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Try the iQOS E-Cigarette; It’s Real Tobacco!

  • Strong Demand for E-Cigarettes in Japan; A Quit Smoking Support:

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First of all, two of the biggest tobacco companies are seeing strong demand for their e-cigarettes in Japan. Furthermore, Philip Morris International postponed a nationwide rollout while Japan Tobacco suspended shipments due to supply shortages. Philip Morris has to step back due to supply and demand. Especially relevant, the company saw an opportunity to regroup. In addition, Japan has become the main stomping ground for the two tobacco companies. Their new, real tobacco e-smokes are in high demand as they grapple with shrinking demand for traditional cigarettes. In other developed countries the company saw traditional cigarettes fading while e-cigarettes are gaining popularity.

  • Philip Morris is the World’s Largest Tobacco Company:


Most noteworthy, Philip Morris is the world’s largest tobacco company. Consequently, Philip Morris has postponed the nationwide rollout of its iQOS. Philip Morris Japan president told Reuters that the success of iQOS commercialization will accelerate its global expansion in Japan. Most of all, Philip Morris has marketed the iQOS for big sales in Japan. The CEO of the Japan Tobacco company had some interesting things to say at an earnings briefing in February.

  • The Tobacco Vapor Catagory:Image result for images of philip morris tobacco company


The Company expects to make a lot of money and has very high expectations for growth. Furthermore, this growth will come from the so-called tobacco vapor category in five years from now. Now iQOS is the new e-cigarette. Consequently, this tobacco stick is heated just enough to produce an aerosol but not combust. The company knows using real tobacco will make it more satisfying to smokers. Similar to other e-cigarettes the iQOS is priced at 9,980 yen or $89.00. In addition, it is pen-shaped and battery-powered while heated to release tobacco vapor for quit smoking support.

  • Marlboro HeatSticks:


The iQOS has refills sold as Marlboro HeatSticks. Most noteworthy, e-cigarettes use nicotine-laced liquid, a heavily regulated item in Japan. 20 HeatSticks sell for the same price as Marlboro cigarettes.Philip Morris has introduced the tobacco products in major cities. Cities in Switzerland, Italy and other countries are buying the iQOS from Philip Morris for recreational use and enjoyment. Japan is the first country to plan a nationwide release of the product. Therefore Philip Morris has made big plans for the future and is the world’s most productive tobacco company.

  • iQOS is Popular Throughout JapanImage result for images of the iQOS e cigarettes


The tobacco company is planning to sell the iQOS throughout Japan. Especially relevant, Japan Tobacco postponed the launch to the end of the month due to a supply shortage. Furthermore, the company saw stronger-than-expected sales where it has been test marketing. Hence, the company saw the market share of Marlboro HeatSticks reach 2.4 percent in Tokyo. Japan Tobacco commands about 60 percent of Japan’s cigarette market. Most noteworthy, the company is the world’s third-largest tobacco maker. In addition, the company acquired two overseas e-cigarette makers in the past two years.

  • The Ploom TECH:Image result for images of the ploom tech e cig


 The Ploom TECH was launched in Japan. Priced at 4,000 yen and sold with 460-yen packs of five capsules for a quit smoking support. The special feature Ploom TECH has is that vapor generated from a liquid cartridge passes through the capsules’ granulated tobacco. Furthermore, this feature creates a taste the company says is close to the real thing. The director at Japan Tobacco’s emerging products marketing division knows what his customers want. In conclusion, the director markets products that are smokeless but are still satisfying as traditional cigarettes.

 iQOS and Ploom TECH was launched in the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka and proved to be very popular. The device was suspended due to a supply shortage while enforcing a quit smoking support. When the company saw this they had to take action. The company is currently working on a nationwide campaign and is also eyeing a global expansion.

  • High Quality Vapor Products Sell:Image result for images of a quit smoking support team


  • At Smokestorz.com we have a variety of quality vapor products available. In addition, we make it easy for you to get to the catalogue. Furthermore, you can click a link on one of our articles or on the home page. Especially relevant, due to supply we won’t suspend sales, LOL!


“Vaping Technology Provides a Healthier Alternative to Quit Cigarettes:”

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 A Good Number of People are Still Smoking Traditional Cigarettes:

First of all, people say that about 50 percent of all chain smokers will perish horribly. As a result, people smoking during their lifetime will shorten their lives if they don’t quit cigarettes. 1 billion people out of the gross world population of 7 billion are smoking traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, this number on people smoking tobacco is big enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies. In addition, people die every 6 seconds due to a tobacco related disease. There is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco and it can help people quit. 20 percent of all deaths in the US alone were from smoking tobacco. Keeping these facts in mind, people smoking tobacco is now a matter of global concern. Any first world country is under socio political pressure to take mandatory action against smoking tobacco. So far, the world has not been very successful at helping people quit smoking.

  • The Statistics:Image result for quit cigarettes

Here are statistics presented by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) the world organization dedicated to end smoking. Furthermore, 11 percent of the world population is safeguarded from smoking with national smoke free legislation.  While their respiratory tracts slowly decay from tobacco the rest of the world seems to be blissfully ignorant. As a result, smoking tobacco will always be an issue for the world to help people quit smoking. Big Tobacco managed to pull out 664 billion even with all the medical assistance and alternative therapy. Throughout the world, smoking groups help people quit smoking with a healthier alternative to tobacco smoke. Furthermore, you must have good willpower to quit cigarettes.

  • Smoking Is Not Easy to Quit:Image result for images of people trying to quit smoking

Let’s face it. Smoking is not easy to quit. People have a physical dependence from smoking and withdrawal effects. Quitting smoking is nothing but a perpetual loop of trying and failing, over and over again. Some people just go right back to smoking before they ever reach their goals. Determination is crucial, but clearly, it is simply not enough. As a result, we have therapy for people who want to stop smoking. Medical experts all over the world have developed systematic methods to help people quit smoking. Furthermore, medical experts use a variety of drugs, therapies and alternative habits to help reduce smoking. As a means to deflect the user from smoking, doctors suggest switching to variety of healthier alternatives. Most noteworthy, medical experts use nicotine gum, inhalers and even peppermints. But let’s face it, even after all this, quitting smoking can be a tough alternative.

  • The American Heart Association:

The American Heart Association released a 20 page research paper. According to the research paper the use of vaporizers as a substitute for smoking can help. Furthermore, they help reduce the harmful effects of smoking by a huge percentage and even help people quit smoking altogether. E-cigarettes are technology’s answer to a world bleeding from the consumption of tobacco. The alternative to smoking tobacco is an electronic pipe. The electronic pipe heats any herbal material (tobacco, or marijuana) up to a certain temperature. In addition the vapor turns into an inhaleable mist. Vaporizers are a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco and help people quit cigarettes.

  • Research Conducted By the University of California:

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 Research conducted by the University of California in 2007 showed some interesting results. In conclusion, vaping marijuana instead of smoking, is a healthier alternative to reduce the number of harmful toxins. In conclusion, vaping shows a bare minimum without any significant reduction in the therapeutic effects of intoxication. As a result, consumers would derive the same intoxicating effect as they would from smoking marijuana. While retaining the same therapeutic benefits of smoking there are no harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide in the vapor.

  • People are Quitting Smoking tobacco by Using Vapor Products:

Consequently, the consumption of chemicals should be consumed in moderation without harmful toxins. One of the primary concerns of every health organization is endorsing the use of vaporizers. Renormalization of smoking habits among people and the introduction of these toxic addictions to the under aged is a concern. Vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking and will help reduce the smoking habits of tobacco for the world. In conclusion vaporizers are a healthier alternative to smoking, and are being used as a cessation aid in the U.K. As a matter of fact 18,000 people quit smoking traditional cigarettes using this alternative to smoking.

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