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“E-cigarettes help people quit smoking; By Smoke Storz:”


  • 160,000 people were surveyed for the smoking aids study:

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First of all, electronic cigarettes help people trying to quit smoking. This was according to a new study. Furthermore the study will help to settle a long-running debate. The debate is over the risks and benefits of e-cigs. For the study, researchers analyzed survey data. The 15 year data came from 160,000 people. Researchers found some positive feedback about e-cigs. As a result, smokers who used e-cigs tried to quit smoking more often. And they succeeded for three months. In addition, people who tried to quit smoking without e-cigs did not fare as well. Overall, more people quit with e-cigs. Consequently, the data was available in 2014 and 2015. There wasn’t much information on e-cigs before then.

  • Vapor is Clean:


Most noteworthy, e-cigarettes vaporize liquid nicotine. E-cigs are much cleaner. Furthermore, e-cigarettes deliver the drug directly. They do not burn tobacco and create tar. The tar has cancer-causing chemicals. Therefore, people will quit smoking to avoid the tar. Consequently, vaping is very popular. And there is a lot of debate over the role of e-cigs. E-cigs are healthier than cigarettes. Political agendas or (Greed) has others argue that their popularity lures the nonsmoker into smoking. They say people think the smoking aids are healthy so they don’t quit.

  • E-Cigs are healthier than Traditional Cigarettes:

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Especially relevant, e-cigs are healthier than traditional cigarettes. E-cigs aren’t going to be accepted because of political greed. Philip Morris has the FDA in their pocket. Big Pharma is another one. The United Kingdom has been very supportive of e-cigarettes. They use e-cigs as smoking cessation tools. Furthermore, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just focus on their potential dangers. E-cigs have been proven to be safe and effective smoking aids.

  • A-Lot of Propaganda: 


In addition, they say e-cigs are luring people into smoking. They lure people that would otherwise be nonsmokers. LOL!  Finally, e-cigs are helping people quit smoking. The researchers looked at several population surveys. The surveys covered the years 2001 to 2015. These surveys provided information on people who quit   smoking. As a result, another survey had information about e-cigarette usage.

  • E-Cigs are great Smoking Aids:

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First of all, 65 percent of e-cig users had tried to quit smoking. And 40 percent of the people who smoked didn’t use e-cigs. About 8 percent of e-cig users succeeded in quitting. The 8 percent of e-cig users quit for three months. Compare the 8 percent of e-cig users to the 5 percent of non-users. Overall, people who quit smoking increased by 1.1 percentage points. Therefore, this represents 350,000 people who decided to quit smoking.

  • The Big Picture about Smoking Aids:

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In conclusion, the study was a large representation of e-cig users. Furthermore, studies have limitations. In addition, surveys need detailed information. They don’t include the type of e-cigs used. But the big picture is obvious.  E-cigs get most of the credit for smoking cessation. There are national ad campaigns against smoking, and a tobacco tax helped, too. This suggests that e-cigs do more good. Finally, we need to get rid of political corruption.  Attitudes surrounding the technology must be honest. Electronic cigarettes are smoking aids.


“Asthmatics turn to Vaping to start Breathing Again:”

  • The Asthmatic Smoker:

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First of all, this article is about the asthmatic smoker. Furthermore, people with asthma can make the disease increase in severity by smoking cigarettes. People who choose smoking have a hard time with asthma control. In addition, a decline in lung function and airflow obstruction is the side effects of smoking. Asthma patients who smoke have a reduced response to anti-asthma drugs. People with asthma who choose not to smoke can breathe better.

  • Quitting the Habit:

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When you quit smoking you reverse the negative impact of tobacco smoke. Asthma symptoms decrease and lung function increases. Many smokers will keep smoking. When given the options of smoking or giving up nicotine, many will not give it up. Furthermore, the studies show that electronic cigarettes can assist asthmatic smokers to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes contribute to harm reversal effects for asthma patients.

  • The Research:

The research group examined changes in the health status of 18 smokers. The smokers had mild to moderate asthma. As a result, the asthma patients quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. Baseline measurements of the asthma patient were taken prior to switching to electronic cigarettes. The baseline measurements were compared with those obtained at 6, 12, and 24 months of follow-up visits.

  • Using Electronic Cigarettes:

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In addition, long-term monitoring of asthma patients who quit smoking involved respiratory symptoms, lung function and airway hyper-responsiveness. Also, asthma control, asthma exacerbation and tobacco consumption. Hence, this knowledge of asthma patients using electronic cigarettes is of great importance. It’s important to patients, consumers, manufacturers, health professionals and policy makers. Most noteworthy, improvements in breathing and lung function have been consistent. Asthma patients who smoked and used electronic cigarettes had positive results.

  • The use of Electronic Cigarettes can Reverse the Damage:


The use of electronic cigarettes for the asthma patient who smokes may improve clinical, functional and therapeutic outcomes. For many asthma patients who smoke the use of electronic cigarettes are beneficial. According to the researchers, the use of electronic cigarettes can reverse the damage in asthma patients who stop smoking. Most noteworthy, deterioration in lung function, ACQ scores and exacerbation rates was noted in patients who relapsed. Hence, the asthma patients who went back to smoking cigarettes hurt their health.

  • Quitting Smoking is the Goal:

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Quitting smoking is an essential step for asthma patients who smoke. Therefore it’s vital for the treatment of their disease. However it is not always easy for asthma patients who smoke. In these cases, use of electronic cigarettes is a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking. The use of electronic cigarettes can be a valid option. In conclusion, patients who quit conventional cigarettes choose electronic cigarettes for health. Their health improves while having no respiratory concerns. Counselling for the asthma patients who are using or intend to use electronic cigarettes is a step in the right direction.


“Cannabis and the Cure for Cancer:”

  • Alternative Medicine is Growing in Popularity:

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First of all, the cost of conventional healthcare is going up. In addition, the issues with insurance coverage have made alternative medicine grow in popularity. Still officially denigrated, cannabis is as “alternative” as it gets. Furthermore, there are plenty of historical references to cannabis and marijuana. Cannabis is prepared from the dried crushed flowers and leaves of the plant. The medicinal effects of cannabis as an alternative medicine are well documented. Hence, Chinese Emperors (2900 BC) have touted the cannabis plant’s healing effects. There are claims that the anointing oil in Exodus 30:22-25 contained cannabis. Especially relevant, they claim that “cane” is a mistranslation from the original Hebrew (1450 BC). In 1850 marijuana was added to the US Pharmacopeia. As an alternative medicine, cannabis was used for a diverse litany of illnesses.

  • The Medicinal Properties of the Cannabis Plant:

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According to the National Cancer Institute, cannabis may lessen the production of cancer cells. In addition, cannabis alleviates pain and lowers inflammation while decreasing anxiety. A study on mice and rats suggests that cannabinoids have protective effects. Cannabinoids are chemical constituents of cannabis. Most noteworthy, cannabinoids protect you from the development of hepatic adenoma tumors and hepatocellular carcinoma. Cannabinoids decrease the incidence of benign tumors in other organs. The mammary gland, uterus, pituitary, testis, and pancreas are the other organs.

  • Cannabinoids and Cancer:

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As a result, the British Journal of Pharmacology wrote an article entitled Cannabinoids and cancer. The article on the pros and cons of cannabinoids listed few cons, and painted a positive picture. The effects of cannabinoids are well tolerated and the alternative medicine has no toxic properties. Furthermore, most conventional chemotherapeutic agents have toxic effects. Cannabinoids affect tumor cells while protected from cell death.  Further research of the cannabis plant is required. Clarifying the cannabinoids action in cancer and testing their effectiveness in patients looks positive. The cannabinoid system represents a promising objective for cancer treatment. During cancer treatment the soothing aspects of the cannabis plant proves to be a great alternative medicine. 

  • The Clinical Trials are Positive:

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Researchers performed several clinical trials on the cannabis plant. The meta-analyses support the benefits of cannabinoids (dronabinol and nabilone) on chemotherapy side effects. The cannabis plant helps control nausea and vomiting compared with placebo. Alternative medicine has the FDA’s approval. Furthermore, people who had chemotherapy can use alternative medicine. In addition, there are synthetic versions of chemicals in cannabis. In addition, people with AIDS use cannabinoids to treat loss of appetite. The cannabis plant has analgesic properties for treating cancer.

  • The Stigmatization of the Cannabis Plant:

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However, the stigmatization of the cannabis plant has hampered progress. Furthermore, it’s difficult to obtain proper clearance to study the cannabis plant. Limited amounts of published research are available on the soothing properties of the cannabis plant. Yet, the evidence of the cannabinoids effects is public knowledge. Most noteworthy, there are stories of several people who have survived this rare form of cancer. The cannabis plant has helped these people combat the disease. The disease develops from cells of the mesothelium. The mesothelium is a membrane that protects the body’s major internal organs. It allows freedom of movement for lung contractions. The survival rate is poor with no improvement in the last 30 years.

  • Cannabinoids Cure Cancer:

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The story of Andy Ashcraft is quite convincing. Andy had mesothelioma. As a result, they said he had a year to live. Andy and his wife investigated alternative therapies, including cannabis oil. He used cannabinoids and six years later he’s still alive and well. The cannabis plant has helped him beat the odds. The cannabis plant has helped numerous people beat cancer. Cannabis is a good example of the alternative approach success. The stigmatization of the cannabis plant is declining. Yet, we still have a long way to go. After all, Big Pharma and Big Law Enforcement are against using cannabinoids for cancer cures. In conclusion, Big Pharma owns the FDA. The effects of the cannabis plant have cured cancer. The plant works. Especially relevant, if a therapy works, and it costs less why not try the cannabis plant?


“In a Desert Oasis an Ancient Burial Shroud was discovered:”





 “Archaeologists discovered preserved Cannabis”

  • The plants were on the corpse:


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Archaeologists found the body of a middle-aged man. Furthermore, the cannabis plants were across his body. This was before his burial in Turpan, China, 2,500 years ago. Archaeologists are saluting the discovery of cannabis found in an ancient burial in northwest China. In addition, the unique find of cannabis adds to our knowledge of ancient Eurasian cultures using the cannabis plant. Years ago the Eurasian cultures used the cannabis plants for rituals and medicinal purposes. Archaeologists say the adult man was approximately 35 years old. In addition, the man had Caucasian features. His  burial was in China’s Turpan Basin. The man was on a wooden bed. For the burial the man had a reed pillow beneath his head.

  • The Ancient Cannabis Plant Preserved:Image result for ancient cannabis plant preserved


Well-preserved cannabis plants were on the body. Hence, the thirteen cannabis plants were three feet long. They placed the plants on the man’s chest. Furthermore, the cannabis roots were beneath his pelvis while the tops of the plants were under his chin. The cannabis plants went up and alongside the left side of his chin. To test the burial contents they use radiocarbon dating. Archaeologists discovered that the burial occurred 2,400 to 2,800 years ago. In addition, this discovery is a collection of archaeological evidence from thousands of years ago. The evidence shows that cannabis consumption was “very popular” across the Eurasian steppe.

  • The Burial:

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The burial took place at the Jiayi cemetery in Turpan. As a result, they excavated 240 graves for research. The graves were from the Subeixi culture. Consequently, the Subeixi culture occupied the area between 3,000 to 2,000 years ago. At the time, Turpan’s desert oasis was the place to stop on the Silk Road. Other Turpan burials had cannabis plants in them. Most noteworthy, in a Yanghai cometary they found cannabis plants. A decade ago they discovered the cemetery. The Turpan burials contained two pounds of cannabis seeds and powdered leaves.

  • The first time for Archaeologists:

For the first time archaeologists found complete cannabis plants. For the first time archaeologists found the first occurrence of their use as a ‘shroud’ for the burial. Most noteworthy,west of Turpan is where cannabis seeds were discovered for the first time. First millennium B.C. Scythian burials. The burial in southern Siberia included a woman who died of breast cancer. Archaeologists suspect she was using the cannabis plants to ease her symptoms as a result. However, this is the first time archaeologists recovered complete cannabis plants. Therefore, the burial incidence has cannabis plants as a shroud. Archaeologists recorded this for the first time.

  • Locally GrownImage result for locally grown cannabis


The cannabis plants in Turpan burials consisted of the plants parts which is eapecially relevant. In addition, this makes it difficult for archaeologists. The archaeologists must determine whether the plants were grown locally or from neighboring regions. Cannabis plants covered the the body. As a result, archaeologists concluded that the cannabis plants had been fresh. They grew the cannabis plants for the burial locally which is especially relevant.

  • The Female Cannabis Plant:Image result for growing your cannabis plants


In addition, all of the flowering heads of the 13 female cannabis plants had been cut off. They cut the heads before the cannabis plant was placed on the body. The few plants that remained were nearly ripe and contained some immature fruit. In late summer, the Jiayi people collected the plants.  Consequently, the ancient cannabis plant had resinous “hairs” that contain psychoactive compounds.


  • The Cannabis Plant has Psychoactive Qualities:

First of all, a question archaeologist’s grapple with is the purpose of the cannabis plants presence. T Cannabis plant has psychoactive properties. The plant has durable hemp fibers. You can weave hemp fibers into cloth. The plant has nutritious, oil-rich seeds. Turpan burials have no hemp fabrics. Archaeologists found the plants seeds were too small to serve as a food source.

  • The Jiayi Plants:Image result for the jiayi plants


Meanwhile, glandular trichomes covered the Jiayi plants. Glandular trichomes are tiny hairs in the cannabis plants that secrete resin containing psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC. According to archaeologists, marijuana contains psychoactive resin. People grow marijuana for that purpose. In conclusion, the cannabis plant is used as incense and as a beverage.



“In Kansas City there will be no more Jail Time for Marijuana Possession:”




  • Advocates say Reefer Madness for Kansas City has come to an end:



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First of all, the majority of voters in Kansas City voted to eliminate jail time for Marijuana possession.  People caught with small amounts of marijuana or related paraphernalia will not get jail time. Furthermore, 75 percent of voters were in favor of the initiative. As a result, Kansas City strongly supported doing away with the existing law. Currently, possession of 35 grams of marijuana can get you 6 months in jail and a $500 fine. Under the new law, people caught with small amounts of marijuana will have to pay a $25 fine and court fees. In addition, the new law removes criminal penalties. But defendants with marijuana possession will end up with drug charges on their records.

  • A Victory in Kansas:Image result for medical marijuana in kansas city missouri

In Kansas City marijuana advocates helped accumulate signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. The marijuana advocates hailed the vote as a victory in Kansas. Consequently, the reefer madness era in Kansas City has come to a halt. Law abiding citizens won’t have to worry about marijuana possession. People will not be arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana. In addition, people see the new law as a way to address lasting inequalities in marijuana enforcement. Marijuana discrepancies have affected Kansas City and its black residents.


  • 70% of all Marijuana defendants were Black:Image result for black people arrested for marijuana possession


Most noteworthy, the city had a program to divert many low-level marijuana offenders away from jail time. In addition, one thousand people were arrested for marijuana. Half of the people arrested for small amounts of marijuana were under the age of 28. Especially relevant, in Kansas City 70 percent of all marijuana defendants were black. According to a report by the Kansas City Star 30 percent of city residents are black. Hence, in Kansas City people of all races use the drug at about the same rate. Therefore, blacks are being singled out for jail time.

  • The New Law could have Consequences:Image result for legal marijuana


Most of all, people worry about the new law. The new law has consequences. Traditionally, people use Legal Aid if booked for having small amounts of marijuana. Legal Aid is a group that provides free legal counsel to defendants who face jail time for marijuana possession. With jail time eliminated they are not eligible for a free defense. Consequently, people hope the city will adjust its contract with Legal Aid to go along with the new arrangement.

  • Following the Trend:

Kansas City has followed a trend of marijuana reform at the state and local level. Cities like St. Louise are following suit. In Missouri a new law took effect this year. In conclusion, the law removed the threat of jail time for marijuana possession. Marijuana offenders will get no jail time. Marijuana Prohibition is coming to an end.

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“The Vaporizer Industry is a Lucrative Market:”

The Tobacco industry and Marijuana Industry is Big Business:Image result for tobacco and marijuana industry are big business


First of all, the tobacco industry and marijuana industry is big business. Globally, cigarette retail value in 2014 was $744 billion. That means $5.6 trillion cigarettes, to more than 1 billion smokers worldwide.  Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the United States. The tobacco industry is changing. Due to the legalization of marijuana in some states the industry is growing. The profit reports for the 2014 U.S. market were $2.7 billion. Furthermore, by 2019 the marijuana industry will reach 30$ billion as others states follow along with the legalization of marijuana. In addition, the tobacco industry and marijuana has generated big money.  As a result, benefiting from a profitable market creates products and services. In conclusion, this article is dedicated to the vaporizer industry.

Vaporizers are changing the tobacco industry with a Healthy way to Mimic Smoking:

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Vaporizers are products that heat up tobacco or marijuana. In addition, the vaporizer releases its active ingredient in a vapor form. Consequently, using a vaporizer is healthier than smoking. Since you don’t smoke the substance there are no toxic particles. As a result, smokers are switching over to vaporizer products to safely enjoy their substance of choice. The vaporizer has a significantly lower risk of harmful consequences. Especially relevant, you use vaporizers in a group setting. Hence, you use hookahs with a group of people. There are group vaporizers for people to enjoy for their substance of choice. Fellow smokers, who want a healthier option, choose group vaporizers.

There is a lot of Benefits to Vaping:


Most noteworthy, the vaporizer industry is growing fast. This is because vaping tobacco and marijuana is a healthier option. Furthermore; the legalization of marijuana has driven the vaporizer industry upwards. Smokers use vaporizers for tobacco to enjoy the nicotine. Therefore, you can enjoy the nicotine without the negative side effects of smoking cigarettes. Also, because smoking in public places is not acceptable. Marijuana users choose vaporizers to be discrete and because of the vaporizers high strength concentrates. Therefore, a potent high is accomplished without detection.  Marijuana users choose vaporizers for their THC consumption.

Job Creation and Investments:


Two things are happening while the growth of this market occurs. Job creation and investments will thrive from the vaporizer industry. The vaporizer industry will reach $3.5 billion this year. In addition, the marijuana industry is expected to grow within 5 years. Consequently, the vaporizer industry growth will coincide with legal marijuana’s growth. As more people quit smoking demand will grow and suppliers must effectively supply the market’s consumers. Therefore, employees must be hired to handle the rapid expansion from the legalization of marijuana. For example, 600 people showed up for a job fair put on by a vaporizer device maker. This vaporizer device maker was expanding staff to accommodate for the volume. This demonstrates the real sustainable businesses being created in the vaporizer industry due to the legalization of marijuana.

The Ark View Group:


The Arc View Group is investing in the future growth of the hot vaporizer industry. Furthermore, Silicon Valley tech workers are quitting their jobs to create vaporizer startups. The tech workers ability to raise investor capital is not difficult. Because investors recognize the demand for legal marijuana, the vaporizer industry is attached to this demand. As a result, Celebrity Snoop Dogg endorses vaporizers with his own line of product. This proves that the vaporizer industry is very lucrative.

Job Creation is a Key Factor:

Image result for job creation from marijuana

Innovation and job creation is happening with the legalization of marijuana. Hence, in the vaporizer industry big money is being made. Therefore, there is no reason to stifle economic productivity.  Business investors recognize the demand and growth associated with the vaporizer industry. The demand is due to marijuana legalization. In conclusion, we need free enterprise to occur if real demand produces economic prosperity. The growing vaporizer industry is a great example.


“E-Cigarettes have caused a Big Drop in Smoking Traditional Cigarettes:”

  • Electronic Cigarettes are the Main Cause of Smoking Cessation and one of the best Stop Smoking Aids:

Image result for E-cigarettes are a great stop smoking aid


Most noteworthy, electronic cigarettes are the main cause of the smoking cessation of traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, this is one of the biggest drops in smoking ever recorded. The study shows six million Europeans have quit smoking and nine million have cut back using e-cigarettes. Using data from the 2014 Eurobarometer scientists from Greece and France came to the conclusion. Smoking is down and the use of electronic cigarettes is the reason. The Eurobarometer survey is the best there is. Consequently, the Eurobarometer survey analyzes electronic cigarette use on a population level. Hence, conducted by the European Commission, the Eurobarometer survey accesses all 28 member states of the European Union. Stop smoking aids are vapor products.

  • E-Cigarettes helped Millions Quit Smoking:

Image result for millions quit smoking with vapor products


The study concludes that 48.5 million Europeans have tried an e-cigarette and 7.5 million use electronic cigarettes. 35.1 percent of those currently using e-cigarettes have quit smoking. In addition, an additional 32.2 percent have cut down on the amount they smoke. Therefore, electronic cigarettes have caused the highest rates of smoking cessation and reduction ever observed. Electronic cigarette use has helped millions quit smoking.

  • A lot of People have Quit Smoking Traditional Cigarettes with Stop Smoking Aids like E-Cigs:


Especially relevant, there are two reasons why the use of electronic cigarettes has a positive impact on public health. 1. Smoking cessation rates for traditional cigarettes climbed.  2. Electronic cigarettes are confined to smokers (current and former), with minimal use by non-smokers. The Eurobarometer survey did the study. As a result, there is little evidence non-smokers are taking up electronic cigarette use. Therefore, this confounds the fears of public health activists.


  • The Majority of Non Smokers do not use Electronic Cigarettes:Image result for non smokers


Furthermore, non-smokers experiment with electronic cigarettes, but regular use of electronic cigarettes is minimal. Just 1.3 percent of non-smokers use nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes. Especially relevant, only 0.09 percent reported daily use of nicotine containing electronic cigarettes. In addition, the study’s findings dispute the “gateway” theory. The “gateway” theory claims that e-cigarettes could prove a transition to smoking traditional cigarettes. E-cigs are clean stop smoking aids.

  • Non Smokers don’t Vape Nicotine Containing Electronic Cigarettes:Image result for use e-cigarettes as stop smoking aids

Most noteworthy, there is no current use of nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes by non-smokers.  The concern that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking is rejected by the findings. Pro-vaping groups were relieved by the study findings. This proves e-cigarettes are harm reduction tools and stop smoking aids. Hence, in a seven year stint tobacco control activists claim there is no evidence that electronic cigarettes help smokers quit. As the evidence supporting the efficacy of e-cigarettes has accumulated, these activists have doubled down on denying the facts. The anti-harm-reduction camp uses worse and worse science to support their outdated views.

  • The Eurobarometer says it all:

According to the Eurobarometer, electronic cigarette use has helped 10 million smokers quit. Consequently, they performed a similar survey. The study found that 2.4 million adults had quit smoking with the use of electronic cigarettes. Furthermore, in 2016, that number has risen and 4 million people quit smoking in the U.S. with electronic cigarette use. In conclusion, tobacco control activists were told to take the advice of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Public Health England. The RCP and the PHE have been vocal about the potential benefits of e-cigarettes as a method to help people quit smoking. Stop smoking aids are e-cigs.

“When you Quit Smoking and turn to Vaping your Health Improves Greatly:”

  • U.S. Regulators are trying to Crush the Vaping Industry:Image result for us regulators trying to crush the vaping industry

U.S. regulators want to crush the electronic cigarette industry. But U.S. regulators have to slow down in the wake of a joint study on vaping products. Furthermore, researchers from the U. K. revealed that switching to vaping considerably cuts health risks. Therefore, when you stop smoking and turn to vaping your health improves. In addition, researchers from the U.K. and the U.S. and the CDC are involved in the study.  The researchers studied people who switched from tobacco cigarettes to vaping products. People who switched from smoking to vaping had improved their health. Consequently, their health was substantially improved than if they continued. Smoking effects health. 

  • Smoking is Poison and Vaping is health:Image result for smoking tobacco is poison

The Annals of Internal Medicine documented the study. As a result, when you switch to vaping a mega reduction in toxic chemicals and carcinogens are found. Furthermore, smoking effects health and illnesses were reduced after switching to vaping products.  Most noteworthy, here are the institutes the researchers came from. University College London, Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All the researchers participated in the study, which refutes recent assertions from the surgeon general and CDC. The surgeon general said vaping was harmful to health and a gateway to smoking traditional cigarettes. If you want good health, stop smoking and go to vaping.

  • The U.K. endorces the sale of Vaping Products because Smoking Effects Health:Image result for smoking effects health

Especially relevant, the U.K. endorses the sale of vaping products as a healthy alternative to smoking. This is in stark contrast to U.S. policy. In the UK they rely on science that says vapor products are 95 percent safer than combustible cigarettes. In addition, the U.K. believes our government needs to be promoting them, not restricting them. The U.K. has a mindset, based upon science. The knowledge that vaping products are safe is public knowledge in the U.K. In the U.K. health is a priority. The CDC released a bogus report Dec. 8.  The report claimed vaping was unhealthy and vaping posed a significant risk to youth. Therefore, Districts across the U.S. are regulating vaping the same way as traditional cigarettes. These greedy politicians are slapping the vaping industry with taxes as high as 40 percent.

  • The Royal College of Physicians know Smoking Effects Health:Image result for the royal college of physicians

Despite the corrupt U.S. regulators, major health groups in England, like the Royal College of Physicians know better. The Royal College of Physicians agrees that using vapor products  eliminates the harms attributed to smoking. They also recommend vaping to avid smokers trying to quit smoking traditional tobacco products. A study from Public Health England was done in 2016.  The study found that 2.6 million e-cigarette users in the U.K. are former or current smokers. In the U.K., the current smokers are using vapor products to quit smoking.

  • The U.S. Surgeon General is worse than the FDA:Image result for the us surgeon general

We have a scientific community in the U.S. Furthermore, government agencies have pretended as if they don’t have enough information on vaping products. Yet, the Royal College of Physicians has proven vaping products to be safe. The Royal College of Physicians is the most esteemed medical bodies in the world. The Royal College of Physicians, coming to the conclusion they did only proves the surgeon general has agendas. In addition, what the U.S. government agencies said about vaping products cannot be true. Smoking is poison and vaping is health.

  • An Uphill battle against Regulators:

The vaping industry faces an uphill battle against regulators like the FDA. The FDA passed a law forcing e-cigarette vendors to submit a pre-market tobacco application. Also, this pre-market tobacco application is for each of the products the vaping stores sell. Under the FDA rule, vaping stores and manufactures will have until Aug. 8, 2018. Hence, the vaping stores will have till then   to submit the applications for their vaping products. This FDA shakedown is a disgrace. Many stores will go out of business due to the application costs. The costs range from $100,000 to $400,000 dollars each. In the U.K. the Royal College of Physicians are honest.

  • Politicians eased up, but not Enough:Image result for politicians lying

Republican Rep. Tom Cole and Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop did the right thing. In conclusion, the FDA cannot force manufacturers to submit products for approval if they are already on the market. Smoking effects health and new smoking cessation products will be regulated by the FDA.  They claim the law will keep thousands of vaping shops and manufacturers in business. After all the evidence, putting smoking in the same category as vaping is a good example of greed. What the U.S. needs is another Royal College of Physicians for smoking cessation. Smoking effects health.

 Consequently, if you want to quit smoking try our quality vapor products. To browse our catalogues just click a link.


Is the Marijuana Industry the New Red Wine?

  • A Whole New Outlook on Cannabis:

Image result for images of people consuming cannabis products

What do you see when you imagine groups of adults getting together to consume cannabis? First of all you see well-dressed successful cannabis smokers boarding a plane to Denver. In addition, you see successful people who chose to have a budtender at their wedding instead of a bartender. Picturing the guys from Half Baked sunk into the couch is a thing of the past. Cannabis products are in and the industry is growing. Furthermore, the cannabis industry is still heavily stigmatized. The cultural norm is to bring a bottle of wine and have a drink when getting together with friends. Adults drink alcohol in social settings to relax, unwind and be more open to new things. Well, cannabis enthusiasts are saying the same thing about marijuana. Cannabis products that take the edge off and enhance social experiences are no different.

  • The Social Cannabis Experience:

    Image result for hangouts for marijuana advocates

The cannabis industry is maturing and appealing to a wider audience with sophisticated events and products. Hosted by Jessica Eriksen, White Rabbit High Tea is an industry event. The industry event takes place on the rooftop garden of a private boutique hotel in West Hollywood. Challenging stereotypes with an intimate social cannabis experience like no other. In addition, paired with tastings of unique cannabis products and a gourmet meal. Most noteworthy, the cannabis products produced in grow rooms sponsor the social event.

  • Hosting the Cannabis Industry: Image result for images of white rabbit high tea

Cannabis brands like Defonce Chocolatier, CannaOil Company, and Fully Baked Ice cream have hosted the cannabis industry. Alex Zafrin, owner of Fully Baked, had a cannabis tea party. He invited the seven guests to put scoops of medicated sorbet into the guest’s Champaign. Almost half of the guests were in the cannabis industry. Guests brought their own cannabis products and shared the products with the group. The cannabis, White Rabbit High Tea costs less than a night out in LA.  Products like White Rabbit High Tea are connecting people in the cannabis space in a quiet, tranquil environment.

  • Cannabis Infused Cocktails:

 Birthday parties and weddings in the cannabis industry are also going green by making flower edibles and cannabis cocktails available. Furthermore, in Colorado you can hire Andrew Mieure, founder of Top Shelf Bud Tending. Like a bartender with cannabis he provides the cannabis to educate guests on the best strains and modes of consumption. In addition, Top Shelf Budtending creates products like low-THC mocktails and how to roll cannabis into a cigarette. Having a drink is a social experience. Furthermore, a low dose of cannabis products and super fresh ingredients will change how cannabis is viewed. Mieure predicts cannabis infused cocktails will be huge in the cannabis industry.

  • Customized Treats:Image result for images of marijuana productsImage result for images of customised cannabis treats

As a result, you can buy medicated cannabis products for your guests. Most noteworthy, Babinka Treats shatter-infused donuts or Angel Haus gourmet cannabis ice cream are the best products. Your guests can enjoy the cannabis artisanal treat and chat, all sans booze. Most noteworthy, you might want to recommend social guests still take an Uber home. Hence, 420-friendly travel is becoming a popular option for those living outside legal cannabis states.

Cannatourism is a new industry taking off in Colorado with the rest of the West Coast following suit. Anyone can fly to Denver and go to dispensary grow rooms where cannabis products that are sold. The cannabis products that are sold can be customized for you by Goldie Solodar at City sessions Denver (720-250-8828). Goldie will email you before you fly out to Denver to get to know your preferences for certain products. In order to create an itinerary Goldie will go over how you like your cannabis products. Consequently, Goldie creates the perfect personalized itinerary like favorite foods and music for the industry.

  • An Educational and Highly Entertaining Tour:

Whether you choose to be picked up at the airport or your hotel, Goldie will be waiting in a limo. The limo will be stocked with bottled water, snacks, vape pens and other cannabis products. The cannabis products that Goldie approved are high quality (no pun intended). From the airport or hotel, the tour is really up to you. Educational and highly entertaining, Goldie will give you a behind the scenes look at the cannabis industry. Consequently, you will take a tour of the best cannabis dispensaries, grow rooms or extraction labs. There is something for everyone in the cannabis industry. Checking out Denver’s museums then going out for lunch is another part of the tour. Furthermore, guests also have the travel guide option for the independent to check out dispensaries and grow rooms.

  • Hangouts For Marijuana Advocates:

 Companies like AnnaBis make high-fashioned, odor-blocking handbags, and a Green Guide: For Women on the High Road. The guide reviews everything a cannabis-tourist could want in the industry. The cannabis industry has dispensaries, grow rooms, and 420-friendly hotels, to local restaurants and hangouts to see. In conclusion, the guide breaks down local laws and the best spots to enjoy cannabis. LA, SF, or Denver is the best places to visit in the cannabis industry. Socializing with cannabis is getting easier. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before all the States legalize marijuana while expanding the industry.

Image result for grow rooms



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“A Record High Support for the Legalization of Marijuana:”

  • Sixty percent majority of people in the United States say they approve of pot:

Marijuana plant

Five states are preparing to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana in November. Public support for the legalization movement has reached an all-time high, according to the latest Gallop pole.

Sixty percent of Americans now say they think pot should be legal those are the smoking facts. A percent of the public attitude is rising up from a previous high of 58 percent seen in recent years.

Support for legalization has climbed steadily since Gallup began recording the percent of Americans’ opinions about marijuana five decades ago. Only about 12 percent of the Americans supported legal pot in 1969. In addition that percent surged until the “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign gained traction in the 1980s. In 2013 a majority of Americans said they thought marijuana legalization should be enforced.

  • Politicians Need to Listen to the percentage of Americans:Image result for smoking facts

Advocates of legalization say the percent of these numbers fall right in line with their projections. While showing marijuana eventually earning nationwide approval by the percent of  the Americans that support legalization.

Support is clearer than ever that legalization is the future. Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, said in a statement. Politicians — presidential candidates included —should listen to the percent of Americans. As a result they would do themselves a big favor to take note of the clear trend and then vocally support legalization.

There are record levels of support by Americans and upcoming legalization measures set to go before voters. Since this is a handful of key states, this could be an important moment. According to the movement to end prohibition of marijuana public attitudes about legalization are positive. Consequently those are the smoking facts.

  • Positive for Legalizationmedical marijuana , cannabis logo graphics

In addition the question of whether marijuana should be legal may become when it will be legal,” the Gallup report said. The percent of the public attitudes are positive for legalization.

This legal shift could hinge on how Californians vote on Election Day. With nearly 40 million residents, California is the most populous state in the U.S. and a political trend-setter. According to Gallup — this may be significant enough to sway public opinion about the legalization of   marijuana.

In conclusion if the Golden State, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada all vote “yes” do the math. Therefore the percent of Americans will soon be living in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. Finally up dramatically from the current 5 percent of the population that now does.

 Americans are standing behind legal marijuana. Consequently it may be just a matter of time before the legalization issue is settled across the country.

  • Public Attitudes have Changed Towards Legalizing Marijuana:

girl smoking marijuana close up

Transformation in public attitudes about legal marijuana over the past half-century has real support. In turn has mirrored the liberalization of public attitudes about gay rights and the same-sex marriage movement. While the latter of which the U.S. Supreme Court deemed legal last year according to the Gallup report. Putting the smoking facts together it might take a Supreme Court case to settle this matter, too. Finally the American public is waking up to the fact that marijuana is useful and safe. Smoking facts are medical marijuana can be smoked or vaped depending on the whether it is recreational or medicinal.

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