests that there are toxicants in e-cigarettes at far lower levels than in smoked tobacco. Professor Linda Bauld, Deputy Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies confirmed this fact.

  • Discouraging E-Cigarette use is a Big Mistake:Image result for images of e-cigarettes helping people quit smoking

The statements from Margaret Cuomo about your health suggest otherwise, while being factually incorrect.  Furthermore, if clinicians used the statements in this video for discussing e-cigarettes with their patients, we should be concerned. Discouraging e-cigarette use will make things worse for your health, while condoning the use of cigarettes. Hence, all these misguided zealots think they are fighting a righteous battle that justifies lying. It is unfortunate these political gerbils lie for the greater good while they support the tobacco industry and promote smoking.

  • Cuomo’s Vidio is Misleading:Image result for images of someone making a video


 Especially relevant, experts on e-cigarettes fear videos like Cuomo’s. Therefore, this video will mislead the general public of the relative risks of smoking vs vaping. A practicing psychiatrist and lecturer at the Yale University School of Medicine had said the statements were appalling and ignorant. Most of all, watching this video full of misinformation reinforces all the other disinformation permeating the media. Unfortunately people will watch it and think there’s more evidence that these e-cigarettes are worse for people than traditional cigarettes. As a result, there is nothing good about misleading information because people will act on what they hear. Especially relevant, it is hard enough to quit cigarette smoking.

  • E-cigarettes Have Helped Smokers Quit Tobacco:


Finally, a professor of health psychology wrote a recent paper showing how e-cigarettes have helped smokers quit tobacco. He agreed with Cuomo that marketing to children should be restricted. Consequently, he strongly disagreed with the content in of her video. Margaret Cuomo’s views about the relative risks of e-cigarette and traditional tobacco cigarettes are far from accurate. In conclusion, even the most ardent opponents of e-cigarettes don’t believe that they are as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, believing them to be substantially less harmful because the concentrations of the known toxins. The toxins in e-cigarettes are multiple times lower or not present at all.

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The Study on the Effects of Medicinal Marijuana are Possitive:

  • 20 Year Study on Medicinal Marijuana:

Image result for scientists studying medical marijuana

First of all, the recent election was also a reference on the medical and recreational use of marijuana. In addition, voters approved the recreational use of marijuana in Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine and California. Furthermore, bringing the number of approving states to eight, Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas will now join. More states will follow and others that allow the medical use of marijuana. Most noteworthy, questions about chronic marijuana use and its physical influence on a person’s health are being debated. Recently, New Zealanders were assessed on their midlife health while chronically using marijuana for 20 years. Surprisingly, they had no physical health problems from the use of marijuana. Furthermore, marijuana use causes periodontal (gum) disease.

  • Short Term Use of Medicinal Marijuana:

Consequently, the study on short-term use of marijuana shows memory impairment, decrease in motor coordination along with poor judgment. Most noteworthy, in young adults, brain development is hindered with the long term use of marijuana. Furthermore, the study claims the recreational use of marijuana leads to reduced educational success, decreased life satisfaction and achievement. The study was for 9 percent of adults and 16 percent of adolescents. According to the study, long-term use of marijuana leads to dependence and can also lead to some psychiatric disorders.

  • Medicinal Marijuana is 90% Safer than Smoking Cigarettes:Image result for images that say medicinal marijuana


More than a thousand people from Dundin, New Zealand born in 1973 through age 38 were studied using medicinal marijuana. Consequently, at ages 18 to 38 the study assessed the frequency of marijuana use and dependence. Lab tests measured physical health as well as self-reporting marijuana use at ages 26 and 38. Especially relevant, the tests assessed periodontal health, lung function, systemic inflammation, metabolic syndrome, waist circumference, HDL cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels. The study checked blood pressure, glycated hemoglobin concentration and body mass index.

  • Long term use of Marijuana looks very Positive:

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They compared cigarette smoking to marijuana use. In conclusion, 56% of people with 15 years of marijuana use had periodontal health issues. Marijuana use led to periodontal disease by age 26 and it continued to get worse with age. In contrast, poor health has a lot to do with smoking tobacco. The health measures were in 8 of 12 Categories. Periodontal disease, lung function, systemic inflammation and metabolic health are a few. Interestingly, recreational marijuana use has a lot to do with better metabolic health and a smaller waist circumference. Most noteworthy, lower BMI, better HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and glycated hemoglobin concentration were associated with recreational marijuana use. Despite the popular jokes about marijuana-associated munchies I would say long term use of marijuana looks good.

In conclusion, you would think long term marijuana use would have more adverse effects with these unexpected findings. Most noteworthy, this is one study of marijuana use in a uniform population. In addition, marijuana use seems to be good for killing cancer. Consequently, the States that legalized marijuana and documented the stats had fewer arrests. Furthermore, the study on recreational and physical consequences of marijuana use is showing very positive results.

  • Arrests and Driving Infractions are Down Since Legalizing Marijuana:

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In addition,  recreational use of marijuana while driving declined. Marijuana did not effect physical health. In conclusion, as marijuana becomes more available the opponents say we need to study its effects on our health. As a result, a user’s physical and mental health has been studied in detail. Marijuana has a good impact on society and considered the new red wine. In conclusion, the study showed one health problem out of many and it was periodontal. Therefore, one out of at least 12 ailments does not warrant government and state laws to harass tax payers. You can study; study, study, and you will come up with the same conclusion.

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“Try the iQOS E-Cigarette; It’s Real Tobacco!”

  • Strong Demand for E-Cigarettes in Japan; A Quit Smoking Support:

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First of all, two of the biggest tobacco companies are seeing strong demand for their e-cigarettes in Japan. Furthermore, Philip Morris International postponed a nationwide rollout while Japan Tobacco suspended shipments due to supply shortages. Philip Morris has to step back due to supply and demand. Especially relevant, the company saw an opportunity to regroup. In addition, Japan has become the main stomping ground for the two tobacco companies. Their new, real tobacco e-smokes are in high demand as they grapple with shrinking demand for traditional cigarettes. In other developed countries the company saw traditional cigarettes fading while e-cigarettes are gaining popularity.

  • Philip Morris is the World’s Largest Tobacco Company:


Most noteworthy, Philip Morris is the world’s largest tobacco company. Consequently, Philip Morris has postponed the nationwide rollout of its iQOS. Philip Morris Japan president told Reuters that the success of iQOS commercialization will accelerate its global expansion in Japan. Most of all, Philip Morris has marketed the iQOS for big sales in Japan. The CEO of the Japan Tobacco company had some interesting things to say at an earnings briefing in February.

  • The Tobacco Vapor Catagory:Image result for images of philip morris tobacco company


The Company expects to make a lot of money and has very high expectations for growth. Furthermore, this growth will come from the so-called tobacco vapor category in five years from now. Now iQOS is the new e-cigarette. Consequently, to produce an aerosol the tobacco stick is heated. And it will not combust. The company knows using real tobacco will make it more satisfying to smokers. E-cigarettes are the same price. The iQOS costs 9,980 yen or $89.00. In addition, it is pen-shaped and battery-powered while heated to release tobacco vapor for quit smoking support.

  • Marlboro HeatSticks:


The iQOS has refills sold as Marlboro HeatSticks. Most noteworthy, e-cigarettes use nicotine-laced liquid, a heavily regulated item in Japan. 20 HeatSticks sell for the same price as Marlboro cigarettes.Philip Morris has introduced the tobacco products in major cities. Cities in Switzerland, Italy and other countries are buying the iQOS from Philip Morris for recreational use and enjoyment. Japan is the first country to plan a nationwide release of the product. Therefore Philip Morris has made big plans for the future and is the world’s most productive tobacco company.

  • iQOS is Popular Throughout JapanImage result for images of the iQOS e cigarettes


The tobacco company is planning to sell the iQOS throughout Japan. Especially relevant, Japan Tobacco postponed the launch to the end of the month due to a supply shortage. Furthermore, the company saw stronger-than-expected sales where it has been test marketing. Hence, the company saw the market share of Marlboro HeatSticks reach 2.4 percent in Tokyo. Japan Tobacco commands about 60 percent of Japan’s cigarette market. Most noteworthy, the company is the world’s third-largest tobacco maker. In addition, the company acquired two overseas e-cigarette makers in the past two years.

  • The Ploom TECH:Image result for images of the ploom tech e cig


 The Ploom TECH was launched in Japan. Priced at 4,000 yen and sold with 460-yen packs of five capsules for a quit smoking support. The special feature Ploom TECH has is that vapor generated from a liquid cartridge passes through the capsules’ granulated tobacco. Furthermore, this feature creates a taste the company says is close to the real thing. The director at Japan Tobacco’s emerging products marketing division knows what his customers want. In conclusion, the director markets products that are smokeless but are still satisfying as traditional cigarettes.

IQOS and Ploom TECH was launched in the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka and proved to be very popular. The device was suspended due to a supply shortage while enforcing a quit smoking support. When the company saw this they had to take action. The company is currently working on a nationwide campaign and is also eyeing a global expansion.

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