“Marijuana Legalization in the United States is Just around the Corner:”


  •  Jesse Ventura is a Marijuana Advocate and Wrote a Book called “Jessie Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto:”





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First of all, documentation suggests that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams  grew the cannabis plant. Furthermore, they grew hemp as a multipurpose crop. Therefore, the people in that error could pay their taxes with the plant. Betsy Ross used hemp to make the American Flag. Jessie Ventura knows you can’t be more American than that. As a result, Ventura wrote a book called, Jessie Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. Ventura also noted that if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were alive today, they’d both be busted by the DEA. Jessie Ventura, a former wrestler and governor said, they would have been put in federal prison. The charge would be for dealing drugs.  Besides Jesse Ventura, there are a lot of people that see something wrong with this picture.

  • Marijuana has many medicinal uses:


Ventura’s book sets the stage for marijuana legalization in the United States. In the book, Ventura provides reports; stories and gathered statistics on the positive impact it will have in the United States. Consuming hemp will help boost the economy with great health benefits for state governments in the United States. For example, there is a Harvard Article explaining how the plant can help AIDS and cancer patients. Most noteworthy, the plant can  stimulate appetite and stave off nausea for those AIDS and cancer patients.

  • The War on Drugs was a Debacle:

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 Ventura is right when he says he would rather have someone take a hit of the green plant than be on Prozac. Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto also explains that the societal negatives would be lost with the legalization of marijuana. The War on Drugs would be one example of collateral damage. Expensive drugs for conditions that Ventura knows can be treated with the green plant will be discontinued. In addition, you can grow the plant in your backyard. Furthermore, poor people could use it and they wouldn’t have to pay the government after the primary investment. Government and pharmaceutical companies are opposed to the legalization of marijuana. As a result, they would no longer earn profits from this form of treatment.  Therapeutics donated 500,000 for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

  • Hemp Helps with PTSD:


The plant can benefit post-traumatic stress disorder and Ventura is a veteran Navy SEAL. The legalization of marijuana would help traumatized veterans with PTSD. Consequently, veterans struggle with the side effects and ineffectiveness of prescribed meds. Smoking marijuana relieves the stress associated with PTSD. Ventura knows that the hemp plant is amazing. First of all, you cannot overdose on it. In addition, it increases appetite and maybe over a period of months, you might gain some weight. Furthermore, don’t blame the plant for overindulging in your eating habits! LOL!  Maybe they’ll blame obesity on marijuana legalization in the United States.

  • Jeff Sessions is Bad News for Marijuana Legalization: 

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The recent presidential election could affect the inevitable-seeming legalization of marijuana in the United States. Four states voted to allow recreational use of the plant and four more rolled  back restrictions. Furthermore, the inauguration of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general does not help Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. In addition, Sessions could signal a hard stop to legalization and reverse drug policy reforms.

  • Ventura is optimistic:

Ventura is a member of the Independent Party and remains optimistic that Trump won’t get in the way of legalization. Donald Trump has indicated that he wants to leave it up to states’ rights. Especially relevant, each state will decide whether they want it legal or not. Ventura thinks that all 50 states will vote for legalization because of the money. In the state of Colorado, recreational hemp use is legal. Last year Colorado saw 66 million in sales tax revenue.

  • The Rock Might Run for President:

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 Ventura is looking at WWE Hall of Famer, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for the Presidency of the United States. Furthermore, Ventura wants to be Johnson’s vice president so legalization in many states is imminent. Furthermore, if The Rock runs as an independent, Ventura will run with him. As the Vice President of the United States the legalization of marijuana will be in effect in all 50 states. Then we can have wrestlers run the country. In conclusion, a Ventura vice presidency would certainly be a plus for the legalization of cannabis.

  • Read Jessie Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. Legalization of marijuana is right around the corner. Don’t smoke cannabis, vape it and try our CBD oil!


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