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Stay Fit for a Real Hot Sex Life; By Datinggamez:”

  • The Fitter you are the Better your Sex Life:Image result for the fitter you are the better your sex life

First of all, the fitter you are, the better your sex life. Furthermore, the more sex you have, the fitter you will be. Exercise helps release feel-good hormones called endorphins. Consequently, the better you feel about yourself, the better your sex life will be. Being fit improves one’s libido, blood circulation and sexual functioning. So why not be fit for your sex life?  Fat men have the worst sex life.

  • Positive Mental Attitude:

  • Image result for positive mental attitude

The brain is an important sexual organ. Therefore, the fitter you are, the better your attitude. In addition, the more stressed, anxious and depressed you are, the more your sexual life suffers. Fortunately, exercise combats stress. Exercise often and the less stressed you will be as a result. The less stressed you are, the better your sex life. Furthermore, the more you exercise, the better you feel about yourself. And the fitter you are, the more confident you will become. Exercise bodes well for a very healthy sex life.

  • Why Exercise is Important:

The more you exercise, the fitter you are. It will have impact on your sex life most of all. First of all, the fitter you are, the better your self-esteem is likely to be. And in addition, you will feel more confident about yourself. And the more you exercise and the fitter you get. Exercise makes you should feel good about yourself. Fitness goes a long way in the bedroom which is especially relevant. Consequently, we know exercise and being fit changes your physical appearance. But your organs are important too. The healthier you are, the better your organs work. This also includes your sexual organs.

  • Raise your Sperm Count with exercise:

Exercise increases blood flow which is most noteworthy. And in addition, it has a positive effect on muscle tension. This will greatly enhance your sexual pleasure. The fitter you are the suppler and agile you are. Fitness is another bonus in the bedroom. Hence, being strong will come from certain exercises. In conclusion, exercise has a better impact on one’s general mood. This will make your sexual experience much better. However, being fitter and having better sex doesn’t make for a better relationship. “But the effect of exercise will have an impact on your sexual life. Therefore, the fitter you are the better sex you will have.

  • Fat affects how Fertile you are:


A good life is a fruitful sex life. And exercise boosts sperm quality. Consequently, men who are overweight have a decreased sperm quality. Furthermore, obesity is known to decrease a women’s fertility. Other studies have also shown that cardiovascular exercise prevents erectile dysfunction. Walking, running or cycling can prevent erectile dysfunction. They studied men who ran three hours each week. The men also played five hours of singles tennis. As a result, they had a 30% lower risk of ED. This was compared to those who did little or no exercise.

  • You can have a great Sex Life in your Eighties:

Image result for Hot sex when your old


The fact is, exercise can improve your sex life.  Research shows that healthy people can have sexual health well into their eighties. Sexual health is a harbinger of physical and mental health. And in addition, it plays an important role in the quality of life. In conclusion, if you’re healthy, you can be sexually active. Don’t assume that your sex life has to be gone because of your age. If you’ve had a good sex life when you were younger, then you can have a good sex life in old age. Keep pumping!


“The Dadbod is a Total Turnoff for Women: By Datinggamez:”

  • The Dadbod Campaign is a complete Joke:Image result for the dadbod campaign is a lie

First of all, when you browse the internet you will find an article scoffing at health and fitness. Furthermore, these articles scoff at guys who want to look good naked. The Dadbod campaign is the most ridiculous fad there ever was. In addition, it would seem that six packs are out and beer bellies are in. So, let’s cancel our gym memberships and throw out our stringers. Therefore, we can make our way down to the closest doughnut shop. Hence, running on Dunkin to drown our sorrows is always the American way.

  • Insecure People condone articles that Promote the Dadbod:Image result for the dadbod campaign

Consequently, insecure people will write and publish articles that condone the Dadbod. Furthermore, they justify their own lack of discipline and mediocrity. To look good and take care of your physical appearance is an admirable goal. Every man should have a lean physique women love. A good physique is awesome. Personally, I let others fall for the Dadbod debacle. And you know better, that’s why you’re reading this. There are many reasons why being lean is awesome. Being lean is the sign of a strong physically and mentally healthy man. In addition, Will Smith has a saying. “Stay ready so you ain’t gotta get ready.” And Will Smith has a good physique.

  • Be Lean, Healthy, and Strong:Image result for be lean healthy and strong


Being lean, healthy and strong is the best way to live. Furthermore, being lean will give you a mental fortitude as a result. You will be able to handle many adversities life has to offer. Consequently, there are a-lot of reasons why being lean is good. The fat guy always tires out. This is especially relevant with high body fat. He can’t walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. He’ll blow out his back while picking up the grocery bags. These are just some of the reasons why being lean is a smart move.

  • You can do a-lot more things when you have a Lean Physique:


Your lean body becomes a lot more resilient as a result. Being lean enables you to do things that other guys can’t do. In addition, you can have epic cheat days without ruining your physique. You don’t have to spend 3 months dieting because summer is coming. There is a-lot more reasons why being lean is important. The Dadbod aficionado’s will have you believe that women love the fat belly and no ass look. Women love the cover model look. Low body fat with a symmetrical physique and a lean and athletic body is what women love most of all.

  • A Lean Physique signifies traits of Virility:Image result for Pictures that quote lean physique

We’re not trying to go for the giant bodybuilder physique. Think more along the lines of Jason Stratham from the Expendables and Transporter series. In addition, a good physique signifies that you have traits of a virile mate. If a woman is insecure because you look good do not stay with her. You don’t need a woman like that. One of the greatest reasons why being lean is great is you can wear anything you want. Furthermore, being lean is wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans or sweatpants. You will look great because lean is pretty. Consequently, the Dadbod people claim that abs won’t give you confidence. I disagree. The better you look, the better you’re going to feel. In addition, women love a man that’s outgoing and confident. Hence, women love confidence. And being lean will get you there.

  • Training is Discipline:

This confidence transcends the gym. Training teaches discipline and hard work which is especially relevant. Being lean is what translates to all areas of your life. Attaining your good physique will reciprocate to all other goals. First of all, if you can achieve one goal, you can achieve all your other goals. Consequently, maintaining a good lean, athletic physique is not that difficult. Once you have the physique you want, being lean is easy to maintain. There are so many reasons why being lean is smart and a good physique is beneficial.

  • The Lean Physique:

You learn about eating the right amount without having to track everything. Furthermore, you can overeat one day and not worry. Lean is missing a few days of training and worrying about losing muscle. Muscle is easy to maintain with a lean physique. Here’s another good reason why being lean is smart. You spend less time in the gym which is most noteworthy. You can keep your lean physique and enjoy life. In addition, you want to look good while eating a clean diet. Being lean is the key to your health. Consequently, we know that women love the cover model look. And you only have to have 10-12% body fat. Hence, being a healthy range for any guy. And women love a good physique.

  • Exercise and Eat Nutritious Foods:Image result for exercise and eat nutritious foods


First of all, your diet is important. But being lean is not just eating certain foods. Furthermore, another cause of obesity is due to a sedentary lifestyle. Being lean is exercising and eating right. Being lean is good nutrition, exercise and improved lifestyle habits. And sleep is one of them. Women love a man with energy. In addition, a good physique can move around the bedroom. In conclusion, I hope you can see the reasons why being lean and having a good physique is awesome. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Women love a good physique. Therefore, the Dadbod is like a fad diet. Let everyone else fall for the sensationalism. Keep training hard with your good physique. A good physique is not a fad. It’s part of a complete lifestyle.




“You will ruin your Marriage with an Opposite Sex Friendship:”

  • There are plenty of ways to screw up Your Marriage:

Image result for cheating when you're married


First of all, there are plenty of ways to screw up a marriage. In addition,   spouses with opposite-sex friendships are risking their marriage. The opposite-sex friendship is a risky short-sighted behavior. Furthermore, many opposite-sex friendships lead to infidelity and ultimately divorce. There are many married people out there finding his or her spouse in the opposite-sex friendship.

  • How it Happens:


The husband is constantly texting a female co-worker. In addition, he claims that he is just friends with her. He says that they only talk about work. Consequently, he’s always smiling when he’s texting her. Another opposite-sex friendship is the wife always texting her personal trainer. She always locks her cell phone and in addition, she changes her online passwords. When her husband asks her who she’s talking to, she gets angry. She says her husband is being paranoid, jealous and controlling. These opposite-sex friendships have a-lot in common. In both cases, the spouse who is having the opposite-sex friendship knows his or her flirting is real shady. They don’t respect their spouse’s feelings and as a result, they continue to indulge in the thrill.

  • Some People think it’s fine to have a opposite-sex Relationship:


Consequently, some people don’t agree that opposite-sex friendships should not exist in a marriage. Furthermore, people think it’s old-fashioned. They think it’s alright to allow opposite-sex friendships. A-lot of people claim, men and women are capable of having the opposite-sex relationship. Hence, a platonic extra-marital friendship with a person of the opposite sex is acceptable. Then the friendship should involve two people who have no sexual attraction to each other. In addition, they should not be sexually compatible, which is especially relevant.

  • An accident waiting to Happen:Image result for catching your spouse in the act of cheating


The fact is many opposite-sex friendships involve people who are compatible. And they could be potential sexual partners. Hence, many opposite-sex friendships are maintained because of a sexual attraction. One or both people are keeping his or her friend on the back-burner. This is just in case their marriage ends. A-lot of men like to have the opposite-sex friendship. Let’s face it; men befriend women because there is some degree of physical attraction.

  • Being Selfish:


Furthermore, many people believe in opposite-sex friendships. They believe that his or her opposite-sex friendship shouldn’t change just because of marriage. In addition, they say people with weak marriages shy away from opposite-sex friendships. Consequently, this is a selfish way of thinking. It ignores the fact that every marriage has its ups and downs. When the marriage is up things are great. The opposite-sex friendship can be harmless. But it will be an irritation to the other spouse.

  • Your Marriage has Ups and Downs:Image result for 5 ways you're ruining your marriage



But it’s a different ball game when your marriage is going through a temporary down. And you’re having a tough time in your relationship as a result. His or her marriage is having a sexual dry spell. Or it could be pure boredom with the marriage. Therefore, many people will turn to their opposite-sex friendship. The spouse and his or her opposite-sex friend will comfort each other most of all. With an opposite-sex friendship, they will turn to each other for advice. And in addition, they share details of their intimate life and relationships. The opposite-sex friendship will have them texting each other with increasing intimacy as a result. The excitement of the opposite-sex friendship grows. And the dynamics in the marriage deteriorate.

  • Being Inconsiderate:


The spouse will exit the room to text his or her opposite-sex friend. The other spouse will be angry and hurt. When the spouse is asked to end the friendship, they become indignant and belligerent. Furthermore, they will turn the entire situation around. This will make his or her spouse go on the defensive. The spouse tries to explain why the opposite-sex friendship is wrong and how it is affecting the marriage. Consequently, the majority of infidelities are caused by opposite-sex friendships. It starts with an opposite-sex friendship that becomes intense and emotional. Text-messaging is an intimate fantasy and not a reality. From there, the opposite-sex friendship escalates into an emotional or sexual affair.

  • Playing a Risky Game:Image result for hot sex and cheating on your spouse marriage


First of all, opposite-sex friendships in marriage are risky. They are a form of betrayal most of all. Marriage is a committed relationship. Therefore, you are   his or her partner’s lover. Furthermore, you are the closest and most intimate confidante, and priority. We all need close friendships outside of our marriage. So we need to find people of our own gender to befriend. Many opposite-sex friendships can sneak-up on people with happy relationships. The opposite-sex friendship can have a predator. This opposite-sex friend comes across as innocent, but is drawn to someone who has a partner. In addition, they are manipulative and aggressive when pursuing this person. If they befriend your spouse you are in a world of trouble as a result.

  • Your Marriage and Infidelity:


Furthermore, opposite-sex friendships are real in marriage and infidelity. Many opposite-sex relationships have no place in your marriage. In addition, one of the wisest decisions to make is to end an opposite-sex relationship. You will protect the integrity of your relationship. In conclusion, it takes a strong person to stand by their values. You must insist that there be no opposite-sex friendships within your marriage. It takes a secure person to say no. You don’t want to live anxiety and the divided loyalties. Put all the energy into your marriage and stand by your values. Trust your instincts and be happily married.


“Sex and Red Wine go together; By Datinggamez:”

  • The Real Love Potion:Image result for Red wine the real love potion


First of all, what I’m about to tell you might surprise you. This is not a potion, but it has the ability to make your sexual endeavors more pleasurable. Furthermore, the drink we’re discussing today is backed with scientific facts. In addition, we all know that having an alcoholic beverage can enhance our sexual desires. It’s being proven time and time again that alcohol is a sexual enhancer. Different drinks affect people in different ways. When you drink whiskey, the whiskey can make you very playful. It’s dangerous to drink tequila. Tequila will black you out, which makes you capable of doing anything as a result. Drink tequila and you will hook up with anyone. These drinks vary and have different effects on sexual desires.

  • A Bottle of Red:Image result for bottle of red wine


Consequently, red wine will give you the best result in the bedroom. Red wine will get you in the mood and make your sexual experience a-lot better. A bottle of red wine is what you need for a hot night with the lady or man of your dreams. This information is backed by science. Researchers studied the sexual effects of red wine. The research found that people who drink enough red wine will have higher sex drives. Furthermore, people who drink another kind of alcohol don’t get as horny. Men and women can drink red wine and have hot sex all night. Also, the study found that men who drink two glasses of red wine a day have elevated testosterone levels. In addition, men who don’t drink red wine will have lower testosterone levels. Red wine will give you a higher sexual appetite as a result. Testosterone is a manly hormone but women with higher testosterone levels have a strong sexual appetite.

  • Women Love Red Wine for Sex:Image result for red wine and hot sex


Red wine contains quercetin. Quercetin helps restrict the UGT2B17 enzyme. Consequently, this enzyme is responsible for getting testosterone out of the body. The higher the testosterone levels the higher your sexual desire will be. Men aren’t the only ones to reap the benefits of red wine. Women do as well, therefore making them horny too. The red wine will flood the body with blood to the important erogenous zones. Red wine will make a lady extremely horny as a result. Split a bottle of red with your partner and have an excellent sexual experience.

  • Have a Crazy Sexual Adventure:Image result for Voluptuous women having hot sex


In conclusion, the study proves that women who drink red wine are way hornier than those who drank anything else. In addition, the aromas in red wine can make a woman very sexual. A musky, wood, earthy or cherry-like aroma is good sexual enhancer. Have a crazy sexual adventure late at night. Finally, start your evening with a bottle of red wine and enjoy the hot sex you will receive.

  • This is the Site:


At we have Free Dating Sites Adult Video Games and Articles on Sexual Relationships. In addition, check out our Native Ads Site for the Hottest Sexual Experience in Dating. There is something for every Fetish and we are sure you will enjoy the Action! “Drink Red Wine for Good Sex.”




“Hot Sex and Stories that will make you Cum:”

  •  The Hot Chick from Honolulu:Image result for hot porn voluptuous honolulu woman


First of all, I was sitting at a table. It was on the deck of a restaurant. In addition, the restaurant was in a cheesy hotel in Honolulu. Then I noticed this hula goddess. She swayed her hips and puckered up those dark pink lips. I got horny immediately as a result. She had large tits and a nice ass. But it was the way she strutted that hot ass. She got me revved up. Therefore, I waited at the bar. Her shift had to end at some point.

Finally, she went to a back room. She came out wearing tight jeans. In addition, the jeans showed off her hot ass. And she had a crop top that teased my cock. So I offered to buy her a drink. The hot lady said she wanted vodka, but only up in my room. I got real hot!

Consequently, I led her upstairs and we forgot about the drinks. We got naked and I got to work. Furthermore, I kissed her beautiful, voluptuous, body. And my cock was swelling. Her hair was long and shiny. In addition, her large tits had large aureoles. She begged me to suckle those hot tits. She went down on my hard cock. Most of all, she sucked it hard and massaged my hot shaft.  As a result, she bopped her head up and down while sliding her mouth on the head of my cock.

Finally, she mounted me while moving her torso.  Her pussy was on top of me. When she came, she screamed and grabbed her big tits. The sight of her having an orgasm was enough. This horny woman pushed me over the edge. We came at the same time as a result. In conclusion, the hot sex was real good. I passed out and when I woke up, she was gone. I checked my wallet and it was empty. But I didn’t care. That hot slut was worth every penny.

  • Sometimes it takes Three to Tango:Image result for two ladies and one man in porn


When my husband told me he wanted three way sex, I was shocked. But I’ve been real horny and started to think about it. In addition, I thought about his cock. I thought about him having oral sex with another woman right in front of me. Finally, I got real horny while thinking about him shooting his load. Those naughty thoughts triggered my hot pussy. Furthermore, my mind was in a sensual place. My tits felt a tingle deep within. I was so horny I knew there was no going back.

We found a hot voluptuous woman on Craigslist. She had a nice ass and a big pair of tits. In addition, we sat crossed legged on the living room floor taking shots of tequila. We played Truth or Dare until and got wasted and naked. Consequently, I was staring at our guest’s hot tits when she gave me the come-hither signal. I crawled over on my hands and knees and started sucking her hot pussy. Sucking her pussy and touching her naked body got me so wet as a result. My husband’s hot cock got hard. He was jerking his hot throbbing cock. Therefore, we invited him to join us.

I started kissing my husband and then I backed off. I backed off so he could go at it with the hot voluptuous lady. Finally, I told him to suck her hot pussy. She spread her legs wide to make room. I licked my finger to play with my hot pussy. Furthermore, watching him suck her pussy was very sexy. I almost came. But I wanted his hot cock in my pussy as a result. So I told my husband to lie back. The woman sat on his face and I sat on his dick. She came first while massaging her hot tits. In addition, she screamed with pleasure. That turned me on even more. My husband fucked me harder and harder. I came on his hot cock. He pulled out his hot cock right in time. In conclusion, I grabbed his throbbing cock and sucked that cock dry.

  • The Sexy Model:Image result for public domain images of lean naked blonde cam model


For a week straight I ended up on a subway car with this hot lean girl. In addition, I could tell she was a model. She was tall and thin and had my hot cock erect. Hence, looking like she’d stepped right off the cover of a fashion magazine. After a few days, she finally met my gaze. In addition, she had one green eye and one grey eye. I stared back at her while my hot cock became erect. I was undressing her with my eyes. Most of all, I got real horny. I was thinking about her hot pussy. As she stepped off the train, she handed me a note. The note had her name and number on it.

Finally, I got off the subway and texted her. She replied with a naked photo. And the photo looked like she was a professional model. Furthermore, she had her legs spread revealing her hot pussy. She was texting me every fifteen minutes. Her pussy looked hot with a-little hair on it. In addition, my phone would buzz with another alert. This led to another mind-blowing erotic picture of her hot pussy and her shapely tits. I couldn’t take it anymore. My hot cock was about to explode. Consequently, I whacked my cock. I did it at work in the bathroom. I kept thinking about using my hot cock to bang the hell out of her. She was my subway seductress. Afterwards, I confessed about jerking my cock. Finally, I asked her if she was free for dinner. She said she was free.

While we were eating dinner she slid a note across the table. It said: ‘bathroom in 30.’ So I popped a Viagra to make my hot cock hard. We stood up and headed for the bathroom. We past the bathroom attendant and went into the same stall. Finally, we got real horny and started to laugh. Laughing like a couple horny college kids.

In addition, she was leaning against the wall. She lifted her skirt up and pulled out her hot tits. I pulled my pants down and revealed my hot cock. Furthermore, she said ‘no kissing on the lips. So I put my hand on her hot pussy and started feeling up her hot tits. We fucked standing up for thirty minutes. In conclusion, we went back to her place and had oral sex. She was good at sucking my hot cock and swallowed every drop. I haven’t seen her again since. I think about her pussy every time I jerk it.

  • One Hot Snow Storm:Image result for oral sex in the snow


First of all, it was the last big snow storm and my boyfriend and I were bored. In addition, we smoked a bowl and bundled up. We went outside to play around. The streets were empty.  We were having a snowball fight in an abandoned alley.  I tripped and fell face first in a snowy embankment as a result. My boyfriend fell on top of me and we started rolling around.

I felt his hot cock stiffen through his pants. Consequently, I got real horny and wanted his hot cock- badly. I told him to fuck me like a snow bunny. But I was high and wanted a hot cock. I pulled down my jeans and exposed my wet hot pussy. In addition, my butt was buried in the snow.  He whipped out his hot cock and stuck it inside me. His cock pumped and pumped my pussy. Furthermore, I kept saying I was a cock hungry snow bunny! When we were done fucking I put his hot cock in my mouth. He got real horny and shot his load down my throat. In conclusion, this was the hottest sex we ever had.

  • Playing the Game:Image result for hot oral sex


I have a line that works like magic on hot women. In addition, it works when I’m horny. I tell the ladies I’m going to get married in three weeks.  And I say her hot pussy is the last bit of freedom I’ll ever taste. Therefore, asking her to let me suck her hot pussy until she cums. I like to bury my face between their thighs. My hot cock gets hard while I lick them to fulfillment. I’ve used that line on a lot of hot women. It works in the backseat of taxicabs, across dinner tables, at weddings, and at overcrowded bars.

Finally, I met up with a hot woman through Tinder. I gave her my line.  She stared at me, unimpressed. She said she was horny but the line I used was bullshit. I got real horny be called out like that. I was blindsided, and my cock got hard as a result. We asked the bartender for the check and went straight back to her place. She was in control, I wasn’t. She stripped and revealed her hot pussy. Consequently, she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. She shoved my head down between her legs. I licked her hot pussy until she came. Then she sucked my hot cock with every last drop of energy. In conclusion, the next morning, she was on top of me. And we did it again. We are together now. I eat her hot pussy and she sucks my hot cock.

“A-lot of Men want Transsexuals for Sex;”By Datinggamez:”


  • Straight Men love She-male Porn: 

Image result for She-male porn sex

First of all, this is a site about sex, love, and relationships. In this article we will find out why heterosexual men are attracted to the she-male. Furthermore, men are pleasuring themselves to pornography that features transgender sex. In addition, I get messages on my website. Men want to see she-male porn. Consequently, the men attracted to transsexuals are straight. But there are some men that are gay. It is amazing how men are attracted to transsexuals. Most of all, this particular fetish is unavoidable. Furthermore, when you frequent the porn social network there are a-lot of men who are into this. Here are some thoughts on why men are turned-on by she-male transgenders. And let’s see how it applies to their sexuality.

  • Transgender Pornography:Image result for men love black shemales


The terms “tranny” and “she-male” are commonly used on porn sites. These terms describe a certain type of porn as a result. Some transsexuals find those terms to be offensive. Hence, it is well known that a large number of men are attracted to transgender pornography. Furthermore, there is psychological research on men who love transsexuals. The topic dates back several decades.

  • Gynandromorphophilia:


There is a technical term for men who are attracted to feminized men. The term is gynandromorphophilia. The guys that are into feminized men are not attracted to effeminate males. And the guys not attracted to men who simply display feminine behaviors which is especially relevant. Consequently, they are attracted to men who possess male and female characteristics. In addition, these men are attracted to the sexual interests of post-operative transgenders or male cross-dressers.

  • The Gay Stereotype:Image result for shemale porn sex


There is a gay stereotype for men who are attracted to transsexuals. But this is not true.  In fact, there is a vast majority of men who have sex with male-to-female transsexuals. These men are straight or bisexual which is especially relevant. Furthermore, people who run transsexual porn sites know the truth.  Their clients are straight men and have no gay audience most of all.

  • Masculinity and Femininity:Image result for shemale hot sex


Therefore, why are men attracted to transsexuals? But we don’t know why. There hasn’t been much research on this hot topic. However, the research found the reason why men are attracted to transgenders. Consequently, a lot of these men find these ladies appealing for good reason. There is something exotic about transgenders. Also, transsexuals represent a unique combination of masculinity and femininity. In addition, transsexuals can be attractive in appearance and behavior.  Men attracted to transsexuals have their reasons.

  • Exoticism and Uniqueness:Image result for black she-male


There is exoticism and uniqueness. You can’t obtain the sexuality elsewhere. Furthermore, transsexuals are unique in their sexuality. Transgenders are men and women combined. It is a fascination. Men attracted to transsexuals. They like the girls with a little something extra which is most noteworthy. Therefore, is the attraction a fetish?  We can’t tell because the jury is still out. This seems to co-occur with other fetishes with some frequency. Most of all, attraction to transsexuals is an erotic interest. In conclusion, the attraction is not uncommon with the male population. Guys who like transgender ladies tend to be masculine. And they do not identify as gay as a result.

Image result for transsexuals

“Which type of Boobs do you have? By Dating Games:”

  • Which type of Breast do you or your Lady have?


 Image result for Nude black woman looking for bras


First of all, don’t think there are only two kinds of boobs. Breasts are not just big or small.  In addition, what you are about to learn will blow your mind. Furthermore, the ThirdLove Bra Company know that boobs are all different sizes.  Women have seven different sets of boobs. ThirdLove has a product design process for different boobs. In addition, they discovered how to give your boobs a great fit. They identify the style that best suits your natural shape.  The design and product development team will use your natural shape. Therefore making your boobs look best. Consequently, there are all types of boobs that look best in certain bras. Most of all, boobs are perfectly normal and beautifully imperfect. Knowing your boob shape can help you get the best bra fit. The Breast Shape Dictionary will identify your natural shape. Your boobs will look best in a certain bra.

  • Asymmetric Breasts:Image result for hot naked women with asymmetrical breasts


Asymmetric breasts are when one breast is larger than the other. Furthermore, the difference ranges from minor to more pronounce. These breasts will look best in bras with removable pads. The pad will add some size to your small breast. So wearing a pad on the smaller side will even out your look as a result. This will cover your natural shape which is especially relevant.

  • Bell Shape Breasts:Image result for Hot naked women with bell shaped breasts


Bell shape breasts are heavier breasts that are narrow at the top.  These boobs are much fuller toward the bottom of the breast. These boobs look best in full-coverage styles. Consequently, the boobs are heavier and need real support. As a result, your breasts can drag down the shoulders. Therefore, causing the straps to slip and reduce support.

  • Breasts that go East to West:Image result for Naked women with east to west breasts


An east to west breast has a gentle slope from top to bottom. In addition, the sides of the boobs are different. The nipples point in opposite directions. The boobs look best in push-up or T-shirt style bras. This will flatter your natural shape to look best. Therefore this will bring your boobs closer together as a result.

  • The Side Set Breast:Image result for hot naked women with a big space between their breasts


The side set breast has a wide space in between the two breasts. In addition, the nipples point forward and not east west. These boobs look best in balconette style bras. The balconette has more fabric above the cups. The fabric will disguise a larger gap between breasts as a result. This will bring out your natural shape.

  • The Slender Breast:Image result for Hot nude women with slender breasts


The slender breast is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Furthermore, these boobs are generally skinny. There is not much breast tissue. These boobs look best in a plunge style bra. You can wear the bra with or without push-up material. The plunge bra helps pull the boobs toward the middle. These bras will create the cleavage to bring out your natural shape most of all.

  • The Tear Drop:Image result for Hot nude women with tear drop breasts


Most of all, tear drop boobs are similar to Bell Shape but have a gentler slope. Furthermore, they are easier to identify from the side. These boobs look best in the plunge style bra. Use it with or without push-up material. The bras deeper neckline and cups create lift. This will fill in the shallower top of the breasts.

  • Round Breasts:Image result for Hot black voluptuous nude women


Round breasts are full on the top and bottom. In addition, the boobs are often surgically enhanced. These boobs look best in balconette style bras. These bras show off your natural perky shape. In conclusion, round boobs are easy to deal with. They already have the shape 😉



“Women are decorating their Breasts for the Holidays:”

  • The Reindeer Sweater:

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First of all, it’s holiday season. Therefore, Christmas sweaters are very popular right now. Women are using the sweater to show off their breasts. Women are decorating their breasts to look like reindeer faces. In addition, women are popping their breasts out of the sweaters. They are embellishing them with googly eyes and pom-poms. Bare boobs dressed as reindeer faces is now a holiday trend.

  • Original Reindeer Breast Sweater:


Consequently, the original reindeer breast sweater came out long before the internet caught wind of the concept. It was in 2014. There is a Christmas sweater Etsy shop. And Your Sassy Grandma is the name. Furthermore, the store put together a kit for decorating their breasts. The kit has one red pom-pom pasty for the nipple and googly eyes for the upper breast. In addition, the kit has felt reindeer antlers for the collarbone. The reindeer decoration was meant to be used on a breast. The breast is then flopped over the top of a one-shouldered tank top. You will stand out at your Ugly Sweater Party as a result. Furthermore, women can have fun in the bedroom. If you like breasts then this reindeer is for you!!

  • There is a Man’s Version:Image result for reindeer breast sweater


Finally, the sweater store made an upgrade in 2015. So the internet took notice. They took men’s holiday sweaters and cut out one hole in each sweater. This left room for the entire breast to peep through. In addition, they made a women’s version. Now women are decorating their breasts with the pasty kit and a sweater as a result. The sweater has a garland-rimmed hole which is aligned over the space where a right breast should be. The reindeer sweater is a hot breast garment trend.

  • The Sweater is Funny and Sexy:

Consequently, the sweater is funny and sexy. Furthermore, the reindeer sweater is an alternative. The ugly Christmas sweater is boring. In addition, women can use it as a breastfeeding sweater. There is a group on Facebook called “Beautiful Breastfeeding.” This elevated the sweater to global fame. The hot sweaters are very popular. Therefore, the store keeps running out of base sweaters. They can’t make the sweater fast enough. The reindeer sweater sales would be higher if there weren’t so many copycats. The reindeer sweater trend speaks to women and their aesthetic sensibilities.

  • Women are Decorating their Breasts:Image result for the original reindeer breast sweater


In addition, the sweater covers the torso and one breast is exposed. This makes a cartoonish joke of that breast. Women are decorating their breasts with this sexy sweater. Furthermore, the reindeer sweater exposes the social construction of sexiness and breasts. The reindeer sweater is casting a film of skepticism. Hence, breasts are objects of erotic, forbidden fantasy. The sweater reminds us that breasts are merely bags of blood and tissue. The reindeer keeps us from transforming breasts into targets of desire. It’s hard to get horny when you’re looking a reindeer sweater straight in the eyes. The reindeer sweater is breasts, in drag.

  • Misconceptions about the Sweater:Image result for Images that say breast sweater


Therefore, there have been some damaging misconceptions about the reindeer sweater. A-lot of women do not understand what the sweater entails. Furthermore, some women don’t believe that it’s a real breast. Some women think it’s plastic. The store started getting a lot of returns and order cancellations. So they had to type ‘NOT PLASTIC!’ in bold letters. Women will keep decorating their breasts with the reindeer sweater. Consequently, some women still think its plastic and cancel their order.

  • Perky Breasts Decorate Better:Image result for reindeer breast sweater


Other women doubt that the sweater would work for them. In addition, most women who are decorating their breasts have perky privilege. You have to keep the reindeer from running around. Women with large natural breasts don’t think it would work. Voluptuous women say their reindeer would be pointing to the ground. LOL! The store also offers Christmas sweaters for kids. There’s still a one-shouldered tank top in stock there. It has felt antlers glued to the model’s chest. Therefore, covering the breast in a festive red-and-white knit. In conclusion, if you are a woman with the right breasts the reindeer sweater is right for you. Enjoy the holidays!




“Hot Sex is good for you: By Datinggamez:”



  • First of all, sex isn’t just good, sex is good for you!

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This isn’t wishful thinking. The science isn’t iron-clad but evidence is accumulating. In addition, the more sex you have, the better off you are. Furthermore, we do not have enough data to show a direct connection. But we know that sex is good for you. Furthermore, healthier people have more sexual activity. But we do not know which comes first. Does your good health make you more willing to have sex?  Or does sex have positive impact on good health?

  • The Health Benefits of Sex:Image result for oral sex


Consequently, you dirty girrrls and Don Juans should appreciate the health benefits of sex. The health benefits of sex are for monogamous relationships and men and women flying solo. Risky sex with lots of partners will do more harm than good. In addition, researchers are trying to nail down the evidence. Evidence about sex and overall health is being studied. The data are mounting. Here are several benefits from sex. Most of all, the release from hot sex calms people down. Sex helps men and women with sleep. This is solo sex or sex with a partner. Furthermore, college students were put in a study. They found that semen acts as an antidepressant. Females who had sex without condoms had fewer signs of depression. In addition, women who used condoms or abstained from sex were depressed.

  • The Components of Semen:Image result for sex is good for you


The benefits of sex are consistent. Semen antagonizes depressive symptoms for men and women as a result. The vagina absorbs the components of semen. This can be detected in the bloodstream within a few hours of administration. Semen is good for you. In addition, it has zinc, calcium, potassium, fructose, and proteins. Semen is a cornucopia of vitality! Orgasm is good for you. It’s a powerful pain-killer. Oxytocin is a natural chemical in the body. This chemical surges before and during climax. Sex is good for you and oxytocin gets some of the credit. The health benefits of sex come from compounds like endorphins. Consequently, when women masturbated to orgasm their tolerance for pain increased significantly.

  • Women who give good Oral Sex have lower Blood Pressure:

Semen can lower blood pressure. Furthermore, women who give their men oral sex, and swallowed are healthier. Semen is good for lowering the risk of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is dangerously high blood pressure. And sometimes it accompanies pregnancy. As a result, oral sex and swallowing sperm diminishes preeclampsia. Women who swallow know the health benefits of sex. Oral sex is good for you. In addition, there are other studies showing the benefits of sex. Sex lowers blood pressure and protects against strokes which is most noteworthy. Men and women have sex for its stress-relieving ability.

  • Having Sex is Good Cardio:

Sex is good for the cardio system. Therefore the benefits of sex can be a good cardio regime. Protecting the heart is another one of the benefits of sex. There was a report from a large   population of men. Sex is good for protecting you from fatal coronary events. The benefits of sex are many. Furthermore, studies show the more ejaculations the better. Ejaculation frequency was related to a healthy prostate.  Sex is good for decreasing risk of total prostate cancer. It doesn’t matter how a men climax. Intercourse or masturbation will work. Oral sex is a great for men and women most of all. In addition, evidence suggests sex can be rejuvenating. Good sex helps wounds to heal faster. Experiments show that oxytocin can help with stubborn sores. Diabetic men and women can heal by regenerating certain cells.

  • Use it or Lose it:Image result for use it or lose it


One thing’s for sure: “Use it or lose it” is literally true. Postmenopausal women suffer from vaginal atrophy. Therefore leading to leading to all sorts of complications. Urinary tract infections are common. What’s one way to prevent it? More good sex is the real answer. Sex is a form of exercise which is especially relevant.  After all, exercise burns calories and helps battle aging. Finally, oldsters should have more sex. Sex can help men and women live longer. Researchers found a reduction in mortality in a group of men.  Consequently, these men had the most orgasms. Their response was: the more orgasms, the better. In conclusion, healthier men and women have sex more often. And lots of sex is good for you. My advice for men and women is to suck each other dry as often as you can!


“Does the Heat from the Summer bring out the Hot Sex Drive?”

  • Feel the Heat for Hot Sexual Activity:


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First of all, do people have more sex in the heat of the summer?  A heat wave can bring out our sexual tendencies. Furthermore, many Americans are wearing as little as possible. Bare skin may have effects beyond cooling. People tend to get horny wearing fewer clothes. In addition, many people believe that sweltering heat tends to push us into one another’s arms. Does the heat contribute to an increase in sexual activity?

  • Sexual activity:

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This depends on a few factors. Consequently, the rates of sexual activity are based on birth rates.  Most of all, the numbers depend on where you live. In southern and tropical climates, births decrease. This happens during the spring. Therefore, conception was less common during the previous summer. Furthermore, sperm quality decreases during the hot summer months. This depresses the fertilization process. The heat decreases the testosterone levels and therefore sexual desire. And this happens in men during the same period. People living in cooler northern climates have the opposite pattern. Higher birth rates occur in the spring.

  • They sell more Condoms in the Heat:Image result for hot black woman giving oral

The condom-manufacturer sells more condoms in the hottest areas. Miami had more sex because it is one of the hottest states. Miami had more sex than Minneapolis and Seattle. But it may be too hot for sex. In addition, Miamians might turn down a proposition. There is less hot sex on the hottest days. This came from a study.  35 percent of Americans said no to sex because the heat was too unbearable.

  • Pleasant Heat helps Sexual Activity:


Most of all, the weather should be pleasant-to-bearable heat. People feel more comfortable in good weather. This explains the interest in hot sex. Sweat may play a role. Not because of pheromones. Pheromones are airborne compounds that allow animals to communicate. They send out messages for hot sex. Consequently, science claims people excrete chemicals related to attraction. However, during the summer the heat decreases pheromones. Pheromones are not the only sex aids. There are many reasons for people to want more sex. Hence, factors such as skin bacteria and diet. Those factors contribute to a person’s smell. Furthermore, increased sweating can assist in a person’s sex drive.

  • Wearing less Clothes:

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But let’s not complicate this with chemistry. The summer has longer days. In addition, people spend more time outside in the heat. People interact with one another. Most of all, people ware less in the heat.  They show more of their bodies which increases sex drive. People had more sex in the summer time. Most of all, men and women like to have sex in the heat of the summer. Most people had more sex when they saw bare flesh. Therefore, people are having more sex in the heat. Consequently, people are covered up during the winter season. A study was done during the winter time. Men found images of women’s bodies and breasts more attractive during the winter. You don’t see much skin when it’s cold out. Most of all, nude skin is on display during the warmer months. That is why people had more sex in the heat.

    • Humans are affected by Temperature:


In conclusion, people tend to be more active in the heat.  Humans are affected by temperature. In addition, there is an emotional inflation of relationships. Therefore, people associate warmth with intimacy. People are friendlier in the heat. They connect socially. This can lead to all kinds of connections. Hot sexual activity and the summer go together.


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