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“The Dadbod is a Total Turnoff for Women: By Datinggamez:”

  • The Dadbod Campaign is a complete Joke:Image result for the dadbod campaign is a lie

First of all, when you browse the internet you will find an article scoffing at health and fitness. Furthermore, these articles scoff at guys who want to look good naked. The Dadbod campaign is the most ridiculous fad there ever was. In addition, it would seem that six packs are out and beer bellies are in. So, let’s cancel our gym memberships and throw out our stringers. Therefore, we can make our way down to the closest doughnut shop. Hence, running on Dunkin to drown our sorrows is always the American way.

  • Insecure People condone articles that Promote the Dadbod:Image result for the dadbod campaign

Consequently, insecure people will write and publish articles that condone the Dadbod. Furthermore, they justify their own lack of discipline and mediocrity. To look good and take care of your physical appearance is an admirable goal. Every man should have a lean physique women love. A good physique is awesome. Personally, I let others fall for the Dadbod debacle. And you know better, that’s why you’re reading this. There are many reasons why being lean is awesome. Being lean is the sign of a strong physically and mentally healthy man. In addition, Will Smith has a saying. “Stay ready so you ain’t gotta get ready.” And Will Smith has a good physique.

  • Be Lean, Healthy, and Strong:Image result for be lean healthy and strong


Being lean, healthy and strong is the best way to live. Furthermore, being lean will give you a mental fortitude as a result. You will be able to handle many adversities life has to offer. Consequently, there are a-lot of reasons why being lean is good. The fat guy always tires out. This is especially relevant with high body fat. He can’t walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. He’ll blow out his back while picking up the grocery bags. These are just some of the reasons why being lean is a smart move.

  • You can do a-lot more things when you have a Lean Physique:


Your lean body becomes a lot more resilient as a result. Being lean enables you to do things that other guys can’t do. In addition, you can have epic cheat days without ruining your physique. You don’t have to spend 3 months dieting because summer is coming. There is a-lot more reasons why being lean is important. The Dadbod aficionado’s will have you believe that women love the fat belly and no ass look. Women love the cover model look. Low body fat with a symmetrical physique and a lean and athletic body is what women love most of all.

  • A Lean Physique signifies traits of Virility:Image result for Pictures that quote lean physique

We’re not trying to go for the giant bodybuilder physique. Think more along the lines of Jason Stratham from the Expendables and Transporter series. In addition, a good physique signifies that you have traits of a virile mate. If a woman is insecure because you look good do not stay with her. You don’t need a woman like that. One of the greatest reasons why being lean is great is you can wear anything you want. Furthermore, being lean is wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans or sweatpants. You will look great because lean is pretty. Consequently, the Dadbod people claim that abs won’t give you confidence. I disagree. The better you look, the better you’re going to feel. In addition, women love a man that’s outgoing and confident. Hence, women love confidence. And being lean will get you there.

  • Training is Discipline:

This confidence transcends the gym. Training teaches discipline and hard work which is especially relevant. Being lean is what translates to all areas of your life. Attaining your good physique will reciprocate to all other goals. First of all, if you can achieve one goal, you can achieve all your other goals. Consequently, maintaining a good lean, athletic physique is not that difficult. Once you have the physique you want, being lean is easy to maintain. There are so many reasons why being lean is smart and a good physique is beneficial.

  • The Lean Physique:

You learn about eating the right amount without having to track everything. Furthermore, you can overeat one day and not worry. Lean is missing a few days of training and worrying about losing muscle. Muscle is easy to maintain with a lean physique. Here’s another good reason why being lean is smart. You spend less time in the gym which is most noteworthy. You can keep your lean physique and enjoy life. In addition, you want to look good while eating a clean diet. Being lean is the key to your health. Consequently, we know that women love the cover model look. And you only have to have 10-12% body fat. Hence, being a healthy range for any guy. And women love a good physique.

  • Exercise and Eat Nutritious Foods:Image result for exercise and eat nutritious foods


First of all, your diet is important. But being lean is not just eating certain foods. Furthermore, another cause of obesity is due to a sedentary lifestyle. Being lean is exercising and eating right. Being lean is good nutrition, exercise and improved lifestyle habits. And sleep is one of them. Women love a man with energy. In addition, a good physique can move around the bedroom. In conclusion, I hope you can see the reasons why being lean and having a good physique is awesome. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Women love a good physique. Therefore, the Dadbod is like a fad diet. Let everyone else fall for the sensationalism. Keep training hard with your good physique. A good physique is not a fad. It’s part of a complete lifestyle.




“The Surgeon General’s New Vaping Report is Political Nonsense:”


  • Vaping is an important harm reduction tool:Image result for vaping is a good harm reduction tool


First of all, the U.S. Surgeon General called to reduce the use of e-cigarettes among young people. The Surgeon general claims e-cigarettes have overtaken cigarettes to become the most commonly used tobacco products. Of course, e-cigarettes have overtaken traditional cigarettes. Smoking traditional cigarettes is dangerous to your health. Smoking is the danger.

  • The Surgeon General:Image result for the surgeon general of the united states


In addition, the first Surgeon General’s report on e-cigarettes use among youths is an opinion not a fact. The Surgeon General said young people were more vulnerable. Young people are more vulnerable to the negative consequences of nicotine exposure than adults. We need to protect young people. In other words we should protect young people against the only tool that keeps them from smoking traditional cigarettes.

  • They want to Tax E-Cigarettes:

Furthermore, the report says they know what works to effectively prevent tobacco use among young people. The Surgeon General claims they must apply these strategies to e-cigarettes. In addition, the report recommends that e-cigarettes be put into existing smoke-free policies. And this is supposed to keep young people from accessing e-cigarettes. Such greedy policies include imposing price and tax policies that discourage use. It doesn’t work. Political fat cats squeezing more money from the general public will not stop the use of e-cigarettes.

  • An Angry Response from Young People: Image result for Angry response from young people about their e-cigarettes


The report drew a swift and angry response among young people as a result. E-cigarettes have the potential to help young people quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Therefore, we can lower the overall burden of death and disease caused by traditional cigarettes with e-cigarettes. The report says there is no evidence to support claims e-cigarettes help young people quit smoking traditional cigarettes. But the report can’t find proof young people who vape move on to smoking traditional cigarettes which is most noteworthy.  The report is shallow.  Furthermore, the report wants to study the causal relationship between e-cigarette and combustible tobacco use.

  • Young People are turning to E-Cigarettes:


E-cigarette use has risen among young people and smoking rates have gone down which is most noteworthy. The use of e-cigarettes among young people rose to 5.3 percent from 0.6 percent. Use of traditional cigarettes among young people is 2.3 percent from 4.3 percent. Use of e-cigarettes among young people in high school rose to 16 percent in 2015. Furthermore, the use of e-cigarettes was 1.5 percent in 2011. Over the same period, 9.3 percent of young people in high school reported smoking traditional cigarettes. 15.8 percent of young people were smoking traditional cigarettes in 2011.

  • So called Public Health Experts:Image result for Public health experts are politically motivated against e-cigarettes


Consequently, research related to e-cigarettes is new. In addition, the report said, precautions  should be employed to help prevent e-cigarette use among young people. They claim this principle supports intervention when the potential risks remain uncertain. The report comes as the smoking rate fell to a record low of 15 percent. Public health experts fear those gains could be lost if young people become addicted to nicotine via e-cigarettes and progress to using more damaging conventional cigarettes. The statement is total nonsense. Smoking is the danger.

  • Vapor Products contribute to the Decline in Smoking:Image result for vapor products contribute to the decline in smoking


E-cigarette advocates know that vapor products contributed to the decline in smoking. Reynolds American Inc, Altria Group Inc and Fontem Ventures, a subsidiary of Imperial Brands Plc, make the vapor products. In conclusion, the use of vapor products has grown quickly. U.S. sales are $4.1 billion. Consequently, the use of vapor devices has stalled. Americans are being miss lead by greedy politicians and big tobacco.


“Phone Sex is a great way to get Revved up for your Partner:”

  • Phone sex is an Art Form:

Image result for Hot phone sex is hot

First of all, phone sex is an art form. Everyone should include some phone sex with their partner. Furthermore, it will help to keep things interesting with your partner. You can express yourself more freely and open as a lover. And as a result, you will learn new ways to please each other’s desires. In addition, a lot of people use their phone to spruce up their sex life. A method you and your partner will enjoy. Your phone has faster professional service and more advanced smart phone technology. Therefore, your phone has now become the new way to initiate phone sex. As a result, you can use your cell phone to connect to your lover in a more sensual way.

  • Express your Inner Most Cravings:


Furthermore, you can talk to your lover with your innermost cravings. A phone conversation is the best way to relay your needs to your partner. Because this will give your lover an idea of what turns you on. This is one of the benefits you can receive from using phone sex. This type of dialogue is great for a sexual relationship. Therefore, you and your lover can become much more in tuned. You will satisfy each other’s sexual appetites.

  • A good way to Sexually Connect:

Image result for phone sex and sexuality

In addition, this is a good way to connect on a whole different level as a result. You will learn how to talk to your lover about sex. The phone sex will turn the lover on. Consequently, using your phone will improve your sex life and bring you closer to your lover. Finally the phone sex allows you say anything to your partner. And you will feel no guilt talking sex on the phone.

  • Express your sexual Desires:Image result for hot oral black woman

Using phone sex allows you to speak to your lover in a different way. Phone sex is a good way to express you sexual desires which is most noteworthy. Hence, speaking to your lover in person is awkward. The phone creates an atmosphere of trust and reliability. First of all, using sex talk on your phone is fun. You and your lover will recharge that hot sex you crave. In addition, both you and your lover can explore your hidden fantasies.

  • You can enjoy your Fantasies:

Image result for hot sexual fantasies

Phone sex helps you to express your fantasies. The phone will help you bring up a specific type of passion with your partner. You won’t be afraid to express your hot feelings for you and your lover. Furthermore, phone sex is a form of sexual communication. The cell phone can grant you the perfect moment. You and your lover can enjoy an ideal sexual setting. Consequently, some people like to have the upper hand in a sexual relationship. Maybe because they know they have the sex appeal to pull it off. In addition, there are relationships where one of you is in charge. Learning the right things to say is important. This makes it easier to control the sexual scenario. I love engaging in phone sex. You can learn a lot of things to say while driving your partner wild.

  • Don’t Miss Out on Hot Phone Sex:

In conclusion, take some time to talk to your companion about the subject. This way they will know the boundaries that will work for both of you. Therefore, you can hear your lover’s opinion and show you are open to trying recent trends. And this will work wonders for anyone involved in a long-distance relationship. Life is too short. Don’t miss out on hot phone sex!

“Sometimes a Lady needs to help her partner finally nail Oral Sex:”

  • Men are Lame at Oral Sex:


Image result for my boyfriend gives bad oral


First of all, a guy needs to file this information for his partner. Furthermore, there is an oral sex gap and women get the short end of the stick. Women always go down on their partners. In addition, women are not going to receive the same pleasure from their partner. Kind of messed up, right? Consequently, Women are not walking around desperate. They don’t need oral sex and have someone go down on them. Furthermore, a-lot of women said they didn’t like receiving oral at all. Many women say that oral sex would be nice. But they want oral sex once in a while as a result. We will see why women are not interested in oral.

  • A-lot of Guys talk a good Show: 


Image result for Why do guys hate giving oral to a woman


We’ll this is the reason. A-lot of guys claim they can go down on a women. In addition, they think they are gifted when it comes to pleasuring women. Hence, with oral sex most men aren’t good. And it just makes matters worse. Many women are too embarrassed to call the shots. Most of all, women should give their partner guidance. When you tell your partner to go down there let them know what is good and what is not. Instead most women grin and bear it. And most women will give their partner a pat on the back for their efforts. This makes it awkward for her. But no more! I will give you some tips to guide your partner. He will give you the best oral ever. Most of all, you have to find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

  • Some Good Oral Tips:Image result for good oral sex tips

In addition, you can hand these oral tips to your partner. And then the partner can get to oral. Variety is the spice of life which is most noteworthy. In addition, variety is important for oral sex. In other words, keep your partners guessing. Finally, she will do you the same favor in return. Different strokes to her pussy may work better on different days. When you go down on her you should find something she likes. Furthermore, you can do this repeatedly while pausing in between. Putting your mouth to her pussy is like making a pool feel warmer. Just get out and get back in. Consequently, when you take a break and then go down on her it will provide a boost in intensity. You will avoid over stimulating the partner with a cluster of nerves.

  • Men get nervous going down there:


Some men get nervous about oral sex. You can send up a prayer and try the praying position. This is a hands-on oral technique. Practice makes perfect. And to go down on women is an art. It’s important that she help him with his oral technique. She can do this placing her hands as though she’s praying. In addition, she should place here hands where her vulva is. She can do this fully clothed. Or she can do this partially clothed.

Finally, she can do this naked. With her thumb to her pussy she can teach her partner how to go down on her. Furthermore, the space between the two index fingers she can do this to show how it’s done. Therefore, talking to her partner about how he should go down on her. He can do this right with practice. She can do this by showing him where he needs to use his fingers, tongue or toys. She can also ask her partner oral partner to put his hands in the same position. And then show her oral partner how to go down on her.

  • Listen to Her:Image result for give your lady good oral sex



Once you go down to her pussy you can lick all around. Some women like direct stimulation. But some women don’t. In addition, when you go down it may be too intense for her. You can explore the surrounding area for the right feel. Furthermore, ask her where she likes to be touched. You don’t have to be rough with your mouth. Hence, some women want you to go down hard. You should start off slow to warm her up. Some women like it when you go down roughly. Be aggressive with your tongue and mouth and do what she asks.

  • Slow and Steady does the Trick:Image result for pussy

Make sure you go down slow and steady. There are lots of tricks on how to do oral sex on a partner. In conclusion, most men fail during the arousal phase. Women take 20 minutes to get horny. Therefore, take your time enjoying your ladies hot pussy. She will arch her back and thrust her hips up. That’s when you know you hit the hot spot. Be a good oral partner and she will do the same for you.


“What does having Sex really mean to you?”

  • Great Sex means a lot more than you think:

Image result for great sex is powerful

First of all, men and women are complex people. Sometimes life goes by real fast and we start after asking each other what the hell day it is. Therefore, as we settle down into bed and turn on our alarms we can start to feel disconnected. In those moments, you want to find that bridge that will bring you and your partner together again. The flint and the spark that says I want to have great sex with you.  But that doesn’t mean we want to lay request at the altar of penetration. There are a lot of different ways to have sex with your partner.

  • A Whole Bounty of Pleasures for You and Your Partner:

Image result for hot voluptuous sexual women

Great sex includes a whole bunch of pleasures from which to choose. As a result, we want to have oral sex while stroking and getting close. These pleasures will fire our connection if we want to have true love. The broad term “sex” doesn’t really imply sex for procreation. Consequently, a lot of women see sex as a bond for love. Sex is glue that holds a relationship together. Women crave sex for the ecstatic physical release. Also, because women want to have the emotions that go along with the act of love to fill the emotional gap.

  • Increase Intense Emotions:

Image result for intense emotions for hot sex

In addition, sex can reassure and increase intense emotions. Hot sex can be surprising and delightful. When you say you want to have great sex with your partner, you mean you want to share an intimacy. Intimacy no one else is privileged to hold. You want to keep the secret with your partner because you were sweaty, naked, and screaming 20 minutes ago. After we have sex we go shopping and act polite in public while we put our groceries in the cart.

  • Sometimes, your physical and emotional path can veer off course:

Women want to know you still find them sexy as they stumble around in their bathrobe. Furthermore, she may have neglected her gray hair that peeks up from an unpolished halo. When you have sex with your woman you get to see those truths about her. She knows you are not shallow and you don’t care about her gray hair or lack of makeup. You love your partner and you want to have sex with her.

  • Think with your Heart:

It’s another form of being naked. When your partner wants to have sex with you, she desires more than physicality. She wants to know you really love her with gestures arising from your heart. Especially relevant, you want to have great sex with her even when she’s ugly and most vulnerable. Women yearn for verification that you want to remain in the relationship. Because we learned that love is a choice and to have great sex with our partner is that choice.


  • Show your partner you want to love her each and every day:

Image result for show your partner you want to love her each and every day

Feeling you skin-to-skin gives her comfort and security. Opening up to each-other is a good way to reach out to each-others hearts. How you answer informs her of where the relationship is going and if you want to arrive together. The way you love your partner informs them of the status of the relationship. This. Very. Minute. When you have great sex with your partner are you relishing it or are you distracted? Consequently, watching television while having sex shows you have a lack of interest in your lady.

  • A Man needs to hear that his partner Desires him: Values him as a Person, as well as a Man:

 Most noteworthy, to have sex is a lie detector test. We want to gauge the temperature of our current heat and passion. Sometimes words and emotions get mixed up in our promises. Let me explain this statement, “Your partner wants to have sex with you.” And they will ask it again and again. In conclusion, your woman needs to hear you say it too.  When you do, just know that she will carry only for you. When you have great sex with your partner it will explode into a fierce, enveloping combustion. As a result, we learn how to keep our relationship strong. Enabling us to continue on with our rebirth is the key to true love and hot sex. Love your partner and your partner will love you back.


“Give Oral Sex Long-Distance by Licking Your Smart Phone:”

  • New Smartphone Technology:

Image result for hot oral sex on a smartphone

First of all, you can do a variety of things on your smartphone. In addition, you can check sports scores, send email and watch videos almost anywhere. Furthermore, you can perform cunnilingus just by licking your phone. “O-Cast,” is a new digital marketplace that allows you to upload simulated oral sex sessions. These oral sex sessions are downloaded on to a vibrator with bluetoothe. Licking your phone to show your sex technique will be a good learning experience.

  • O-Cast:

O-Cast is a product that is like iTunes for oral sex. Therefore, the plan is to offer different tongue patterns for download at the website. O-Cast, is an on-demand digital marketplace for oral sex. By licking their phones customers can record their sex technique on simulated cunnilingus. It works by downloading a web app that records vibratory patterns. By licking the phone screen you can make vibratory patterns.

  • Make sure the Phone Screen is Clean:Image result for O-cast is oral sex on a smartphone

Using your finger is an option, but by licking the phone you help the click bait. Make sure your phone screen is clean and the oral sex simulation will be ok. In addition, when you use your finger or tongue, the patterns last up to 60 seconds in length. You can be licking anything from circles, straight lines or even the alphabet. Therefore, your technique will be analyzed to see if your licking needs work.

    • Vibratory Licking Patterns:

As a result, vibratory licking patterns are connected via bluetooth to the Lush. The lush is a remote control vibrator that costs $100.00 dollars. The idea is to provide a place where men and women can record their oral sex technique. In addition, the oral sex technique can be sampled and appreciated by people who are interested. Just make sure you give your phone a good licking!

  • Cam Models tested the Phone Sex Technology:

The oral sex technology was tested by cam models. The models work for CamSoda, an adult sex website. Here is what we discovered from the hands-on research. People who used the phone for oral licking liked the higher vibrations. Consequently, we didn’t think they’d want a product that vibrates so aggressively. When you hold the phone you can feel how strong the vibes are. People liked the oral sex when the phone was on high vibe. Furthermore, porn star Charley Hart tested the phone and was impressed by the results. There is nothing like real sex, but it’s great to have oral when the other person is far away.

  • Charlie Hart will let Fans do Oral Sex on Her:Image result for cam models

Harts plans to use it for the oral sex it in her work as a cam model. In addition, she will let fans do oral on her by uploading their own oral sex performances. This sex technique will be during private shows. While paying an additional fee you can perform your oral sex technique on Hart. Your sex technique will be analyzed by Hart.  Most noteworthy, there are other oral licking options for O-Cast. People who are unsure of their oral sex skills or oral sex technique will be tested by sex experts. Therefore, those who are good at it and have a good oral sex technique have a future in porn.

  • Guys that give good Oral to a Woman are very Rare:Image result for giving oral to a woman

As a result, guys who are good at oral licking are rare. A guy who is good at oral can work in the adult entertainment business. 12 sample “orgasms” are available for download. The titles are “Getting Loco,” “Mushroom Cloud,” and “Sensual Bath.” In addition, more oral titles will be added as people come to the website. In conclusion, the future of virtual sex licking is good. A while ago the company attempted to do something similar for fellitio. Sales for oral fellitio have been limp. The oral device costs $250. The oral device is top of the line, but not quite there.

“Miss Information about Medical Marijuana Treatment For Political Gain”

  • The Anti-Cannabis Legalization Movement: Image result for anti cannabis legalization movement


First of all, there is an anti-cannabis legalization movement. The anti-cannabis legalization movement is a group called Project SAM. SAM stands for smart approaches to marijuana. Furthermore, they argue for pharmaceutical cannabis drugs instead of naturally growing cannabis. In addition, the anti-cannabis legalization movement is led by a non-medical doctor. Consequently, I read an article Project SAM publicized in their newsletter. The article was called cannabis use disorder and suicide attempts in Iraq/ Afghanistan –era veterans.

  • The Study on PTSD is Inaccurate:

I was concerned about the articles accuracy and misrepresentation of the study on PTSD. Most noteworthy, the article is concerning because it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The article blatantly misrepresents and distorts the facts about cannabis for self-treatment.

  • The Real Facts about Cannabis Treatment:Image result for study on PTSD

 Furthermore, there was no science and the article relied on one study. However, the real facts confirm the opposite and are quite extensive. Hence, the experience in Israel and the US is robust. Soon we will be generating research on PTSD. Scientists will do the study on war veterans smoking cannabis. Cannabis treatment for PTSD is close.

  • The Claims did not Match the Actual Data:Image result for images with the words cannabis treatment

The study claims that people who used cannabis had PTSD. Social anxiety and sleeplessness was another side effect from cannabis treatment. This is true. Yet, the author suggested that the use of cannabis caused suicide. These claims do not match what the actual data shows. The truth is, these conditions were associated with the suicide rate. Cannabis was being used as a treatment for PTSD. To have a preconceived notion of what you were looking for is the only way to reach that conclusion. Cannabis is the treatment not the cause.

  • Cannabis for Self-Treatment:Image result for cannabis self treatment

Consequently, the study shows that military personnel use cannabis for self-treatment. There was no adverse outcome when they used cannabis for self-treatment. The anti-cannabis legalization movement did not have enough data or the right kind of data. We must have real facts to reach any conclusions about cannabis treatment. In fact, a detailed study would show a higher suicide rate for those who did not receive cannabis treatment. In addition, we would need to compare the consequences with the treatment of military personnel. Comparing convention treatment or cannabis plus conventional treatment would be more accurate. Especially relevant, cannabis treatment works.

  • Reading the Tea Leaves on Cannabis Treatment:Image result for images of tea leaves


We have enough problems with alternative facts without reading the tea leaves wrong. The study did not conclude what they said.  This so-called study by the anti-cannabis legalization movement doesn’t qualify as research. The study is a good example of  an isolated factoid. The meaning is vague and the study juncture unknowable. The anti-cannabis legalization movement has their own agendas. The study should conclude whether cannabis makes depression and PTSD worse, has no effect, or makes it better. In conclusion, soldiers with PTSD use cannabis for self-treatment.

“Patrick Stewart Uses Marijuana to Help With Arthritis Symptoms:”

  • The Cannabis Plant’s Therapeutic use is Endorsed by Patrick Stewart: Image result for images of cannabis and patrick stewart

 According to the Telegraph, Sir Patrick Stewart struggles with arthritis. Furthermore, Patrick Stewart uses marijuana on a daily basis to deal with arthritis and its symptoms. In addition, he is endorsing a new program in the U.K. aimed at exploring the benefits of marijuana use. The 76-year-old actor “who played a key role in the X-Men series” shows his green regimen. Patrick Stewart is endorsing the first marijuana program in the U.K. In addition, this program is aimed at exploring the benefits of cannabis-based medicines for serious ailments.

  • The Cannabinoid Biomedicine Program:Image result for marijuana

In a statement, Patrick Stewart called the cannabinoid biomedicine program from Oxford University an important step forward for Britain. The field of research has been held back, “according to the actor”.  Prejudice, fear and ignorance toward marijuana use is a key factor. Stewart was examined by a doctor and after the examination he was given a note. Furthermore, the note gave Stewart legal permission to purchase marijuana from a registered outlet. The actor was steered to marijuana use for the ortho-arthritis in both his hands. Most noteworthy, California has a medical marijuana program aimed at helping people since 1996.  Voters passed proposition 64 in 2016. This proposition allows recreational use of marijuana in adults 21 and over.

  • Marijuana Treatments Work:Image result for marijuana treatments

Especially relevant, to combat the painful effects of arthritis, “the English actor” Sir Patrick Stewart uses marijuana treatments. As a result, Stewart uses three medical marijuana treatments which are ointments, sprays and edibles. The ointment provides some relief from the discomfort of arthritis. Stewart claims the ointment is too greasy to use during the daytime so he uses it at night. The ointment helps with sleep and reduces the pain from arthritis. The actor says the spray is much easier to use. Patrick Stewart sprays his fingers and his thumb joints several times a day.

  • Arthritis is a Common Ailment:

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 54.4 million adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with arthritis. Furthermore, 43.5 percent suffered limitations in their usual activities. Because with arthritis the condition gets worse as we get older. Marijuana use helps.

  • Cannabis Ointment for Arthitis:Image result for cannabis ointment

Patrick believes his arthritis is genetic. His mother had distorted and painful hands. Especially relevant, Patrick says the ointment and spray have reduced the stiffness and pain in his hands. Before Patrick began using the ointment he couldn’t make a fist and now he can. Patrick Stewart uses marijuana and he hasn’t had any negative side effects from using the ointment. Medical marijuana is much safer to use compared to alternative anti-inflammatory medicines. Advil, Aleve and Naproxen could be harsh on the liver and cause acid reflux.

  • Patrick Stewart wants to become an American Citizen:

Marijuana is illImage result for patrick stewart becoming an American citizenegal in the U.K. In addition, Patrick Stewart uses marijuana in New York, where the 76-year-old actor currently resides. New York has tight restrictions on medical marijuana use. Most noteworthy, Stewart wants to become a US citizen since President Trump took office. Patrick Stewart currently, lives in Brooklyn, New York. Medical marijuana has tight restrictions in New York State including a ban on smoke-able forms. Marijuana is illegal in the U.K.  According to the BBC marijuana not recognized as having therapeutic value. Medical marijuana has helped people in the U.K. fight ailments.

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Image result for marijuana use

“Oregon is using a Task Force to Help Cannabis Growers:”

  • Getting Recommendations from a Task Force:

 Image result for images of the cannabis task force

First of all, according to The Oregonian, Oregon’s State Legislature decided to get recommendations from a task force. Furthermore, this task force deals with energy use, water use and other agricultural practices for commercial cannabis producers. In addition, lawmakers, cannabis growers and agency representatives are all part of the task force. As a result, the task force knows that the cannabis growers have a lot to learn. The growers are not educated on methods for growing cannabis. Especially relevant, the cannabis growers learn about the agricultural rules that are already in place. A certification process will be recommended by the task force to aid the cannabis industry. The task force will regulate the use of natural resources like energy and water. Grow lights are optional.

  • Energy and Water:Image result for images of energy and water

While growing cannabis you need grow lights and a great deal of energy and water. Many growers have expressed their desire to grow cannabis and limits have not been set by Oregon. Therefore, the information on how to operate eco-friendly has not been recognized by lawmakers or shared with growers.

  • Ensuring Responsible Energy Consumption:Image result for images that say grow lights

 A nonprofit in Portland called The Resource Innovation Institute is dedicated to ensuring responsible energy consumption.  Furthermore, growing cannabis requires a certain amount of energy and water. Grow lights can help in the winter. Most noteworthy, cannabis growers consume 2 percent of Colorado’s electricity. Energy use can amount to about 45 percent of a cannabis grower’s cost. As of right now, water used by cannabis producers has no average number for the gallons of water used. Commercial cannabis producers may use one gallon of water per plant. Other cannabis growers may use five or six or nine per plant.

  • Difficulty in Developing State Regulations for Water Use:Image result for images of regulated water use

Especially relevant, water consumption has no set average by cannabis producers. Therefore, this makes it difficult to develop state regulations for water use. In addition, an advocate for agricultural research for cannabis explained about cannabis best practices. Furthermore, to develop a state policy, a lack of research can slow down progress. Cannabis producers need energy-efficient methods. Cannabis growers can use LED lights for more energy efficiency, or shift away from indoor production. Furthermore, growing cannabis indoors is energy-intensive so growers should increase greenhouse operations for growing cannabis.

  • We Need More Research:

Hence, cannabis growers need research to take on this task. In addition, there are many things we just don’t know about energy and water. When you don’t know what the baseline is it’s hard to force the cannabis growers to do certain things. Most noteworthy, outdoor production of cannabis by cannabis producers has a negative stigma. The negative stigma claims outdoor production will yield a lower quality product than indoor-grown cannabis. The task force explained how the stigma is simply not the case. In fact, the task force knows some dispensaries in Oregon that are selling outdoor cannabis as indoor. As a result, the force claims that consumers do not notice a difference in quality.

  • False Stigmas:

Energy and water are the real key factors for the cannabis growers to yield a quality crop. Furthermore, there is a reason why outdoor cannabis has a negative stigma. Cannabis prohibition  forced growers into hiding their crop. The task for growing outdoor cannabis is now looking bright. As more and of the cannabis growers use the outdoors, you will see quality go up.

  • The Cannabis Plant Cures Ailments:Image result for images of the cannabis plant

In conclusion, the task force plans to offer its recommendations. The cannabis producers will get the  information on energy and water. Hence, this will make the task of growing cannabis efficient and sustainable. Using grow lights or the sun will be sufficient.

  • The force knows that the cannabis plant is extremely medicinal. In addition, we have a cannabis oil. You can try it out by clicking one of the links> 


“Marijuana Legalization in the United States is Just around the Corner:”


  •  Jesse Ventura is a Marijuana Advocate and Wrote a Book called “Jessie Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto:”





Image result for images of jesse ventura's marijuana manifesto



First of all, documentation suggests that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams  grew the cannabis plant. Furthermore, they grew hemp as a multipurpose crop. Therefore, the people in that error could pay their taxes with the plant. Betsy Ross used hemp to make the American Flag. Jessie Ventura knows you can’t be more American than that. As a result, Ventura wrote a book called, Jessie Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. Ventura also noted that if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were alive today, they’d both be busted by the DEA. Jessie Ventura, a former wrestler and governor said, they would have been put in federal prison. The charge would be for dealing drugs.  Besides Jesse Ventura, there are a lot of people that see something wrong with this picture.

  • Marijuana has many medicinal uses:


Ventura’s book sets the stage for marijuana legalization in the United States. In the book, Ventura provides reports; stories and gathered statistics on the positive impact it will have in the United States. Consuming hemp will help boost the economy with great health benefits for state governments in the United States. For example, there is a Harvard Article explaining how the plant can help AIDS and cancer patients. Most noteworthy, the plant can  stimulate appetite and stave off nausea for those AIDS and cancer patients.

  • The War on Drugs was a Debacle:

Image result for images of jesse ventura's marijuana manifesto

 Ventura is right when he says he would rather have someone take a hit of the green plant than be on Prozac. Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto also explains that the societal negatives would be lost with the legalization of marijuana. The War on Drugs would be one example of collateral damage. Expensive drugs for conditions that Ventura knows can be treated with the green plant will be discontinued. In addition, you can grow the plant in your backyard. Furthermore, poor people could use it and they wouldn’t have to pay the government after the primary investment. Government and pharmaceutical companies are opposed to the legalization of marijuana. As a result, they would no longer earn profits from this form of treatment.  Therapeutics donated 500,000 for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

  • Hemp Helps with PTSD:


The plant can benefit post-traumatic stress disorder and Ventura is a veteran Navy SEAL. The legalization of marijuana would help traumatized veterans with PTSD. Consequently, veterans struggle with the side effects and ineffectiveness of prescribed meds. Smoking marijuana relieves the stress associated with PTSD. Ventura knows that the hemp plant is amazing. First of all, you cannot overdose on it. In addition, it increases appetite and maybe over a period of months, you might gain some weight. Furthermore, don’t blame the plant for overindulging in your eating habits! LOL!  Maybe they’ll blame obesity on marijuana legalization in the United States.

  • Jeff Sessions is Bad News for Marijuana Legalization: 

Image result for images of jesse ventura's marijuana manifesto

The recent presidential election could affect the inevitable-seeming legalization of marijuana in the United States. Four states voted to allow recreational use of the plant and four more rolled  back restrictions. Furthermore, the inauguration of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general does not help Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. In addition, Sessions could signal a hard stop to legalization and reverse drug policy reforms.

  • Ventura is optimistic:

Ventura is a member of the Independent Party and remains optimistic that Trump won’t get in the way of legalization. Donald Trump has indicated that he wants to leave it up to states’ rights. Especially relevant, each state will decide whether they want it legal or not. Ventura thinks that all 50 states will vote for legalization because of the money. In the state of Colorado, recreational hemp use is legal. Last year Colorado saw 66 million in sales tax revenue.

  • The Rock Might Run for President:

Image result for images of the rock dwayne johnson

 Ventura is looking at WWE Hall of Famer, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for the Presidency of the United States. Furthermore, Ventura wants to be Johnson’s vice president so legalization in many states is imminent. Furthermore, if The Rock runs as an independent, Ventura will run with him. As the Vice President of the United States the legalization of marijuana will be in effect in all 50 states. Then we can have wrestlers run the country. In conclusion, a Ventura vice presidency would certainly be a plus for the legalization of cannabis.

  • Read Jessie Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. Legalization of marijuana is right around the corner. Don’t smoke cannabis, vape it and try our CBD oil!


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