“You will ruin your Marriage with an Opposite Sex Friendship:”

  • There are plenty of ways to screw up Your Marriage:

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First of all, there are plenty of ways to screw up a marriage. In addition,   spouses with opposite-sex friendships are risking their marriage. The opposite-sex friendship is a risky short-sighted behavior. Furthermore, many opposite-sex friendships lead to infidelity and ultimately divorce. There are many married people out there finding his or her spouse in the opposite-sex friendship.

  • How it Happens:


The husband is constantly texting a female co-worker. In addition, he claims that he is just friends with her. He says that they only talk about work. Consequently, he’s always smiling when he’s texting her. Another opposite-sex friendship is the wife always texting her personal trainer. She always locks her cell phone and in addition, she changes her online passwords. When her husband asks her who she’s talking to, she gets angry. She says her husband is being paranoid, jealous and controlling. These opposite-sex friendships have a-lot in common. In both cases, the spouse who is having the opposite-sex friendship knows his or her flirting is real shady. They don’t respect their spouse’s feelings and as a result, they continue to indulge in the thrill.

  • Some People think it’s fine to have a opposite-sex Relationship:


Consequently, some people don’t agree that opposite-sex friendships should not exist in a marriage. Furthermore, people think it’s old-fashioned. They think it’s alright to allow opposite-sex friendships. A-lot of people claim, men and women are capable of having the opposite-sex relationship. Hence, a platonic extra-marital friendship with a person of the opposite sex is acceptable. Then the friendship should involve two people who have no sexual attraction to each other. In addition, they should not be sexually compatible, which is especially relevant.

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The fact is many opposite-sex friendships involve people who are compatible. And they could be potential sexual partners. Hence, many opposite-sex friendships are maintained because of a sexual attraction. One or both people are keeping his or her friend on the back-burner. This is just in case their marriage ends. A-lot of men like to have the opposite-sex friendship. Let’s face it; men befriend women because there is some degree of physical attraction.

  • Being Selfish:


Furthermore, many people believe in opposite-sex friendships. They believe that his or her opposite-sex friendship shouldn’t change just because of marriage. In addition, they say people with weak marriages shy away from opposite-sex friendships. Consequently, this is a selfish way of thinking. It ignores the fact that every marriage has its ups and downs. When the marriage is up things are great. The opposite-sex friendship can be harmless. But it will be an irritation to the other spouse.

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But it’s a different ball game when your marriage is going through a temporary down. And you’re having a tough time in your relationship as a result. His or her marriage is having a sexual dry spell. Or it could be pure boredom with the marriage. Therefore, many people will turn to their opposite-sex friendship. The spouse and his or her opposite-sex friend will comfort each other most of all. With an opposite-sex friendship, they will turn to each other for advice. And in addition, they share details of their intimate life and relationships. The opposite-sex friendship will have them texting each other with increasing intimacy as a result. The excitement of the opposite-sex friendship grows. And the dynamics in the marriage deteriorate.

  • Being Inconsiderate:


The spouse will exit the room to text his or her opposite-sex friend. The other spouse will be angry and hurt. When the spouse is asked to end the friendship, they become indignant and belligerent. Furthermore, they will turn the entire situation around. This will make his or her spouse go on the defensive. The spouse tries to explain why the opposite-sex friendship is wrong and how it is affecting the marriage. Consequently, the majority of infidelities are caused by opposite-sex friendships. It starts with an opposite-sex friendship that becomes intense and emotional. Text-messaging is an intimate fantasy and not a reality. From there, the opposite-sex friendship escalates into an emotional or sexual affair.

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First of all, opposite-sex friendships in marriage are risky. They are a form of betrayal most of all. Marriage is a committed relationship. Therefore, you are   his or her partner’s lover. Furthermore, you are the closest and most intimate confidante, and priority. We all need close friendships outside of our marriage. So we need to find people of our own gender to befriend. Many opposite-sex friendships can sneak-up on people with happy relationships. The opposite-sex friendship can have a predator. This opposite-sex friend comes across as innocent, but is drawn to someone who has a partner. In addition, they are manipulative and aggressive when pursuing this person. If they befriend your spouse you are in a world of trouble as a result.

  • Your Marriage and Infidelity:


Furthermore, opposite-sex friendships are real in marriage and infidelity. Many opposite-sex relationships have no place in your marriage. In addition, one of the wisest decisions to make is to end an opposite-sex relationship. You will protect the integrity of your relationship. In conclusion, it takes a strong person to stand by their values. You must insist that there be no opposite-sex friendships within your marriage. It takes a secure person to say no. You don’t want to live anxiety and the divided loyalties. Put all the energy into your marriage and stand by your values. Trust your instincts and be happily married.


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