The Study on the Effects of Medicinal Marijuana are Possitive:

  • 20 Year Study on Medicinal Marijuana:

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First of all, the recent election was also a reference on the medical and recreational use of marijuana. In addition, voters approved the recreational use of marijuana in Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine and California. Furthermore, bringing the number of approving states to eight, Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas will now join. More states will follow and others that allow the medical use of marijuana. Most noteworthy, questions about chronic marijuana use and its physical influence on a person’s health are being debated. Recently, New Zealanders were assessed on their midlife health while chronically using marijuana for 20 years. Surprisingly, they had no physical health problems from the use of marijuana. Furthermore, marijuana use causes periodontal (gum) disease.

  • Short Term Use of Medicinal Marijuana:

Consequently, the study on short-term use of marijuana shows memory impairment, decrease in motor coordination along with poor judgment. Most noteworthy, in young adults, brain development is hindered with the long term use of marijuana. Furthermore, the study claims the recreational use of marijuana leads to reduced educational success, decreased life satisfaction and achievement. The study was for 9 percent of adults and 16 percent of adolescents. According to the study, long-term use of marijuana leads to dependence and can also lead to some psychiatric disorders.

  • Medicinal Marijuana is 90% Safer than Smoking Cigarettes:Image result for images that say medicinal marijuana


More than a thousand people from Dundin, New Zealand born in 1973 through age 38 were studied using medicinal marijuana. Consequently, at ages 18 to 38 the study assessed the frequency of marijuana use and dependence. Lab tests measured physical health as well as self-reporting marijuana use at ages 26 and 38. Especially relevant, the tests assessed periodontal health, lung function, systemic inflammation, metabolic syndrome, waist circumference, HDL cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels. The study checked blood pressure, glycated hemoglobin concentration and body mass index.

  • Long term use of Marijuana looks very Positive:

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They compared cigarette smoking to marijuana use. In conclusion, 56% of people with 15 years of marijuana use had periodontal health issues. Marijuana use led to periodontal disease by age 26 and it continued to get worse with age. In contrast, poor health has a lot to do with smoking tobacco. The health measures were in 8 of 12 Categories. Periodontal disease, lung function, systemic inflammation and metabolic health are a few. Interestingly, recreational marijuana use has a lot to do with better metabolic health and a smaller waist circumference. Most noteworthy, lower BMI, better HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and glycated hemoglobin concentration were associated with recreational marijuana use. Despite the popular jokes about marijuana-associated munchies I would say long term use of marijuana looks good.

In conclusion, you would think long term marijuana use would have more adverse effects with these unexpected findings. Most noteworthy, this is one study of marijuana use in a uniform population. In addition, marijuana use seems to be good for killing cancer. Consequently, the States that legalized marijuana and documented the stats had fewer arrests. Furthermore, the study on recreational and physical consequences of marijuana use is showing very positive results.

  • Arrests and Driving Infractions are Down Since Legalizing Marijuana:

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In addition,  recreational use of marijuana while driving declined. Marijuana did not effect physical health. In conclusion, as marijuana becomes more available the opponents say we need to study its effects on our health. As a result, a user’s physical and mental health has been studied in detail. Marijuana has a good impact on society and considered the new red wine. In conclusion, the study showed one health problem out of many and it was periodontal. Therefore, one out of at least 12 ailments does not warrant government and state laws to harass tax payers. You can study; study, study, and you will come up with the same conclusion.

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