“Miss Information about Medical Marijuana Treatment For Political Gain”

  • The Anti-Cannabis Legalization Movement: Image result for anti cannabis legalization movement


First of all, there is an anti-cannabis legalization movement. The anti-cannabis legalization movement is a group called Project SAM. SAM stands for smart approaches to marijuana. Furthermore, they argue for pharmaceutical cannabis drugs instead of naturally growing cannabis. In addition, the anti-cannabis legalization movement is led by a non-medical doctor. Consequently, I read an article Project SAM publicized in their newsletter. The article was called cannabis use disorder and suicide attempts in Iraq/ Afghanistan –era veterans.

  • The Study on PTSD is Inaccurate:

I was concerned about the articles accuracy and misrepresentation of the study on PTSD. Most noteworthy, the article is concerning because it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The article blatantly misrepresents and distorts the facts about cannabis for self-treatment.

  • The Real Facts about Cannabis Treatment:Image result for study on PTSD

 Furthermore, there was no science and the article relied on one study. However, the real facts confirm the opposite and are quite extensive. Hence, the experience in Israel and the US is robust. Soon we will be generating research on PTSD. Scientists will do the study on war veterans smoking cannabis. Cannabis treatment for PTSD is close.

  • The Claims did not Match the Actual Data:Image result for images with the words cannabis treatment

The study claims that people who used cannabis had PTSD. Social anxiety and sleeplessness was another side effect from cannabis treatment. This is true. Yet, the author suggested that the use of cannabis caused suicide. These claims do not match what the actual data shows. The truth is, these conditions were associated with the suicide rate. Cannabis was being used as a treatment for PTSD. To have a preconceived notion of what you were looking for is the only way to reach that conclusion. Cannabis is the treatment not the cause.

  • Cannabis for Self-Treatment:Image result for cannabis self treatment

Consequently, the study shows that military personnel use cannabis for self-treatment. There was no adverse outcome when they used cannabis for self-treatment. The anti-cannabis legalization movement did not have enough data or the right kind of data. We must have real facts to reach any conclusions about cannabis treatment. In fact, a detailed study would show a higher suicide rate for those who did not receive cannabis treatment. In addition, we would need to compare the consequences with the treatment of military personnel. Comparing convention treatment or cannabis plus conventional treatment would be more accurate. Especially relevant, cannabis treatment works.

  • Reading the Tea Leaves on Cannabis Treatment:Image result for images of tea leaves


We have enough problems with alternative facts without reading the tea leaves wrong. The study did not conclude what they said.  This so-called study by the anti-cannabis legalization movement doesn’t qualify as research. The study is a good example of  an isolated factoid. The meaning is vague and the study juncture unknowable. The anti-cannabis legalization movement has their own agendas. The study should conclude whether cannabis makes depression and PTSD worse, has no effect, or makes it better. In conclusion, soldiers with PTSD use cannabis for self-treatment.

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