May, 2017

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“Give Oral Sex Long-Distance by Licking Your Smart Phone:”

  • New Smartphone Technology:

Image result for hot oral sex on a smartphone

First of all, you can do a variety of things on your smartphone. In addition, you can check sports scores, send email and watch videos almost anywhere. Furthermore, you can perform cunnilingus just by licking your phone. “O-Cast,” is a new digital marketplace that allows you to upload simulated oral sex sessions. These oral sex sessions are downloaded on to a vibrator with bluetoothe. Licking your phone to show your sex technique will be a good learning experience.

  • O-Cast:

O-Cast is a product that is like iTunes for oral sex. Therefore, the plan is to offer different tongue patterns for download at the website. O-Cast, is an on-demand digital marketplace for oral sex. By licking their phones customers can record their sex technique on simulated cunnilingus. It works by downloading a web app that records vibratory patterns. By licking the phone screen you can make vibratory patterns.

  • Make sure the Phone Screen is Clean:Image result for O-cast is oral sex on a smartphone

Using your finger is an option, but by licking the phone you help the click bait. Make sure your phone screen is clean and the oral sex simulation will be ok. In addition, when you use your finger or tongue, the patterns last up to 60 seconds in length. You can be licking anything from circles, straight lines or even the alphabet. Therefore, your technique will be analyzed to see if your licking needs work.

    • Vibratory Licking Patterns:

As a result, vibratory licking patterns are connected via bluetooth to the Lush. The lush is a remote control vibrator that costs $100.00 dollars. The idea is to provide a place where men and women can record their oral sex technique. In addition, the oral sex technique can be sampled and appreciated by people who are interested. Just make sure you give your phone a good licking!

  • Cam Models tested the Phone Sex Technology:

The oral sex technology was tested by cam models. The models work for CamSoda, an adult sex website. Here is what we discovered from the hands-on research. People who used the phone for oral licking liked the higher vibrations. Consequently, we didn’t think they’d want a product that vibrates so aggressively. When you hold the phone you can feel how strong the vibes are. People liked the oral sex when the phone was on high vibe. Furthermore, porn star Charley Hart tested the phone and was impressed by the results. There is nothing like real sex, but it’s great to have oral when the other person is far away.

  • Charlie Hart will let Fans do Oral Sex on Her:Image result for cam models

Harts plans to use it for the oral sex it in her work as a cam model. In addition, she will let fans do oral on her by uploading their own oral sex performances. This sex technique will be during private shows. While paying an additional fee you can perform your oral sex technique on Hart. Your sex technique will be analyzed by Hart.  Most noteworthy, there are other oral licking options for O-Cast. People who are unsure of their oral sex skills or oral sex technique will be tested by sex experts. Therefore, those who are good at it and have a good oral sex technique have a future in porn.

  • Guys that give good Oral to a Woman are very Rare:Image result for giving oral to a woman

As a result, guys who are good at oral licking are rare. A guy who is good at oral can work in the adult entertainment business. 12 sample “orgasms” are available for download. The titles are “Getting Loco,” “Mushroom Cloud,” and “Sensual Bath.” In addition, more oral titles will be added as people come to the website. In conclusion, the future of virtual sex licking is good. A while ago the company attempted to do something similar for fellitio. Sales for oral fellitio have been limp. The oral device costs $250. The oral device is top of the line, but not quite there.

“Canadians have a good track record when it comes to Oral Sex:”

  • Young Canadians love giving Oral Sex:

Image result for canadians love oral sex

First of all, according to a new study, a-lot of young Canadians like giving oral sex and receiving oral sex. The sexual pleasure of oral sex is one of life’s main enjoyments. The study found that young heterosexual couples were both givers of oral and receivers of oral. In addition, 59 per cent of women reported giving oral sex to their men.  52 per cent of men   reported giving oral sex to their women.

  • Men need to give more Oral Sex to Women:

Consequently, the majority of women and men in this study really enjoyed oral sex.  However, I find that more women are giving oral sex and not receiving oral sex from their men.  And it’s the opposite for men. As a result, more men are receiving oral sex, but not giving oral sex to their women. According to the study 52 per cent of men had more pleasure-giving oral sex. Hence, 28 per cent of women had more pleasure-giving oral sex. Most noteworthy, there were no gender differences for receiving oral. 73 per cent of men and 69 per cent of women love receiving oral sex and said it was “very pleasurable.”

  • Women are Self-Conscious about Receiving Oral Sex:Image result for women are self conscious about receiving oral sex

Furthermore, research suggests women are uncomfortable receiving oral sex because they feel self-conscious about their vaginas. Unfortunately the cultural stigma about women’s gentialia as shameful or dirty still exists. Especially relevant, many women are receiving oral sex and reporting it as very pleasurable. This means that more women are receiving oral sex. Women are tackling the anxiety and issues of vaginal appearances.

  • Sexual Scripts:Image result for sexual scripts

The study collected data from 899 university students in Canada.  The research aimed to understand the needs and behaviors of young students across the country. While statistics are one thing, the data also changes how “sexual scripts” impact oral sex and other sensual behaviors. Consequently, sexual scripts are ideas about who is going to be the giver and receiver of oral sex. Traditionally, heterosexual women were placed in the ‘passive/submissive’ role of giving oral sex. Therefore, heterosexual men were placed in the ‘dominant’ role of receiving oral sex.

  • Sexual Pleasure:Image result for oral sexual pleasure

Furthermore, the research about this topic made sexual pleasure a focus. A-lot of the time, people are asked about their sexual experiences but not about how much they enjoyed it. How much enjoyment you get from sexual pleasure is a very important component. Besides an individual’s well-being this research can be used in sexual health education programs. Most noteworthy, there will be more research on heterosexual couples. The study will be on how things like sexual scripts and gender roles contribute to sexual pleasure. In addition, the next study will focus on lesbian, gay and bisexual participants.

  • Sexual Scripts and Relationships:

Image result for sexual scripts and relationships

In conclusion, I would like to see how sexual scripts play out within these relationships. Furthermore, I would like to see how the gender of the partner impacts communication. And also the give and take we see in the sexual experiences of men and women is important. Consequently, this study looked at casual hook-ups and committed relationships. Among Canadian students oral sex is very popular. Oral sex is a common sexual pleasure among young adults. However, continuing education about gender norms and sexual scripts is important.

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